6-Year-Old Disabled Boy ‘Thrown Away’ into Crocodile Infested Waters. Parents Charged.

TRIGGER WARNING: Child death, loss, graphic content. A shocking and tragic incident in Karnataka, India, saw a young mother throw her disabled son into a waste canal that flows directly into the Kali River, known for its crocodile infested waters, following a heated argument with her husband.

Repeated Arguments Led To Death

6 year old Vinod was born with hearing and speech impairments, which was often the cause of repeated arguments between his parents.

According to his mother, Vinod was considered to be a burden by his father and often was the cause of resentment and arguments between both parents.

When questioned by the police, Vinod’s mother Savitri said “My husband is responsible. He used to keep saying let the son die and that all he does is eat. Let him be, I’d say. If my husband keeps saying that, how much torture can my son endure? Where will I go to share my pain?”

Ravi allegedly repeatedly questioned Savitri’s decision to give birth to a child with a disability and often told her to ‘throw the child away’. 

It was during one such argument that Savitri became frustrated and took the child and threw him into the canal. Upon returning home, she began to panic and informed the neighbours.

Police scour crocodile infested waters

Immediately following this tragic incident, concerned neighbours called the police, who triggered a search of the crocodile infested waters. Despite the best search efforts by police and fire brigade divers, they were hampered by darkness, and Vinod’s body could not be located on Saturday night. He was found the following morning in the mouth of a crocodile, his small body bore numerous bite marks and was missing a hand.

Both Ravi, who works as a mason, and Savitri who works as a house helper, were arrested on murder charges following the boy’s recovery.

kali river crocodile infested water
The Kali River known to be infested with crocodiles. Source: Adobe Stock

Social media weighs in

Many readers shared their feedback and concerns about this tragedy across comment threads of various news articles. Some expressed anger with an “eye for an eye” style vengeance to be enacted upon the parents.

Others were sad for the boy and his younger sibling.

Some questioned how a speech impediment is seen as a severe disability.

And some questioned the mental health behind this event.

But the overall sentiment is clear that this poor boy didn’t deserve what happened to him. I can’t even begin to imagine the terror he felt.

Deeper issues require attention

Vinod’s tragic death highlights the need for support systems for families with disabled children, especially in regions with limited resources. It also emphasises the importance of addressing the stigma surrounding disabilities and providing mental health resources to those who need them. Ravi’s harsh attitude towards his son reflects a broader societal problem where individuals with disabilities are often viewed as burdens rather than as people deserving of compassion and support.

This tragic incident raises questions about how society can better support families facing similar challenges, so no other child suffers the same fate as Vinod.

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