Carpets get dirty. Carpets with kids and pets (and husbands who don’t take off their work boots BEFORE entering the house) get especially dirty.

You probably didn’t make the mess, but you’ll still have to scrub the stains. Because you’re the mum. And mums get ALL the fun jobs.

You can complain to your children and curse at your carpets. Or you can complain to your children, curse at your carpets and actually get them clean. Want to know how? All you need is the right equipment.

Britex carpet cleaner

Three lucky Mum Central readers will be able to test out (and review) – the all new Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine – free of charge. This little cleaning wizard is Australia’s favourite DIY carpet and upholstery cleaning system. It offers an ideal (and easy) way to remove stains from your carpets, cushions, couches, rugs and more, all the while removing allergens, pollutants and other nasties.

Name that Stain (and how to remove it quickly)

But before we tell you all about this opportunity, let’s delve into the most common child-friendly stains, shall we? Because it’s always nice to know what you’re up against when it comes to tackling unfamiliar marks on your carpet and couch cushions.

The “some sort of coloured beverage” stain 

We’re guessing juice. Maybe cordial. Whatever it is, it sure is colourful! And obvious!

Blot the majority of the moisture before misting the area with a mix of white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and water. Let it soak for about ten minutes before blotting again.

The “God, I hope it’s just chocolate” stain

You can do the sniff test. Or the finger taste test. Or you can just leave it a mystery and reach for the cleaning solution.

The best thing for removing chocolate (if it is, indeed, chocolate) is dishwashing liquid with warm water. Apply using a cloth, let it sit for five minutes and then blot it dry.

The “Nope. Not chocolate” stain

Sh*t happens. Sometimes all over your carpets.

Add a bit of laundry detergent to warm water and apply to the area. And triple check that your child isn’t still running around without a nappy.

The “who let the dog in?” stain

Have kids. Expect doors to stay open. Have pets. Expect them to sneak into your house. And possibly leave you a puddly present in the middle of your bedroom.

Clean the wee by blotting at it and adding a mixture of dishwashing liquid, cold water and vinegar to the area. Use a sponge to clean the area before blotting it dry.

The “mummy I need a bandaid” stain

Cue the waterworks. And the kiss to make it better. Oh, and the blood stain. After cleaning up your little one, clean up the blood before it becomes a permanent fixture in your living room (and a permanent reminder of that one time you didn’t watch your child and he smacked his head on the coffee table).

Use a mixture of cold water and dishwashing liquid to mist on the stain. Let it sit and blot.

The “seriously who invented craft time?” stain

Melted crayons, glued on glitter, dried up play dough, felt marker and paint. Yes, craft time is always fun. For about five minutes. Cleaning up after craft time takes a little longer, especially if your child set up his artwork station inside.

To get rid of crafty-stains, try bicarb soda on a wet sponge or warm water mixed with vinegar.

The “this is why we don’t jump on mummy in the morning” stain

Because mummy spills her coffee. And spilled coffee is worth crying over, especially when it’s your first cup of the day. And when it’s all over your white carpets.

After blotting the stain, spray it with water and repeat until the mark is gone. Or reach for a carpet cleaning machine. And another cup of coffee.

The “this is also why we don’t jump on mummy after dinner” stain

What’s worse than coffee on your carpets? Red wine all over your couch.

Again, you’re going to need to blot the stain then add cold water to it. Blot some more and make a paste of bicarb soda and cold water to add to the area.

Of course, you don’t have to juggle a zillion bottles and boxes if you orefer not to. Make it easy on yourself and reach for a single bottle – Britex Spot n Stain, that’s formulated to target any nasty your family can throw at it. There’s also Britex Urine Remover that tackles the kiddy trifecta of grossness – that’s vomit, wee and blood – without any scrubbing required.

Remove stains and keep your home healthy

The thing about most stains is that sometimes they don’t come out, even if you blot them, spray them, pour half a box of bicarb soda on them. You will need to vacuum them too. And sometimes even a vacuum won’t do.

All of our carpets, cushions and other fabrics in the house need a good clean, whether to remove stains or simply remove the dirt, dander and dust that accumulates over time. And this is exactly what Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine can offer.

Using the power of hot water extraction, the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine reaches deep into your carpet fibres and fabric furnishings. The powerful cleaning system easily extracts dirt, grime, dust and allergens from your home.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, healthier home without the costs. You can purchase your very own Britex Cleaning Machine or hire one to give your house the major clean it needs.

Mum Central is looking for THREE families to try the Britex Cleaning Machine FREE!

Simply complete the entry form in full below, tell us what you love about the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine and why you need one and then upload a photo of your dirty carpet.

The selected families will receive a 24 hour machine hire voucher, plus a one-litre bottle of Britex Carpet Cleaner and Defoamer, which they can pick up from Coles, Woolworths or Bunnings stores nationally. Give the machine a whirl, tell us what you think and enjoy a cleaner, healthier, stain-free home, just in time for summer.

Apply to review a Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine!






Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Our carpet makes me cry daily, after buying our home we quickly realised that the thick, cream/white carpet had deep stains that came back with a vengeance. Add to this our 4 children and the carpet is in serious need of a clean!
    We would love to be picked so we can feel better about our children’s health when they are playing on the carpet!

  2. Our carpets are in need of a good clean, there is only so much spot cleaning one mumma can do before scrubbing her arms off. Our longe / dining area is all carpeted something I’d love to change and after 7 years of babies and toddlers throwing and dropping every thinkable food on it it needs a good clean. The carpet in the kids rooms also have a few marks that could do with some love and the ever reminding mark in our room where our 3rd child was born in a hurry. This would give all our carpets a freshen up and improve there appearance even if it is only for long enough for me to know it was clean

  3. Amanda Giffard Reply

    With 2 youngsters, 2 cats and a husband with constantly dirty work boots our carpet definitely takes a beating on a daily basis! From muddy footprints to tufts of cat hair and all the food stains in between, even being a dark chocolate colour hasn’t helped our poor carpet escape the stained look. Even when it has been freshly vacuumed it still doesn’t look clean, and so I’ve resorted to vacuuming daily which is quite time consuming. I’d love to breathe some fresh life into our well worn carpet and give it a really deep Britax clean to really make our home look and feel so much cleaner. I love the fact that it lifts even the deepest, ingrained dirt and stains, not just the top layer of dust and debris like a standard vacuum, and would be interested to see if it could improve the look of some of the older stains our carpet has accumulated over the years. Plus I’m really looking forward to walking barefoot on my soft, freshly cleaned carpet! Who doesn’t love that feeling?! Thank you

  4. Amanda Harris Reply

    Four kids, 2 dogs and a partner who uses heavy digging equipment our carpets need a deep clean. From kid and dog poo, wee and vomit to hair chalk and drinks spills. The carpets have seen it all.

  5. Leanne Baker Reply

    I love that it puts light work to hard stains.
    I have a few that have been around a while that hand cleaning just hasn’t budged, I think this machine may just be able to.
    My tradie husband, flippant 4 year old and oblivious dog ensure my carpets get a workout!
    I’d love to give this system a try and restore the carpets to their former glory or at least close to!

  6. Renee O’Hara Reply

    With two kids and a messy husband.. and now a new puppy the floor is filthy. We’d love new carpet but rent. So would love to freshen it up with a baby just about to start crawling.

  7. Danielle Marie Reply

    OMg with a toddler and 2 dogs this would be a god send for me!

    It doesn’t matter how much I vacuum or what carpet products I use, nothing ever keeps the carpet looking clean ‍♀️

  8. Brianni scanlon Reply

    I would love this! My husband works in earthmoving and comes home filthy everyday even if he takes off his boots he still manages to drag mud and dirt through the house. Combined with 2 kids who are in and out all day and a toddler who spreads food from end of the house to the other. As well as a dog who likes to carry his food from his bowl and eat it on my rug This would be amazing at helping me keep my house clean without having to get down on my hands and knees and scrub out every stain my little family loves to make. How easy and convenient

  9. Alana Boma Reply

    desperately need our carpets cleaned as weve just had a full bathroom renovations and every tradie stomped muddy boots on my cream coloured carpet! Would love to try a Britax cleaner myself 🙂 we usually pay a professional service but we could save hundreds of dollars a year

  10. I NEED a carpet cleaner. We bought a beige rug for our lounge last year, it didn’t stay beige, it’s now a chocolate brown with big black splotches.

  11. With a 7mo, 9yo and 13yo (not to mention the Hubby and all of the visitors) our poor rug has a multitude of stains I would love to remove. Being a shag rug makes it even harder! Not to mention the 13yo’s rug that copped a bit of gastro that we can’t seem to get out.
    I would also test it on the couches and mattresses because I would love to give them a thorough clean and have them looking good again

  12. We live in a 3 br house where all are carpeted plus our living area. We have 4 children and like drinking coffee and red wine. Our whitish grey carpets are heavily heavily stained and have never been professionally cleaned since we moved in over 15 years ago!! We are looking at moving soon… I would definitely be able to thoroughly test all living areas – even under beds, the couch and drawers as we prepare the current house to be sold! If I could clean the carpets with this amazing device I would hopefully save money on professional cleaning and be able to show you some amazing before and after pics!!! Puhhhleeease pick ME!!!

  13. Having dark carpet in our lounge area, with children and pets, its hard to keep track of how dirty our carpet is. Getting the chance to try a carpet cleaner would be fantastic and living next door to my mother in law with carpet in her high traffic areas, it’s a double bonus.

  14. Jessica kerr Reply

    The deep clean into the carpet which gor us is alot of high traffic area would be fantastic especially with bub 3 due in january

  15. Asenath Lynch Reply

    I love how deep it cleans!! I need this badly!! I have an almost 3 year old and a fully carpeted house! At one stage she thought it would be fun to paint parts of her bedroom with poo

  16. Martina Kemp Reply

    Cleaning power tips are great. I love how you can focus on your carpet when using the britax system.

  17. I love that while removing stains it also removes allergens, pollutants and other nasties which would be an absolute blessing in a house with three children., I would also be able to give my parents carpet a freshen up

  18. I have a messy son, 2 large dogs that are always inside and workboots constantly in my lounge room. I would love to have this on hand to clean up the trail that is so often left behind.

  19. I really need to get the carpets cleaned before the next child comes and I can’t think of a better machine to the job like the Britex Carpet Cleaner it will give my cream coloured carpet new lease on life make fresh and take away the odours

  20. I love how deep the Britex Cleaning machine can go.
    With 7 young children. 2 with special needs there’s been lots of accidents!
    We’re renting and have dark carpets would love to try this machine and hope to remove the stains and smells.

  21. Jody Taylor Reply

    My carpet is over 30 years old and is a serious cause of embarrassment for me but with a busy family itbis to be expected. I lije the Britex carpet cleaning machine because it is user friendly and portable so making it easy to ho from room to room

  22. Between 3 kids and 2 kittens. My house needs to a thourough clean from time to time. I love a clean fresh home and this would be perfect to please my satisfaction of cleaning

  23. Nerida Morgan Reply

    I have two toddlers who love to egg each other on to do things they shouldn’t. Our light coloured carpets bear the brunt of it. I like the idea of one simple easy cleaner to get rid of all the evidence. I also like that it removes all the bad stuff in the carpets that can set off my asthma

  24. 2 children under 2 plus a black cat and the possibility of a dog on the horizon means we need some serious cleaning power. Not just for carpets and rugs but also our charcoal cloth couch which has also had a battering of food smushed into the fibers. This britex cleaning machine sounds like it could more than handle it.

  25. Tanya Bonanno Reply

    I have a little one who is messy and 2 teenage girls who love there make up Or should I say the the carpet does. And a husband that feeds the floor more then his mouth. My carpets need help.

  26. Amanda Tudosa Reply

    This would be such a blessing to try! Our carpet has been vacuumed, but not truly cleaned for over 7 years now. In that time we have had three kids go through their lives and sometimes that spills onto the carpet. And sometimes it doesn’t come out. We would love to get our carpet clean again and tell everyone what we think of this cleaner!

  27. This would be brilliant to review as it sounds like a dream come true. Being able to truly clean our carpets after having a pet cat for over 15 years and now a 2 year old daughter who loves to play outside and bring the outside in. I love the that it can deep clean the carpets and removes allergens and pollutants from the carpet due to the family allergies.

  28. Pritanjali Sharma Reply

    I have my carpet cleaned professionally twice a year and it costs alot of money… but my kids play on the carpet and I hate when it’s dirty from everyone’s feet and dust and other things…
    I want this cleaner so I cwn8jist clean it myself for them regularly.

  29. Rental carpetd that are stained the day you move in- never had a chance to hire a machine but would love to test it on stubborn stains

  30. Alicia Thoman Reply

    I’d love to see the Britex Carpet Cleaner Work its magic on our carpets. We’ve got the usual food & feet marks within our living areas but the one spot I’ve really been meaning to do something about is a vomit stain next to my kids bed. Just the reminder of that awful night makes me shudder!

  31. Veronica Jovanovic Reply

    I’m embarrassed to say, that since we built our house 8 years ago we have NEVER steam cleaned our carpeted area upstairs. I have just recently been researching into either hiring one, or buying one, so would therefore, love to be able to see how the Britex Carpet Cleaner works.

  32. I’d love to try this on the kids mattresses and the couch. The couch which no matter what I do has a lovely concoction of children creations lol

  33. I was wanting to clean my carpets over summer so this will be lovely to win. I had a water leak and it has stained the carpet. As it wasn’t a large area carpet cleaners wouldnt do the job. My son has also been sick and as much as that was cleaned and sanitised it still needs a deep clean. lucky last the other child who thought red lipstick on the carpet & couch would be a great thing to do. Winning this would save me money and get my carpets clean again!!

  34. With 3 kids and one being a toddler and my house fully carpets, they are so dirty. Everything goes on the floor. Would love to win this, and my carpets will finally get a good clean.

  35. With dark blue carpet you’d think we’d be pretty safe, but a clumsy toddler, a filthy husband, dogs and a bird mean even the most child-proof of carpets takes a daily beating! I try my best to keep it clean but a vacuum cleaner can only get the surface dirt and a disability makes it extremely difficult for me to get down and spot clean thoroughly. With a new baby on the way I would love to get my carpets up to scratch!

  36. With two allergy kids we desperately need our carpets cleaned. From family who have bought their dog over to friends visiting with their spilly babies and ourselves spilling drinks our large carpet has a wonderful array of stains to tell every story. I’m sure the britex cleaning machine will make a huge improvement on my spot cleaning efforts.

  37. Tara sparrow Reply

    This would be amazing! 2 kids running around and a 7 month old baby and dirty husband haha this would be great

  38. Donna Weightman Reply

    Who in their right mind would have chosen cream carpet with a dirty dawgy and a teenage sloth ? Yep…We did ! And it makes my stomach churn everyday. We have tried EVERYTHING. Please Britex make it better .

  39. Kaitlyn Greig Reply

    We have a toilet learning 4yo, 1 yo and a puppy with a house full of carpet that has all sorts of stains be it food, wee or some sort of craft. Would love to be able to make it presentable to friends without feeling like I’m being judged by mess

  40. Jody O'Connell Reply

    Our carpets are in need of a massive clean. Having had a gastro outbreak a month ago the kids have vomited and split stuff all over our carpets. Super keen to give Bristex a go.

  41. We own a carpet cleaning business so would be VERY interested to test this out!

  42. Vivian Xiong Reply

    As a mum, nothing more stressful in life to see your kids play, crawl, and pick something from the dirty carpet. I’d love to try my best cleaning the carpet with love with this Britex carpet cleaning machine as I’m quite disappointed with the result done by some professional carpet cleaning, very fast service, quite expensive and not a good result after. Thank you for the chance.

  43. We keep buying these carpet cleaners for $100. I find they work great the first time but crappier after every use and my kids are always spilling things. This would make my life a lot easier and I love the length of the chord!

    • We keep buying these other brand carpet cleaners for $100. I find they work great the first time but crappier after every use and my kids are always spilling things. This would make my life a lot easier and I love the length of the chord!

  44. I really need to use the Britex carpet cleaner for my couch. It has so many stains on it, being a beige couch they stand out so much

  45. The joys of kids and a new puppy. If it isnt little accidents from one its from the other. A Britex clean will at least make the carpet ‘liveable’ again.

  46. I love that the Britax carpet cleaning machine is so portable and easy to use!
    I need one because we have been doing renovations here at the moment,we live in Tassie so there is so much mud from workboots and my 3 yr Olds boots traipsing through my house, my carpets may very well be ruined. Add to that an almost 100kg Mastiff being inside as a 25kg puppy and it’s disaster! Please help us. Thanks!

  47. I’ve just spent 100s of dollars getting my carpet cleaned and within 1 week, it is absolutely filthy again! From blu tack to sudocrem & all in between, it really gets me down.
    I need this machine as I need something that WORKS and that I can use regularly on my carpets and couches (kids and animals too??? ).

  48. Kelly Jaensch Reply

    I would really love a britex cleaning machine as my carpets are needing a decent clean. Carpets are abit old and have a few stains here and there. Woukd be interesting to see if it improved much. Would love to give it a try! Thanks for the opportunity

  49. Between the 3 children, my tradie hubby, the dog, the turtles and childrens friends, my carpets, the rugs and the lounge suite are all in need of a good clean.

    Milk spills, glue, drinks, food, grease even baby spew. These are all marks I know need cleaning. Oooh not to mention the dreaded toilet training disasters!!

    I would love to do try out the machine and review it. I’m sure it would be amazing.

  50. Natasha Muggleton Reply

    I need this with all the children who destroy my house it would be great to use before we welcome our first grandchild next year.

  51. Kristie thompson Reply

    My fav feature of the britex carpet cleaner is the power of hot water extraction, the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine reaches deep into your carpet fibres and fabric furnishings so I can be assured that with 3 kids the carpets and lounges and mattresses are cleaned inside out, not just your typical wipe over

  52. Leah Ferronato Reply

    Surrounded by red dirt with white carpets and 2 children ….. love the fact that I could clean the couches AND carpets and even my rugs 🙂

  53. I grew up as a daughter of a carpet cleaner so have high standards when it comes to the state of my carpets. Dad’s retired now, but I now have 3 kids who have turned my carpet into a nightmare! I love that I can easily access a Britax from my local bunnings and keep my small areas of carpet clean and fresh without forking out a fortune and minimum spend for someone to come out and do it

  54. Melissa Ridgeway Reply

    I love that the britax is able to keep the carpet hygienic and clean. With two young kids and a messy husband I also love that it has two nozzles so you can clean the hard to reach corners.

  55. Raizl sauce Reply

    If I could literally remove the evidence that I have a messy child, and a messy husband, myself and landlord would be extatic!!

  56. With 4 young kids and cream carpet throughout the house I find Britex is great because I can do it myself whenever I want and it’s much cheaper than hiring someone to clean carpets for you.

  57. I would love to try the Britax Carpet cleanse! We have so many small miscellaneous stains on the carpets and the usual sprinkle on/vacuum off carpet treatments aren’t cutting it! Fingers crossed!

  58. What i love about the machine is i dont have to be on my hands and knees to clean.
    We have 4 kids and 2 dogs. One a inside puppy and our whole house is carpet. Brown smelly carpet please help.

  59. Sara McGrath Reply

    Family of 8 + Sth east SA winter =
    Very dirty carpets!! The britex carpet cleaning machine will make my job sooo much easier & my carpets sooo much cleaner!!

  60. With a 4 month old soon to crawl, a 4 year old and two dogs my carpets can get pretty dirty, so i would love to win the Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine to save money and no have to pay exspensive carpet cleaning businesses. Instead i can spot clean carpet stains straight away!

  61. I love how clean and fresh it leaves my carpet.
    We need one right now after having everyone just been sick with a vomit bug and our house is mainly carpet not a good mix

  62. Tashana purkis Reply

    I love love how well this brand cleans your carpets or even couches it leaves them looking so fresh

  63. Krystal Quinn Reply

    My carpets are so gross it’s depressing I’ve tried so many supermarket cleaners and they do nothing. I need to get it professionally done but just havn’t got around to it and coming up to christmas don’t have the money. With 3 kids, one of them being a toddler, the carpets are dirty as soon as i clean them. I’d love the chance to try the britex cleaner out!

  64. Would love to try bright to try and get rid of that disgusting puppy wee smell out of the carpets!!

  65. Bec Gillett Reply

    I love the convenience of being able to clean your own carpets whenever you need to instead of organising a company to come and clean them. With a messy toddler, a spewy baby, a dog, 2 cats and a man child, our carpets are filthy (especially the rug). Bubs with be crawling before we know it we need to clean them before hand.

  66. We have a baby on the way and have been looking for a better way to keep our carpets clean. I love the idea of having a tool that allows you to clean the carpets whenever you need to rather than booking a company to do it for you. All of those suspect stains could be removed easily without worrying if it really is chocolate and I won’t be horrified when the kids or guests get up close and personal with my floors.

  67. Mel Haddon Reply

    We bought our house six months ago. It has white carpets throughout, right from the front door to the back door (only the wet areas aren’t carpeted). There are so many stains (coffee, dirt etc) that I’d love to try and get rid of.

  68. I need one because between 2 boys one husband and pets my carpets need a good quality clean.

  69. It’s me and hubby, two teens and two children all boys!!! Need I say more! Having carpet might not have been one of the best decisions I have made!!

  70. With 4 children its safe to say my carpets are dirty . I vacumm atleast twice a day but they could definitely do with a shampoo.

  71. Melanie Smith Reply

    I love that you can get a professional clean at a fraction of the cost and the fun of doing it yourself!

  72. With a husband, toddler,baby and dog my carpets and rug deal with a lot. From dirty shoes to muddy paws. They need more than a vacuum, to get clean. Toddlers have this amazing ability to make mess. Food rubbed into carpets or colouring gone off the page.

    I love that this is a healthy way to clean my carpets, rugs and even couches. Our dog is always found on the couch. With a baby about to start crawling. Clean, hygienic carpets is a must.

  73. I love how it gives u that profesional look without the high cost great cleaning solution and being Able to do yourself is fantastic having teenagers and grandkids I love to keep the carpets clean and fresh creating a nice environment for everyone I really would love

  74. I love that it is an easy portable way of cleaning every room in your house after all your kids have walked their muddy shoes through the house after kinder and school. Having one of them in my home would mean my carpets could have a chance at being clean more of the time for my family

  75. Kylie Roberts Reply

    So we all know kids looooove to make mess and our house is no different. Spilt drinks, ice cream dribbles, spag bog, you name it it’s been squished into my carpet! Looking forward to the day the carpet looks like new again

  76. Alexandram Reply

    With a 2 yr old who loves craft and a 3 month old who loves to spew we definitely are in need of a carpet clean. Add 2 indoor cats to the mix and you can only just imagine the fluff and dust., I love that the cleaner not only does carpet, but cushions and other fabrics also. This is very much needed in my house

  77. Christie Majorek Reply

    Ive used one of these before for a bond clean! It worked a treat!
    I desperately need to clean one of our rugs that’s been stored in the shed, and unfortunately we just found out while packing to move house- that that part of the shed leaked! So now it’s dusty, damp and dirty, it really needs a good clean, and I can provide before and after pics too 🙂

  78. With a one year old and two cats, my carpet is awful. I’d love to be able to do our carpet, lounges and rug! The house would feel brand new!!

  79. I love how you can spend hours scrubbing the floors and still not remove stains but using this you only need to spend minutes and the tough stains are gone instantly
    Having two children, a husband with dirty boots and a cat my with carpet in most the house including dining room you can imagine how filthy it gets i would love to be able to have clean carpet again 🙂

  80. I have a rather destructive 1 year old, several pets and countless foster pets at home our carpet hasn’t been truly clean in such a long time!
    I love the idea of having a carpet cleaner on hand when needed. Not only is it cost effective rather than hiring a company regularly its better for my carpet to clean spills up quickly before they become a permanent stain on our carpets.
    Plus the smell and feel of fresh clean carpets is the absolute best!

  81. Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    Being able to do it yourself is the best thing about this carpet cleaner!I am pretty fussy when it comes to cleaning, so having my own carpet cleaner would be a dream as I can do it myself which would put my mind at ease knowing my son is crawling around our home on clean carpets!

  82. We have 4 kids and a dog and let’s just say our carpet has copped it all!
    Our carpet has lots of stains and to be honest I am always embarrassed when we get visitors because of how dirty our carpet is.
    Three of our kids get asthma and I suffer from horrible allergies. To be able to remove Dirt, grime, dust and allergens would give me peace of mind and to have carpet that looks like new again would be amazing!!!

  83. Ann-Maree Flossy Bostick Reply

    Simply to have have an industrial cleaning system such as Britex for our family and included pets would make our home fresher and less stressful.

  84. Eliza Andrews Reply

    I love the Britex carpet cleaning machine because it actually washes carpets – not just sprays chemicals on them. I have 2 puppies and 2 sons (6 and 4), so my carpets have all kinds of stains on them and really need some TLC.

  85. We are in a rental. With old shaggy carpet. I don’t even want to imagine last time it was properly cleaned. With 2 kids, a hairy husband and a dog, Oh GEE. I’d love to see all the dirt the Britex cleaning machine would suck up.

  86. Rhonda Russell Reply

    I dont think our carpets have had a goid shampoo in many many years
    They are so old and ruggy looking they need a new lease on life to be reborn we have a cat so britex cleaning would bring new life to my carpets

  87. Rebecca Law Reply

    We moved into a rental 1 month before bringing my premature baby home last year.. the house has carpet where the dining table is and there are stains from precious tenants and now I have a toddler who loves to make a mess while feesing himself… would love to see if we could make the carpets look nice and clean again!

  88. Our carpet is just grotty, it is the most non child proof colour I have ever had in my home…
    Having a 6 yr old, who forgets (quite regularly) that she is meant to be eating up at the table,
    15 month old twins, who love smooshing food into places (that I didn’t think were possible to smoosh food into) and one big smelly dog, it doesn’t help with keeping the carpet clean, or healthy!!!
    It is in DESPERATE need for a DEEP DEEP cleaning!

  89. My carpet makes me so frustrated I want to rip it up on a daily basis.
    I nag the family to take off their shoes and plead with them to not eat in the lounge room yet somehow I end up with stains of god only knows what and foot and paw (possibly hoove and trot) prints all over the cream (now brown/gray) carpet.
    Please consider my carpet goodness knows it needs a freshen up for summer.

  90. I’d love to try and review this fantastic cleaner because I got two puppies and even though they are well trained, sometimes they still make mistakes and this would be a perfect opportunity to to help clean my house and improy our living standards. Thank you.

  91. With two kids, a cat and a rabbit and living next door to bushland our carpets get filthy. I love britex because even with rheumatoid arthritis I find I can still get the carpets clean with little pain. We have a rental inspection coming up and id love to show my landlord perfect carpets.

  92. I absolutely LOVE that the Britex can free my poor carpet from the urine, poop and vomit stains my Son has inflicted upon it. What a heaven-sent invention 🙂

  93. With a Husband and 2 kids with twins on the way I’m looking at our carpet wondering what kinds of yuck is hidden amongst the pile of the carpet.. being in a rental property makes it even more difficult as I can’t just rip up the carpet and replace it. The Britex would be a wonderful addition to my cleaning tools to keep my home looking and feeling clean. It may even make the Dyson jealous.

  94. Greer Whitworth Reply

    I rent! So crap carpets to start off with. Add to that 2 kids, a dog and a husband who wears his work boots in side…..
    I would like to give this a go and see what magic can be done on my light dirty carpet!

  95. We would love to try one of these, with a house full of carpet and 7 people in the house, it gets heavy traffic all year round….. I have very busy toddlers whom like to make mess, I believe this machine could tackle the problem and bring my house up sparkling

  96. My kids drive me insane with the amount of things they spill on the lounge room carpet. I am forever on my hands and knees trying to get the stains out. The Britex would be a lifesaver in my house.

  97. Valerie Wee Reply

    With 2 children at home, there is none of the housework can be done including cleaning the carpet.
    It is not easy to handle housework, children and work at the same time. I would like to try this machine and see how good it works at my home.

  98. Melissa sav Reply

    I would love to try it out I have 2 young boys that
    Are always rolling on the carpet and then go and jump on my white lounge with black little footprints to clean up every night because of the dirt that is trapped deep in the carpet I have tried scrubbing it by hand but having 3 rooms and a hallway I will feel like Cinderella hopefully this machine will be my glass slipper

  99. This sounds amazing!! Our youngest has just started crawling, and with 4 older siblings spilling and sploshing all sorts of things everywhere, I’d love to be confident she’s not rolling around in total germiness!!

  100. My carpets and couch need a britax deep clean to not only get through the top layer of dirt and grime but to get deep into the carpet fibers. I have a grotty toddler, a 6’7″ husband, and during my pregnancy I’ve been too sick to do as much cleaning as I should. I need to try this before little girl #2 arrives!!

  101. My carpets are in need of a really big clean i cant wait to use the britax mschine

  102. With 3 little girls who love to.make a big mess u definitely need this to.clean my carpets. From slime to playdoh to black permanent pen, our xarpet is in desparate need of a fantastic clean!

  103. Melinda maher Reply

    With 3 and 4yr old toddlers spilling, dropping, creating stains on our carpet daily I would love to make light work of the heavy stains we have . The apartment we rent has old carpet and really needs a deep clean one that a vacuum just can’t do.

  104. With 3 boys and 2 dogs my carpets desperately need to look and smell good again.

  105. I’ve been tempted to try a britex machine for a while, as I have a toilet training child, a rowdy dog, and a clumsy husband. In the last 3 months I’ve had to clean a broken egg off the carpet, as my 1yo grabbed one and ran away, tripped and it cracked. Wasn’t easy to clean up! I have to admit I am also tempted to steam clean hubbys car, I left a can of lemonade on the seat a few months ago, in the Sun! Yep, it exploded everywhere! I’ve tried to clean it, but I wonder honestly how much dirt and muck is really in the carpets. I think I need a britex machine to show me what clean really is!

  106. Vanessa Johnson Reply

    I like the idea of the Britax cleaner becuase i can do it in my own time and not have to wait for someone to come out and do it

  107. I love that this machine will tackle any stains on your carpets and leave them clean and smelling fresh.

  108. Our carpets are pale grey an could so badly do with a clean they are looking brown at the moment rather than grey have thought about hiring one of these to clean them but would live to be able to try for free instead

  109. Our carpet was brand new when we moved in 4yrs ago but you wouldn’t know it now! After dusty reno’s, now 2 little boys and a love of red wine it just always looks dirty. I love that the Britex machine gets rid of not only the dirt and stains but the underlying allergens and who knows what lurking underneath. I often think of trying one of these when im at the supermarket checkout but never knew if it would really work.

  110. Demi Smith Reply

    I have 2 children aged 4 and 2 months. My 4 year old is accident prone. My poor carpets have been through so much in the 3 years we have been here. There are makeup stains, juice stains and somehow every single room has playdough through it. I would love to be able to try it out and get my carpets cleaned before my 2 month old starts to crawl

  111. With light colored carpet every little stain shows. Would love to give this a whirl to see how it cleans. I like that it gets down deep in the fibres.

  112. Amy Camilleri Reply

    It’s the closest thing to the professional carpet cleaners @ less than half the cost.

  113. Cassandra Cox Reply

    I have a household of 8. The 2 girls, 4, and 9, have a habit of climbing up and getting in to my make up. There are stains on my floor, on their floor, and on my sons floor thanks to this habit. We need a stain remover, and this is the best opportunity to really test out this machine….

  114. Natasha keogh Reply

    Oh my gosh! My carpets are in a desperate clean I’ve lived here 3 years and have twin daughters if I had the money to pay to get my carpets done I would in a heartbeat but being a single Mum money is limited and budgeted

  115. With my kids being so close in age, they like to copy each other, and with when one makes a mess, the other one has to help make mess too! Not only do they destroy carpets, but my couch is ruined too! If you even need a reviewer for new couch, give me a shout

  116. Siobhan already Reply

    I’m basically at the point where I buy new carpets every few months as we have 7 people in our home. 2 adults & 5 kids and There’s way too much traffic for me to keep cleaning the carpets with water. It’ll take me forever to get out all the stains. This is our 2 nd lot of carpets for the year 2017.

  117. Joanne sampson Reply

    My carpet is so dirty and really needs s good clean these machine are awesome and I know they can do the job

  118. Amanda Burgess Reply

    I love the idea of being able to clean my carpets whenever it suits me. With a 4yo my carpets have any number of weird and wonderful stains which need attention. I’m a single mum who is renting so the thought of saving money on the regular 6 monthly cleans I’m expected to do and being able to effectively remove stains myself is very appealing.

  119. After purchasing the house that we were renting earlier in the year, I was desperate to give the carpets a good clean. Sadly we have not gotten around to it yet due to do finishing up some remodeling work however after unexpectedly giving birth to my second child at home 2 weeks ago this is now a priority lol! Would love to test this new machine – I have been on the hunt to purchase something like this for some time 🙂

  120. Fiona Fisher Reply

    I have two very energetic kids that seem to love making a mess! We also rent and I would love another option them paying for expensive carpet cleaning businesses to come every few months to keep the carpets fresh! This would be an absolutely sanity saver for sure!!!

  121. With toilet training finished at our house the carpets would love a good clean. The Britex sounds great with how it can clean more then just carpets. Our couches could definitely do with a clean as well….even more so then our carpets I think.

  122. Jaime Ison Reply

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you what I love about the Britex carpet cleaner because I haven’t used one, I have numerous stains from both my son and my puppy so to have a fresh clean carpet would be amazing!

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