BREAKFAST HACK: Pie Maker Poached Eggs

Every now and then, the internet throws UP a LIFE CHANGING hack – and this is one of them. No more poaching eggs in boiling water, swirling 55 times clockwise and hoping for the best. NO MORE, I SAY. All you need is an electric pie maker. Yes you read that right, A PIE MAKER.

Ok, I’m a little yelly with my excitement but with good reason. I’ve had my pie maker lurking in the back of the cupboard since Mother’s Day circa 2011 and I’ve finally found a good use for it! You can rush out and grab a Kmart pie maker ($29) if you want to try it too.

Like many people, I LOVE eggs. I especially love poached eggs, but I’m not so good at cooking them. Needless to say, I was quick to try the pie maker method . Here’s how it works.

HOW TO: Pie maker poached eggs

1. Heat the pie maker up until it’s at “ready” temperature. Mark my words, this step will take longer than cooking the actual egg.

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2. Using a pastry brush or oil spray, err on the side of caution by brushing the entire pie cavity with oil. These machines are usually non-stick, but you don’t want to chance a stuck-like-glue egg proving you wrong.

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3. Crack the egg into the pie cavity and close the lid. (Now’s the time to crank the bread in the toaster!)

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4. Keep an eye on the top of the egg – as soon as the surface egg-white is set, use a silicone spatula to carefully lever the egg out.

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4. Serve immediately, slicing the surface and letting that beautiful warm egg yolk cascade over your toast. Yum!

It’s as simple as that! My egg breakfast loving life has changed FOREVER – or at least for as long as my pie maker continues to kick on!

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