Winter has barely started but my house already has that lingering scent of … life. You know, that all familiar smell of last night’s cooking, kids, iso life and a large dog? Blergh. Hack your way to a fresh-smelling home, with these home fragrance hacks!

Forget the commercial, fake smelling home fragrance options at the supermarket and try these fragrance hacks to save a packet!

Essential and fragrant oils, fabric softener and baking soda – the ultimate fragrance arsenal. Source: supplied.

12 home fragrance hacks that’ll make your home smell like a bed of roses!

1. Freshen up your car

Chop up leftover fragrance wax melts and put it in a glass salt or pepper shaker and leave it in your cup holder. The heat from the car will melt it and leave your car smelling fresh and less like spilt drinks or wet dog.

2. Fluffy fabric softener hack

Fluffy fabric softener pouches are amazing at keeping a fresh scent lingering! Keep a pouch in places that typically get warm (like on top of your fridge) to keep that fresh scented waft of spring filtering through your home.

Hide the fabric softener. It’s hide and seek, fragrance style. Source: Supplied

3. A stovetop simmer is sneaky but effective

Just like a tray of fresh-baked cookies, a simmering pot of cinnamon sticks or lemons can have the same effect. Heat extracts the fragrance and will carry in the steam. Simmer for 30 minutes and enjoy the cozy scent for hours.

4. Hide the soap

Your nanna was on to something with hiding (unused) bars of soap in the linen cupboard and dresser drawers. The scent lingers on fabric, preventing towels and sheets from smelling stuffy from storage.

Nanna knew what she was doing with the soap guys. Source: Supplied

5. Hack your Bicarb soda

Bicarb soda is brilliant for banishing odours in whatever it is that’s smelly – sneakers, carpets, mattresses or rugs. Give them a sprinkle with bicarb soda to suck up those odours.  Up your game by adding a couple of drops of essential oil to the bicarb soda for a fragrant hit.

6. Make a fancy pants ‘pomander’

A long-time home fragrance hack and not just for Christmas time – you can make a pomander! A plump orange studded with cloves release a beautiful scent – and will make you yearn for Christmas.

Oranges studded with cloves for a citrus smelling win! Source: Pexels/kaboompics

7. Multipurpose dryer sheets

Not only great for the tumble dryer, but those dryer sheets are also an epic home fragrance hack. Dust with them, rubbing the scent on ALL THE SURFACES while they pick up the lint and dust. You can also slip dryer sheets into your couch cushions to keep the couch smelling great!

8. Go green with house plants

Finally, an excuse to buy MORE house plants. Plants such as peace lily, rubber plant and snake plant are all popular choices for filtering and neutralising the air in your home.

Plants are natural odour and air filters! Source: Bigstock

9. Let the air conditioner vent do the work

Use your air conditioner vent to filter fragrance. Use a small clip (or hair bobby pin) to attach a dryer sheet or paper towel dabbed with essential oil to help spread a beautiful scent through the home.

10. Fragrant rice bowl

Add a few drops of essential oils to a small bowl of rice and discreetly leave on a shelf for a sneaky scent. From time to time give it a shake or stir to activate the scent.

Rice is an awesome fragrance carrier! Source: Supplied

11. Toilet paper roll scent activator

Add a drop of essential oil to the cardboard tube of the toilet roll and kitchen towel. Every time you rip a sheet off, you’ll not only get paper (handy), but a whiff of fragrance! #handyifyouhaveboys

12. DIY Febreze spray

I have a confession. I LOVE Febreze. I spritz my couches, carpets, beds, throw rugs and car every week without fail. And now I’m super keen to try this DIY Febreze hack and save some cash! In a large spray bottle, mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and ¼ cup of fabric softener. Top up the bottle with hot water and shake to blend thoroughly. Happy days!

DIY Febreze! Source: Supplied

What’s your home fragrance hack? We’d love to hear it in the comments below and could include it in our next feature!

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