8 Celebrity Looks for a Fraction of the Price Using Kmart Fashion – YES!

Want a whole lot of fashion for less? This Instagrammer is leading the way in slaying celebrity looks using bargain Kmart pieces. That’s right, high-end looks of the rich and famous on your family budget. Start the car, we’re HEADING TO KMART.

You’re going to want to take some notes here guys because Kmart Insider is nailing these looks at a fraction of the price of the original fashion. And it’s not just fancy wedding attire or cocktail fashion that’s making her grid, it’s the whole wardrobe. Weekend wear, something for the school run, workwear, heck even the blokes get a look in.

Kmart Insider creates brilliant Kmart versions of outfits worn by celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Taylor Swift, the Jenner girls, as well as fashion outfits inspired by influencers and high-end stores. Which is very cheeky and I like it A LOT. So too do my purse strings.

Here are 8 Kmart outfits that to blow your mind:

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mum central
Has Kmart leisurewear ever looked so cool? Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

Let’s call this the school run meets sitting on the sidelines at kids’ sport on Saturdays. It’s comfy, but not your pyjamas.

GET THE LOOK: Kmart Insider recreated the look using:

  • Kmart’s Active Women’s Packable Puffer Vest in a Bag ($25)
  • Active Women’s Youth Scuba Crew Neck Sweat ($20)
  • Women’s Full-Length Leggings ($5.75)
  • Double Zip Bumbag ($9)
  • Tennis Sneakers ($17)
  • Basic Pom Pom Beanie ($7) and
  • Square Frame Sunglasses ($5)


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Kmart outfit
Check pants are making a comeback. And flying off the Kmart shelves. Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

Perfect for work or casual, you’ll be wanting a pair of check pants STAT. So chic!

GET THE LOOK: The recreated look uses:

  • Kmart’s Collared Coatigan ($35)
  • Long Sleeve Ribbed Turtle Neck Top ($12)
  • Knit Ankle Pants ($18), Quilted Chain Tote Bag ($25)
  • Trim Detail Mules ($15)
  • Diamante Square Polarised Sunglasses ($10) and
  • Solid Ball Charm Necklace ($6)


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Kmart outfit
Princess perfect at a cut throat price. Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

We all love Meghan Markle’s style annnnnnd we all know the stylista really doesn’t have to watch her pennies when shopping. So you can imagine how thrilled we are to see that the Kmart Insider has managed to recreate the on and off again princess’ look. FOR UNDER $165 (with a few sneaky Target inclusions).

GET THE LOOK: Recreate the look with:

  • Kmart Neat Fit Balloon Sleeve Jumper ($20)
  • Satin Midi Skirt ($15), Longline Coat ($45)
  • 2-pack Waved & Knot Stud Earrings ($4)
  • Target Devon Block Heels ($49) and
  • Target Small Saddle Bag ($30)


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kmart outfit
Jeans and sneakers is a THING. Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

Let’s be honest, sneans (that’s sneakers and jeans to you young folk) is a look hard to pull off sometimes. But this outfit looks cool as a cucumber.

GET THE LOOK: Achieve this look with:

  • Kmart Funnel Neck Jumper ($25)
  • Long Sleeve Stretch Cotton Scoop Neck Tee ($8)
  • Sculpting Skinny Jeans ($25)
  • Chunky Sneakers ($25)
  • Quilted Crossbody Bag ($12) and
  • Round Frame Elevated Sunglasses ($10).


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Kmart outfit
The Jenner look we can all wear. Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

Personally, I love this look. And this is about as close to being like one of the Jenners / Kardashians as I’m ever going to get, so I’m going to run with it.

GET THE LOOK: Recreate this easy leggings-are-pants look using:

  • Kmart Denim Jacket ($24)
  • Long Sleeve Stretch Cotton Scoop Neck Tee ($8)
  • Full-Length Leggings ($5.75)
  • Hobo Shoulder Bag-Rust ($20)
  • Sock Fit Comfort Espadrille Sneakers ($25) and
  • Link Polarised Cat Eye Sunglasses ($10)


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Kmart outfit
Coming out of iso life back to work like… Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

Love that tan turns mustard colour but don’t know how to wear it? HERE’S YOUR CUE.

GET THE LOOK: Recreate this smart casual look with:

  • Kmart Button Coatigan ($35)
  • ¾ Sleeve Rib Boat Neck Top ($12)
  • Ankle Sateen Pants ($15)
  • Basic Dress Court Shoes ($15)
  • Key Ring Tote Bag ($20)
  • Basket Weave Scarf ($9) and
  • Faceted Drop Earrings ($4)


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Kmart outfit
Dress like a movie star, no probs. Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

I mean, as if we don’t want to look like Jessica Alba for a fraction of the price.

GET THE LOOK: Recreate Jess’s stylish, classic look with:

  • Kmart Trench Coat ($35)
  • Long Dolman Sleeve Back Button Top $(18)
  • Ankle Sateen Pants ($15)
  • Saddle Shoulder Bag ($18)
  • Pointed Toe Court Dress Shoes ($17)
  • 2-Pack Hoop Earrings ($4) and
  • Classic Watch ($15)


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Kmart outfit
Also for the fellas! Source: Instagram/Kmartinsider

Let’s hear it for the boys! Thought that it was only the girls to scoop a fab new look at Kmart? WRONG.

GET THE LOOK: Recreate this ever-so-handsome and suave look using:

  • Kmart Lightweight Crew Neck Knit Top ($20)
  • Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt ($20)
  • Straight Stretch Jeans ($19)
  • Micro Suede Jacket ($35) and
  • Lace Up Casual Dress Shoes ($30)


Top-to-toe looks at prices that you can hardly believe! Head on over to Kmart Insider on Instagram and follow her for all the latest looks from Kmart – you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be seeing you in Kmart!

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