Float High in a Real Life Airbnb Pixar UP House – Wait Til You See What It Can Do – WOW!

Hold on to your chocolate bars and helium balloons, folks.  There is a real-life Up house on Airbnb and, get this, it floats!

That’s right, there’s a real life version of the house from the famous Pixar movie Up!

Up! House in real life
Source: Airbnb

You’ll have to plan a trek to Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA in order to stay there, but, hey, just attach some balloons to your chimney and you’ll be there in a jiffy. Bonus: it’s only a continent away from Paradise Falls too.

The Up house on Airbnb
What a view! Source: Airbnb

The Up! House on Airbnb is part of their “Icons” collection, promising one-of-a-kind experiences. We’ve featured a few of these epic stays in the past including a chance to stay in the Bluey house in Brisbane as well as a chance to live out your childhood dreams in the 100 Acre Woods with Winnie the Pooh.

The Up! House is no exception. In fact, we’re blown away by just how cool this Pixar palace is.

Drift off in the Up House 

The Airbnb listing comes courtesy of Carl Fredricksen himself. As he explains on the listing, he and his dog, Dug, don’t usually like visitors, but he’s willing to make an exception, especially as it’s the 15th anniversary of Up!’s release.

The cozy colourful cottage comes with a view of a half, much like the Paradise Falls location. Perched on the side of a mountain, you’ll have no trouble spotting Snipes.

Up! House airbnb
Source: Airbnb

Inside you’ll find two well loved-chairs and the iconic fireplace with all the Up! brick-a-brac.

Up! House on airbnb
Source: Airbnb
Up! House
There’s an old-school TV and an Adventure Book to read through. Source: Airbnb

Photos of Carl and Ellie, tickets to Paradise Falls and of course, the coin jar.

Up! House replica on Airbnb
There’s also a table of Carl’s pills – hilarious! Source: Airbnb

You’ll also find that adorable little bird ornament and even the chair lift Carl uses to get upstairs.

Incredible, right??!

Carl's house on Up! on Airbnb
I’d be riding that chair all day. Source: Airbnb

Head outside to fetch the mail from the painted mailbox or take a seat and watch the nothingness on the porch.

Up! house replica
Source: Airbnb

Of course, it’s not just Carl and Ellie’s house anymore. You’ll also find Dug’s dog dish as well as Russell’s Wilderness Explorer backpack.

Up! house
Source: Airbnb
Inside the Up! house on Airbnb
The Up! bedroom is perfect for two. Source: Airbnb

As Carl shares on his Airbnb listing,

My greatest adventures have happened here, and I learned that the best ones are always with someone you love, so bring your pals to kickstart your very own Adventure Book and watch as my house drifts off before you depart.

Take a look around. But don’t touch anything, I just straightened up! Pretty nice, eh? This place used to be a dump but we fixed it up, my wonderful Ellie and me.”

Up House adventure book
Source: Airbnb

Adventure is UP there

But perhaps the best bit about the Up! House is that it actually floats. With the help of 8000 balloons and a crane, guests will be lifted up into the air. How’s that for adventure?!

Airbnb Up! House really floats
Holy Tennis Balls, Dug! Source: Airbnb

We’re not sure how this is even possible, but hey, we didn’t question it in the movie, so we’re not questioning it in real life either.

Up! House really floats
Can the Spirit of Adventure do this? Source: Airbnb

What else is there to do besides soar through the sky in your private home? Carl suggests his guests should “do chores like fetching the mail and minding the house.” The windows aren’t going to wipe themselves.

Up! Adventure book
Source: Airbnb

Create your own adventure book, do some knitting and head outside to explore the night sky. The sky’s the limit.

Up House at night
Adventure is certainly out there! Source: Airbnb

Up, up and away

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured an iconic Up! House. A very very clever dad designed an Up! cubby house for his kids that would certainly earn him his Woodworking Badge. Dad goals right here. Read the full article here and check out the amazing detail in pics!

Cubby house Up
The house in Up! and the cubby house Scott made. Amazing! Image via Facebook

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