Hey, You Can’t Call Your Baby Lucifer and Other Banned Baby Names

Sorry, but you can’t name your baby Lucifer. Well, not in Germany, at least.

And it’s not just Lucifer that’s banned. Have a look at some of these other baby names that make the no-go list in Australia and overseas (sorry Robocop, you’re out too).

Ahh baby names. They are the topic of countless conversations, heated debates and even family arguments. Recently a couple in Germany headed to court to try and convince the German Government that their baby name of choice really isn’t that bad.

Fallen baby name

The name choice – Lucifer – actually means “morning star” or “light-bringing” in Latin. However, it’s now synonymous with the devil. After all, Lucifer, was once an angel before rebelling against God, falling from Heaven and switching over to rule the underworld (if my Biblical knowledge serves me correctly).

Anyhow, the courts ruled that the name is too problematic and could even be potentially dangerous to the child later in life.

Of course, if we’re banning baby names based on religious stories, then shouldn’t Cain also be struck from the list? After all, he killed his brother. That’s not very nice. And Judas, well, he betrayed Jesus. Also kind of a jerky thing to do. Even Adam and Eve pretty much screwed humanity.

What about Australia?

Amazingly enough, Lucifer isn’t on the list of banned baby names here in Australia. But Satan is. And many other names too. In fact, a lot of the popular baby names in America are actually banned over here (sorry Saint West and Sir Carter).

Here’s the names that won’t make the cut at the Victoria Births, Deaths and Marriage Registrar:

  • Admiral
  • Anzac
  • Australia
  • Baron
  • Bishop
  • Brigadier
  • Brother
  • Cadet
  • Captain
  • Chief
  • Christ
  • Commodore
  • Constable
  • Corporal
  • Dame
  • Duke
  • Emperor
  • Father
  • General
  • God
  • Honour
  • Judge
  • Justice
  • King
  • Lady
  • Lieutenant
  • Lord
  • Madam
  • Majesty
  • Major
  • Messiah
  • Minister
  • Mister
  • Officer
  • Premier
  • President
  • Prime Minister
  • Prince
  • Princess
  • Queen
  • Saint
  • Satan
  • Seaman
  • Sergeant
  • Sir
  • Sister

What’s wrong with these names?

Some of them are kind of cute, right? Like Duke. And Major. Even Justice.

But there’s a certain criteria that baby names need to pass. Names that are too long, offensive, obscene or contain symbols without phonetic significance won’t make the cut. Names which reference a public institution or public office, contains an official title or rank recognised in Australia or may create confusion or offence in the community are also not allowed.

And names that may insult or humiliate the child are also out. Fair call Australia. Fair call.

No Nutella or Robocop allowed

Most countries across the world have a list of names that are not allowed. Here’s a few to keep in mind, you know, in case you ever decide to have a baby in another country:

  • Nutella (France)
  • Anal (New Zealand)
  • Robocop (Mexico)
  • Circumcision (Mexico)
  • Harriet (Iceland)
  • Metallica (Sweden)
  • Duncan (Iceland)
  • Linda (Saudi Arabia)
  • Monkey (Denmark)
  • Nirvana (Portugal)
  • Sarah (Morocco)
  • Tom (Portugal)

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion when it comes to baby names. But, sometimes, the government knows best.

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