Wimpy Kid Fans in Your House? Here’s 12 Fun Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party Ideas

Party on, Greg. Party on, Rowley. Party on, Wimpy Kid fans!

Gather your crew of wimp-loving wee ones and indulge in an evening of Diary of a Wimpy Kid fun. We’ve got a host of Wimpy Kid party ideas, from the invitations to the lolly bags, to entertain a house full of wimpy fans.

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Got a Wimpy Kid fan in your house and have a birthday coming up?

Why not throw a party that delivers the goods and the laughs? With Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, now out on DVD, it’s the perfect time to revisit everyone’s favourite 13-year-old cartoonist and the crazy Heffley family.

In the latest movie instalment of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Heffleys are hauling across country on a road trip like no other. Here’s what you need to have the kids trekking home after an afternoon (or even sleepover, if you dare), of cartooning adventure.

Take a sneak peek here and check out the Heffley road trip adventure your kids are sure to love!

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Pre-party Requirements

1.  Calling all Party Kids!

Let’s start with the invitations. You can make your own or pick up a set of personalised Wimpy Kid invites from Etsy.

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2. Zoo-Wee-Mama! 

Next, it’s time to decorate the place! Black and white is the name of this wimpy game – black balloons, white paper lanterns. Oh, and this Zoo-Wee-Mama banner should really make the party pop.

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3. Cartooning fun 

Take a page out of Greg’s book by adding cartoon-themed posters around the room, just like they did in this spectacular Wimpy Kid soiree we spotted over at Catch My Party. You can even draw them yourself, if you have a knack for cartooning.

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Next, find some fun Wimpy Kid entertainment!

4. Mask it up

Start the fun with DIY Diary masks, which are pretty easy to pull off with these Wimpy Kid templates, some string and white card.

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5. Draw it out 

Have your cookie. And eat it too! We absolutely love this idea of using edible pens to draw your own Wimpy Kid cookie. Created by Diane blog also has a pretty cool Wimpy Kid cookie that’ll draw ooooh’s from your guests.

Other ways to keep the kiddies entertained? Why not make a road-trip inspired treasure hunt in the backyard? Or how about a game of Wimpy Kid Bingo? You can craft your own Bingo cards, using the main characters in the books, as well as some of the iconic symbols (a caravan, some drums). Oh, and a piece of smelly cheese, of course!

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6. Wimp on (and wind down) 

Once the wimpy wee ones are all party gamed out, why not settle them down with a private screening of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul? Give them a true drive-in experience with individual popcorn and treat caddies.

And, when the kids are finally quiet, you can prepare the food and the cake! Because mums don’t get movie breaks. Not at birthday parties, at least!

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Next, no party’s complete without some Wimpy Kid treats!

7. Zesty Juice 

Pick up a few bottles from any dollar store, add a wimpy kid face and fill each bottle with juice. And voila! You’ve got the perfect fruity pairing to go with your selection of snacks.

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8. Don’t forget the cheese 

It’s just not a wimpy kid party without stinky cheese. Sure, stinky cheese cupcakes may not be your thing, but it will certainly get the kids talking (and laughing). And EVERYONE gets the cheese touch! If you want to make it dinner and a movie, cheese burgers on the grill or cheesy pizza works just as well.

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9. Wimpy kid on a stick!

You can’t go wrong with cake pops, like these from Deliciously Home-Made, especially at a birthday party! All you need is some white chocolate and an edible black pen and you’re ready to get the party popping. Or cheat and draw the faces on giant white marshmallows!

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10.  Diary of a Birthday Cake

On to the main event – the birthday cake! This two tiered cake of caravanning goodness should do the trick!

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Finally, hit the road (home)

11.  No party’s complete without a Wimpy Kid lolly bag!

Send the kids home with a personalised goody bag like this fun example we spotted over at Keeping My Cents (pictured left). You can personalise each one with a cartoon of Greg and pop a few Wimpy Kid memorabilia bits and bobs into each bag, just like over at Cards by CG.

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12. Or you can write your own!

Or, you can let them write their own adventure by giving each child a journal and a pen. What a perfect idea for all aspiring writers or doodlers out there!

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And that’s a wrap!

Stop by our Parties page for more brilliant party ideas. And don’t forget to grab your DVD copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

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