10 Ways to Make Mundane Household Chores More Fun

It’s a given that household chores have to be done on the daily, but OH THE GRIND of doing it. Here’s 10 ways to make all the Groundhog Day tasks more fun!

So the obvious answer to making the daily tasks more fun would be to hire someone else to do it. But since that’s obvs an option for most of us, we’ve put our thinking caps on and come up with some stellar ideas to SHAKE the daily grind of household chores up.

From dance parties to fancy pants footwear, prepare yourselves…

10 ways to make household chores (a little) more FUN

1. Netflix and… fold

Catch a flick while you tackle Mount Washmore. Folding washing is a mundane task to say the least, hence why so many of us continue to cram it in a basket before admitting defeat. It’s guaranteed to not be quite so crap of a chore if you tune into Netflix while doing it. Bring on the laundry baskets!


2. Pump up the jam

Nothing lifts a mood quite like adding music to it. Amp up the motivation levels by cranking your favourite music, knuckling down and getting the shiz done. Your neighbours might think you’re having a midday dance party but whatevs, the playroom floor is CLEAN.

3. Try some swish new cleaning gear

If you create a cleaning caddy, not only will it look cute as heck, but you might be inclined to want to use it. To Kmart for all the cute gear, STAT. Also, mop shoes are a thing you know, there’s never been a greater time to start practising for the 2022 Olympics figure skating team.

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4. Write a list

For many of us, there’s not much more satisfying than a completed to-do list and all the accomplished, smug feelings that come with it. Sure, it might not be fun as we typically know it, but DO write down an achievable list and prepare to feel rather self-righteous when you’ve checked them all off.

5. Have a crack at the hacks

We’re all for shortcuts or trying new ways of getting the same old things done. Have a look at our laundry hacks for some really clever ideas. Washing toys in the dishwasher? Yes, you can.

Kitchen Hacks Toys In Dishwasher

6. Beat the clock

Let me introduce you to my favourite, the speed clean. Or as I like to call it, the hour of power. You know what needs to be done, so set the clock and smash that chore list out. Then you have the rest of the day to do as you please!

7. Offer bribes and get competitive

If you have kids home, enlist their help. Not too many kids will willingly offer their help so you have to sweeten the deal. Make the kids compete against each other by seeing how many socks they can pair, who can clean their room the best, put away the dishes the fastest etc and dangle a prized carrot as a reward. Don’t be stingy with your bribe prize though – kids aren’t silly, they won’t fall for the same trick twice.

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8. Dress up

No one says you can’t role play your way through the day. Just prepare for the courier guy knocking on your door to be a little puzzled at your black and white maid getup. Also, perhaps reconsider the Naked Chef for another day.

9. Bend, stretch and work it out

No time for the gym? You can get your squats and lunges in while standing at the sink, hanging washing or even pump a light weight doing the ironing if you’re that way inclined. YAY FOR #FITSPO.

10. Reward yourself

Just as you would the kids, if the jobs get done properly, go on and treat yo’self with a reward for a job well done!

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You can’t argue that you’re sure to get a laugh out of some of these options – we want to see your mop feet! Let us know if you have any more tips on how to make the daily grind more fun!

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