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6. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sick of having your nails chip every time you paint them? It’s why most women are opting out of using regular nail polish and using gel or shellac. Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel means you can paint your nails at home and get 14 days of chip-free wear and you don’t even need a UV lamp for this gel polish.


7. Lip Masks/ Patches

You may have seen these jelly-like lip masks on Instagram and thought oh I wonder what they’re for and then never thought of them again. Lip Masks hydrate, smooth and can sometimes plump the lips. Others may even have collagen in them helping any fine lines blur out.


8. LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

If you’re short on time and tend to forget to moisturise after your shower then tsk tsk to you! Don’t worry everyone does it but I’ve found the answer. Ro’s Agan Body Conditioner is the ultimate in-shower body moisturiser. Simply lather on after cleansing, rinse off then pat dry and enjoy your soft smooth and hydrated self.


9. Weleda Diaper Rash Cream

Got a rash, a mozzie bite or even a small breakout? Whack some of your baby’s Weleda Diaper Rash Cream on it and watch it slowly fade. Who would have thought bum cream would be part of your beauty bag?!


10. Advil Capsules

That’s right, Advil, pop a capsule and apply the liquid to any pesky pimples and wave goodbye because they will soon be gone. The anti-inflammatories in Advil mean they will dry out and rid you of your pimples!


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