WIN a Large Canvas Print from CanvasChamp (and GET a Small One Free Just for Entering)


It’s time to update your photos! And for free, thanks to CanvasChamp. The premium Aussie canvas printers are giving away three large Canvas Prints to three lucky Mum Central readers. 

But that’s not all – because every single person who enters the competition will receive a FREE 8×8 Canvas Print.

That’s right – all you have to do is enter and you’re a winner.

Best. Competition. Ever!

From your phone to your living room

mum central

Let’s talk about photos, shall we? If you’re like me, you probably have thousands of them (3,879 to be exact) on your phone. And you probably have even more stored on your computer.

Of the thousands of photos, 70% are probably blurry shots of your kids laughing, running and playing. 20% probably feature your child’s eye, or nose as he attempts to take a selfie.

And then there is the 10% of photos that are worth framing – you know, the ones where the lighting is just right, where the kids are actually smiling, and where just looking at the picture brings back a swarm of happy memories.

These are the photos worth keeping, framing and remembering. And this is where CanvasChamp comes in.

Showcase your little champions with CanvasChamp

mum central

CanvasChamp is your go-to source for canvas portraits. You can do it from the comfort of your couch, as long as you have internet connection. And it’s actually super easy and quick to do. A few clicks and you’re pretty much done.

Simply select the photo, select the canvas print you want and select where you want it delivered. Proof. Pay. And prepare your wall for your brand new canvas print.

But what sets CanvasChamp apart? Quite possibly, they offer the lowest prices for canvas prints in Australia. And price matters. However, they also offer premium quality prints that come with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can expect lightning fast service, a free digital proof with every purchase and top notch customer service.


Here’s your chance to try canvas printing for free

Simply enter our competition below, register your details with CanvasChamp and you will receive a small (8×8 inch) canvas print for free!

Three lucky Mum Central readers will also win a large 16×20 canvas print, valued at $193.40 each.

To enter, click on the link below, then tell us why you’d like to win a CanvasChamp print and what you’d have printed.

Win 1 of 3 16×20 Inch Canvas Prints, valued at $193 each!

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Tacey White
    Tacey White Reply

    We have 4 kids, and only 1 photo in the entire existence of my bursting phone memory where they are all together, and all looking in the one direction, and all smiling. Id love to get that one blown up

    • Avatar of Philippa Tudor
      Philippa Tudor Reply

      I would love a canvas of our soon to be family of 4 all together. Baby Tudor due tomorrow – ook!

    • Avatar of Katrina Stanton
      Katrina Stanton Reply

      Three children and Seven Grandchildren. Glad it is a large Frame.

    • Avatar of Danielle Bailey
      Danielle Bailey Reply

      I would love to win a canvasChamp print, honestly because I have taken all these awesome pics over the years and have been slack at getting them printed. I would probably get printed one of my favourite pictures of my twin girls at their second
      Birthday party, playing In the water fountain in their fluro green Tinkerbell dresses.

    • Avatar of Tabitha Blaker
      Tabitha Blaker Reply

      I would love to have a canvas print of all six of us as my Partner is FIFO for his room at camp while he’s away

    • Avatar of sandy

      I would love to win to have beautiful pics of my two grandkids, as they are so beauitful and special to me.

  2. Avatar of Michelle D
    Michelle D Reply

    I’d love to win a CanvasChamp canvas because it will encourage me to (finally) get around to displaying some family photos.

  3. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I would love to have more photographs around my house of my family, i would definitely get those pictures printed.

  4. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans Reply

    My walls are so plain and dull, I’d love to have a print of my four beautiful kids hanging proudly on my lounge wall.

  5. Avatar of Sara jane cook
    Sara jane cook Reply

    I would love to win a canvas of my 3 munchkins for my lounge room

  6. Avatar of AnKathleen
    AnKathleen Reply

    Would love to have a canvas of our first bub due Dec 6th on our currently empty and freshly painted lounge room wall as well as a smaller one for the nursery. Such a special time and so worth getting pics printed when they are little as I know he/she will grow SO fast.

  7. Avatar of Zoe

    I would love to win a canvas of my 3 kids,my eldest son is going away to uni next year and my middle son is starting an apprenticeship. As much as i am happy for them i’m also very sad. ☺

  8. Avatar of Lisa

    I would love to win a canvas champ printed canvas to start my photo wall of my two precious children. They are 2&3 years now and I have sooooooo many pics that I need to print and display. We do have some up but I have recently researched photo walls and am now getting serious about placing them perfectly to make a statement piece in our home. I believe Canvas Champs could print to perfection to allow this to happen for us

  9. Avatar of Serena

    I would have our Eldest boy dion and Lily our youngest sit with on their father they call super daddy
    and have that photo put onto a canvas

  10. Avatar of Antonietta
    Antonietta Reply

    We would love to have a big canvas with our gorgeous 2 year old boy on it. His smile lights up our lives every day, so to have that captured on canvas to brighten up not only our lives, but everyone’s lives that visit too, would be perfect!

  11. Avatar of Laurii

    It would be amazing to just have a beautiful canvas of my little boy just to light up the room and make everyone smile.

  12. Avatar of Charmaine Schlaefer
    Charmaine Schlaefer Reply

    My beautiful boys are stuck in my phone, I want them to burst out and be on display on a gorgeous canvas for all to admire

  13. Avatar of Alex russell
    Alex russell Reply

    I would loveee to have a canvas printed of my baby boy, a big one of him as a new born and then id buy 12 smaller ones for every month of his first year. Im doing up his nursery for christmas and this would fit in perfectly and give his room abit of character.
    Thank you for a wonderful opportunity, good luck every one xo

  14. Avatar of Talia

    I would love to have canvas printed of my 3 kids on the big canvas as i have none of all 3 since my newest edition is only 6 weeks so haven’t had a chance to get any so to win this would be amazing

  15. Avatar of Maria von Trapp
    Maria von Trapp Reply

    We finally had a family portrait taken, then saw the price of the prints, I thought I’d been mistaken!? These photos are so dear to me, yet still remain hiding on a USB. K’arn Champs, it would be awesome to finally see – us up on our wall, my family and Me

  16. Avatar of Jayde

    I have a 13 year old stepdaughter, an 8 year old son and a brand new 5 month old son! I would love to win a big canvas print as I badly need to update our pictures to include our little man! Nothing would make me happier than to see their smiling faces on the wall every single day!

  17. Avatar of Ange o

    Would love to gift this canvas of my son to my mum for looking after him when I need help, so selfless my mumma x

  18. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    Would love to get a current photo of my son and I. This

  19. Avatar of Cherie kempton
    Cherie kempton Reply

    I’d love to have a photo of my gorgeous boys together on a canvas as it will be the centrepiece in the family room

  20. Avatar of Kylie Marks
    Kylie Marks Reply

    My walls are so plain and i just got back from Uluru and i got so many amazing pictures of the amazing big rock and I would love to hand it on my walls so my kids can see where i went

  21. Avatar of Jess

    We got some beautiful family photos when my daughter was born. I would love to get them printed on canvas.

  22. Avatar of Casey

    I’d love to get our one and only family photo of all of us printed!

  23. Avatar of Kelly

    I would love win a CanvasChamp as we are looking to buy a new house and it would perfect to have it pride of place in our new home, I would get one of my three kids as I haven’t got a current picture of them.

  24. Avatar of Elizabeth

    I would love to see the beautiful, innocent, kind, cringing, loving faces of both my boys to capture time for future memories ❤

  25. Avatar of Elizabeth

    I would love to see the beautiful, innocent, kind, caring, loving faces of both my boys to capture time for future memories ❤

  26. Avatar of Cheryse

    Have so many beautiful photos, really need to get some enlarged & on the walls!

  27. Avatar of karina l

    Picture of my son, since I have professional ones of my daughter everywhere and none of him!

  28. Avatar of Belinda Dutton
    Belinda Dutton Reply

    I would love to win this as i just got some professional pics done of my daughter and would be fantastic to enlarge one

  29. Avatar of Jenny

    We have our first grandchild on the way very soon, so what a perfect way to show her off!

  30. Avatar of Natasha

    I always print things for other peope but never myself, I want to do something of my two children as they are my world

  31. Avatar of JOHANNE STONE

    My wall has asked if i could put up a recent picture of my kidlets as there isnt one up yet and he has the perfect spot to hang…… Thanks Mum Central for a wonderful and very useful competition…

  32. Avatar of Melissa Milne
    Melissa Milne Reply

    Would love to print our little one’s cake smash photos before his little brother is born!

  33. Avatar of Fiona Charlton
    Fiona Charlton Reply

    It would be fabulous to have a great photo on the wall not on my phone!

  34. Avatar of Liz Burke

    My beautiful 7 month old granddaughter. She has the most gorgeous smile.

  35. Avatar of Sarah Ashburn
    Sarah Ashburn Reply

    I would love to win this as we just had our family photos done last week to update our tired old prints and to celebrate the addition of our gorgeous IVF miracle little girl. Can’t wait to see these amazing prints up on our wall!

  36. Avatar of Mel

    We r renovating and a beautiful canvas of us up on one of the new walls would make the living area prefect! Thanku!

  37. Avatar of Kas

    Would love to print a photo of our family from our wedding last year.

  38. Avatar of Raquel

    This would be amazing to win. We got married a year ago so I would get one from our wedding day with my husband and our 3 boys. We currently don’t have any pictures of the 5 of us.

  39. Avatar of Sarah

    I’d love to win a canvas photo because we’ve just welcomed our rainbow baby and he’s adorable!

  40. Avatar of Michelle Roberts
    Michelle Roberts Reply

    I moved into my new home with my kids a few months ago and would love a print of the 3 of us for the hallway wall where I plan to have a collage of family prints to embarrass them with when they eventually bring home a partner one day.

  41. Avatar of Shelley W

    We really need a family photo on the wall now its complete with our 2 boys. A canvas is the perfect child friendly piece of art work ❤

  42. Avatar of Joanne

    I have the perfect photo of my three gorgeous girls I would love to print on canvas to update our wall

  43. Avatar of Laura Martino
    Laura Martino Reply

    I’d love to win the canvas and display a photo of my 2 beautiful girls in our home.

  44. Avatar of Stacey M

    I would love to win a CanvasChamp canvas print because we have just finished painting and I am finally able to put some family pics up to make our house more of a home. Our 3 year wedding anniversary is coming up on November 24 and I still haven’t had ANY pictures from the day printed. I would love to have a beautiful canvas printed to display one of the best days of our lives in our home.

  45. Avatar of Michele

    Would love love love to be able to have a print with my bubbas on it

  46. Avatar of Katelyn Francis
    Katelyn Francis Reply

    I would love to win a canvas to have a print put on of my little fam for my inlaws to enjoy

  47. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    I have an absolutely gorgeous pic of my 2 kids that I’d dearly love to have on canvas. Finances were already tight but now hubby is due to lose his job come Christmas. This would be the perfect present for us!

  48. Avatar of Janet Redman
    Janet Redman Reply

    My daughter has been “nagging” me for a long time to get a canvas printed of her and her dog, I have a beautiful Christmas shot that I would love to surprise her with this coming Christmas.

  49. Avatar of Jessie Caldwell
    Jessie Caldwell Reply

    Id love to win a print for my daughters grandmother, she is currently batteling cancer & this would really bring a smile to her face ❤️

  50. Avatar of Ink

    Who wouldn’t want a beautiful Canvas Print or 2, or 10 in fact on their wall?? What would I print, the kiddies of course! They are only little once – the best years of their lives and the hardest of ours 🙂

  51. Avatar of Krissy

    I would love to have a picture of my kids. It would make the best Christmas present for my husband!

  52. Avatar of Rachelle

    I would love to win this canvas print to display in my beachy house a photo of my 9 month old boy enjoying his first time at the beach

  53. Avatar of Laurie

    A canvas print is so classy and changes the feel of a room. Having a gorgeous print of our family would bring joy to my heart and smiles to our visitors. Perhaps I might even be generous enough to get a small print as a gift for the grandparents!

  54. Avatar of Kirsty Wensley
    Kirsty Wensley Reply

    I would love to showcase a photo of my daughter by CanvasPrint, because she is just too devine not to.

  55. Avatar of Bek

    Since our youngest came along, we’ve not had the opportunity to have any good pics taken, or any of both kids printed. I’d love a recent picture of the kids for our living room!

  56. Avatar of aleisha sullivan
    aleisha sullivan Reply

    A great addition to my lounge room,
    Good quality product to have on show.
    I’d love a canvas of our kids!

  57. Avatar of CARMEL DAVIS

    I would love a canvas of my 1st and only grandchild to hang on my wall and be a proud grandma

  58. Avatar of Irene

    I would really love to win a canvas to put in our boring wall. Have not had any of my little precious son’s photos printed yet so this will be a great early christmas present!! Would love our family photo taken at our first family trip being put up.

  59. Avatar of Becca gillespie

    I would love to win this canvas to put in my boring lounge room above the lounge
    I have not one canvas and would absolutly love one
    I would put my two beautiful babies on the canvas i recently had professionals photos done so having one on a canvas would be amazing

  60. Avatar of Jess lucas
    Jess lucas Reply

    We have just renovated our house and would love a new canvas to hang on our feature wall!

  61. Avatar of cleo

    Hanging on the hallway wall a canvas print of the family and grandmother too who would treasure this print.

  62. Avatar of Dani

    I would love to have some updated photos of my beautiful boys. The ones currently on the walls are 10yrs old.

  63. Avatar of Nini Watty
    Nini Watty Reply

    I would love to win a CanvasChamp large print for my best friend. Her beautiful family includes her 2 step children, her partner and their baby. Sadly one of her step children will be going to live interstate next year, yet my bestie and her partner are still doing everything to let them know they are still a family, even when they are apart.

  64. Avatar of Joanna Lau
    Joanna Lau Reply

    I’m a first time mum and would really like a huge picture of my bub together with our family pic…this would definitely be a treasure and a happy memory for everyone.

  65. Avatar of Charlie

    I’d love to be able to put up a photo from my daughters newborn photoshoot in our home

  66. Avatar of Alyce

    I’d get an awesome print of my kids dressed in their christmas clothes, as they won’t go anywhere near santa!!

  67. Avatar of Rebecca

    Id love a photo of my daughter on a big canvas because she is mine and my partner’s world. We love her so much and would love to look at the canvas every day and show to our daughter.

  68. Avatar of Sharna

    I have a photo from my wedding I would love on canvas. It is of my husband, daughter, and I. It’s a beautiful photo & has so much love in it.

  69. Avatar of Kate M

    I would love to have more large canvas prints of my angel baby Austin who passed away on the 5th of last month. I have heaps of photos of him smiling whilst in the incubator in NICU and they deserve to be shown off.

  70. Avatar of Emily

    I’d love to win one and have a photo of my son, my sister and my nephews done for my dad

  71. Avatar of Felicity

    I would love a print of our brand new granddaughter and her beautiful big sister to grace our wall.

  72. Avatar of Meike B

    I would have a gorgeous photo of my beautiful family at Kinderdijk in Holland. Beautiful day, beautiful windmills all around us and all of us looking happy and laughing – great memories and a wonderful day.

  73. Avatar of Jennifer Lin
    Jennifer Lin Reply

    I would love to win a canvas print for my baby as it would be a lovely reminder of her younger years everytime we look at it in the years to come.

  74. Avatar of Bernarda Robinson
    Bernarda Robinson Reply

    We have recently repainted our bedroom and have no artwork up yet. I’d love a canvas of my 5 year old and 5month old babies! They’re better than any artwork could be and the apples of my eye!

  75. Avatar of Vickie N

    I would love to Win this great Prize
    Could you imagine the Surprise,
    When I open it, I will Squeal with delight !!
    My Smile will be Bright 🙂

  76. Avatar of Natalie R

    Our Brady Bunch Family! I had a boy(now7) & he had a boy(now 6) & they have grown up & now share a beautiful baby sister(7wks), 2 dogs and a cat! To have our first (yet to be) family photo in our home would be a dream for us both!

  77. Avatar of Ang t

    We are newlyweds love to get canvases of our wedding day and give to family for xmas amazing present and prize to win

  78. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying Tan Reply

    I would love a canvas of my beautiful children captured at this age because they grow up too quickly! Would love to retain this beautiful moment of their childhood!

  79. Avatar of vicky

    Kids grow too fast so you want to display all your favourite moments

  80. Avatar of joe828

    My last baby is growing up too fast love to capture these memories

  81. Avatar of Hannah Jewell
    Hannah Jewell Reply

    I would love to win this prize so I can print a photo I took to honour my Grandfather for Remembrance Day. He was a medic in WWII and died at 40. I wish I could have met him and listened to his story. Thank you for the opportunity.

  82. Avatar of Angela Robertson

    I would love to win this to put up in my bedroom. We are currently renovating and our bedroom is lookimg very bare aimce we have painted all the walls and havent purchased any nice artwork to hang

  83. Avatar of Leanne

    What a fantastic prize, I would love a new canvas on my wall of my beautiful family

  84. Avatar of Lisa van Aardt
    Lisa van Aardt Reply

    We have no family photos displayed in our house, none of my kids, nor my husbands family that live in South Africa. I just want to make my house feel more like a home by having some beautiful photos fill up my empty walls.

  85. Avatar of Rebecca Scully
    Rebecca Scully Reply

    I want to win the canvas so I can look at my sweet little ones face and feel like she is with me even when she’s not.

  86. Avatar of Shayne

    I would love to win the large canvas to finally get some of our professional photos on our walls, to make our house, our home.

  87. Avatar of JenJen

    We bought our house last year and have yet to put anything up on the walls. I’d love to get nice family photo printed on canvas to put up.

  88. Avatar of Claireduke
    Claireduke Reply

    I just had newborn photography done. Would love to win a canvas with a professional photo of my toddler and newborn together

  89. Avatar of Chanelle Winterburn
    Chanelle Winterburn Reply

    I had professional photos taken of my son and daughter when she was newborn but never got them printed! She is now 8 months old! I would get one of the two of them printed to place in our dining room.

  90. Avatar of Amanda S

    I’d print a rare photo of my kids looking like they are best of friends and I’d love to win this as all our framed pictures predate our children and any visitors to our house would assume we didn’t have any.

  91. Avatar of Angela Vearing
    Angela Vearing Reply

    I am yet to get a picture up in our house of our 4 children… and the youngest is already 18 months. We just had some photos taken and would love a beautiful canvas to show of my amazing babies.

  92. Avatar of Kylie

    I would love to win would be amazing to have a beautiful big picture of my two babies up on our wall or even a family photo! Or maybe for my sister of her and her family.

  93. Avatar of Jane Iliffe
    Jane Iliffe Reply

    Our only son is growing up so quickly – time just seems to FLY! Would love to update our wall with a decent canvas.

  94. Avatar of Karen

    Need a family pic which we do not have yet after our 2nd girl was born. We have 2 girls 🙂

  95. Avatar of Kristina Kinsella
    Kristina Kinsella Reply

    I would love to win a canvas print as we have so many cherished memories that go unseen on memory chips & usb drives! Past pets, first family holidays, first photoshoots and family celebrations to name only a few. If I win the large print, I would love to use it to enlarge a photo of my son enjoying the simple plessures in life, his animals & growing up on the farm.

  96. Avatar of Emily de Wall
    Emily de Wall Reply

    Would love to have our memories on the wall for everyone to see.

  97. Avatar of Kodi Jackson
    Kodi Jackson Reply

    I have so many photos! But I’d love to get a large one of my who,e family for my mum to hang up in the lounge room! For a family with 8 kids all still at home, we barely have any photos up! It’s hard to get one where we all look like human beings.

  98. Avatar of Charl

    I have all my photos still sitting on SD cards! I’d like to have an updated photo of the kids printed. The only ones up are baby pics from many years ago!

  99. Avatar of Jayne

    We’ve recently had some family photos (now including our gorgeous rescue doggie ❤️) and would love a lovely canvas for the wall!

  100. Avatar of Kayla Sibley
    Kayla Sibley Reply

    We’ve recently had a newborn baby in the last week & I would love it for her newborn photos

  101. Avatar of Amritpal kaur
    Amritpal kaur Reply

    Because I don’t have canvas print in my house and it would be great Christmas gift if I would win . I would like to print my family picture on that

  102. Avatar of Bianca b

    My daughter is my world I take pics everyday so I would canvas amazing shots of her

  103. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclair Reply

    my walls are bare,
    white and plain,
    to have a canvas print would be insane,
    my 3 little minions would brighten the place
    oh it would just be ace!

  104. Avatar of victoria matthews
    victoria matthews Reply

    We’ve got 4 kids and have always moved too often to get photos up on the walls. Now we’ve finally settled in one town it would be lovely to have some photos of the family displayed.

  105. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fay Reply

    We have no photos worthy of hanging on the wall and as I’m a single mum putting myself through medical school it’s hard to save up and get one done, the boys are growing up so fast I’d love to have one done soon

  106. Avatar of Lisao

    While we have hundreds of photos of our new baby, we have maybe one or two of us all together. I’d love to get a great family photo taken, and display it on a large canvas so we see it every day!

  107. Avatar of Natasha

    I need to update photos of my kids. I have a canvas of the 4 of them together when my youngest was a newborn. He’s now 2 years old. I’d love to get another of them now.

  108. Avatar of Briony Macmillan
    Briony Macmillan Reply

    My family and I would love to win some canvas or one from Canvas Champ We got professional photos of the family done over a year ago and they are still sitting on a file on the computer. It would make our day or even Christmas to receive this awesome prize

  109. Avatar of Marion

    I would love to win this canvas fir my daughter. My 2 beautiful grandaughters canvas would look amazing on the wall in my daughter n son in laws luving room. This would be a gift a could not afford to do usyally

  110. Avatar of Ann-Maree Bostick
    Ann-Maree Bostick Reply

    To celebrate our 20th Wedding anniversary I would love our wedding picture on canvas.

  111. Avatar of Beth

    My CanvasChamp would be a gorgeous family in-motion portrait: showcasing the love shared and enjoyed by me, my husband and our marvelous toddlers!

  112. Avatar of Lindi

    My Champ Canvas would be my Gorgeous rescue furry daughter ‘Cuddlz’ meeting Grandma for the first time.. I was not blessed with children. So the this young lady you could say was my rock and blessing after loosing ‘Rainbow’ after nearly 20 years. Life is good again and Cuddlz gives fantastic cuddles…lol

  113. Avatar of Kathy B

    I’d use the CanvasChamp canvas to get some up to date family photos made, kids have grown so much, I’d love to have some newer ones on my walls.

  114. Avatar of H Bradley

    My champ canvas would be a picture of my new born son. Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers and toes crossed!

  115. Avatar of Sharon

    I would love to win this to give my Dad a beautiful photo of our 3 children. My eldest will be leaving home next year, so it would be a lovely memory

  116. Avatar of Emma

    I have a beautiful 4 generation photo with my mum, grandma and daughter that i would love to put onto a canvas as i think its a very special moment that i will treasure forever

  117. Avatar of Ryan H

    Our 3 year old daughter is really beginning to bond with our 3month son so I would love to capture an image of them together and proudly hang it on our wall.

  118. Avatar of Abigail B

    I love to capture an image of my twins as they share a very special bond. I would love to have their image in our living room.

  119. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I would love to remember the times that have gone so fast, when my children were little and innocent!

  120. Avatar of hayley shaw
    hayley shaw Reply

    my teenagers are terrors are will never agree to a photo with their little sister whose 6 but im desperate for a family pic time for bribery i think

  121. Avatar of Linda C

    I’d love to give my daughter a large print of her and her cousin. She passed away 6 years ago. This she would treasure.

  122. Avatar of Anne

    I have a gorgeous (and rare) photo of my three boys together (and all smiling.. yes it’s true) that I was going to put into a photo frame. However, the idea of the pic being displayed as a centrepiece on canvas sounds like a great idea!

  123. Avatar of Chris

    We’re long overdue with printing our wedding photos this would be a great opportunity to correct this.

  124. Avatar of Olivia E

    I love photos on canvas…. had a a few done this year for the first time and now have an addiction that need to be satisfied!!

  125. Avatar of Jewel

    I would love to win a canvas as my partner, daughter and I dont have a family photo of us. This would be amazing.

  126. Avatar of Fe Galvin

    I would get a shot of my two boys printed. There is a 10 year gap between them, my older son is autistic and hated the idea of a sibling but ever since they met they have been inseparable. When my older son has a bad day he rushes home to hug and play with his little brother (who thinks big brother is better than anything in existence) it would be so special to preserve those looks

  127. Avatar of Lisa

    I would love this prize to of course have a beautiful large family portrait up. Due to circumstances, it would be an old one, in a time more simple and not complicated by my badly failing health. That would certainly lift the spirits a lot.

  128. Avatar of Charisse Childs
    Charisse Childs Reply

    My last set of prints,
    Were when my boys were baby princes,
    Now they are almost 10,
    It’s time to update my photo den,
    And show off my growing kids.

  129. Avatar of Marie Gardner
    Marie Gardner Reply

    I actually have heaps of photos & family portraits with my boys so would absolutely love a giant portrait of my beloved furbaby before it is too late so that we will always have her with us

  130. Avatar of Cynthia Hudson
    Cynthia Hudson Reply

    I would love to get a picture of my 9 month old daughter with her uncle printed. My little brother is 2 years old and lives with my mum 3 hours away so him and my daughter dont get to see each other often. He took his first steps st the hospital when i gave birth so I thought it would be amazing to get a picture on a canvas to show them when they are older.

  131. Avatar of Ashlie

    Love canvas champ and would love some updated prints of my children on canvas!

  132. Avatar of Margaret Hollis
    Margaret Hollis Reply

    I would love a canvas print of myself and my three siblings, as they live in England and I’m in Australia, and it would make me feel closer to them

  133. Avatar of Melissa

    I would love to get a photo printed of my 2 gorgeous kiddies because I don’t have any large wall photos in the house and would love one in the lounge room

  134. Avatar of Tangi Leef
    Tangi Leef Reply

    Prefect for the professional photo shoot we had done of our newborn

  135. Avatar of Tessie D

    A family photo filled with loving memories and would bring warmth and joy to my living room.

  136. Avatar of Gregory Bell
    Gregory Bell Reply

    Perfect gift for my elderly parents, a photo of their grandchildren.

  137. Avatar of Ern

    We have the perfect wall to do it justice, and also a very well taken high resolution family photo that is also a tad amusing. Will make for a great focal feature and talking point too.

  138. Avatar of Trudi

    A photo of my son and I. From birth to three years old, I’ve taken thousands of pics I, yet don’t appear in many.

  139. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda Bolitho Reply

    Canvas Champ will be the inspiration I need to put up more photos!

  140. Avatar of Susie

    I have some brilliant and awe inspiring birth photography that I am dying to put on a canvas – this is a great opportunity!

  141. Avatar of Rachel

    We finally had some family photos taken that are worth keeping… so of course they’ve just been sitting on my computer for months! I’d love to have them printed onto canvas so we can actually enjoy them :).

  142. Avatar of Wendy

    Canvas is a fantastic way of sharing your precious memories with friends and family. I’d print a photo of my daughters first trip to the beach. It was such a fun and exciting time for us

  143. Avatar of Ashleigh

    Can’t wait for our little one to be here and to be able to capture all the precious moments

  144. Avatar of Jacqui Lagaluga
    Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    The jetty and lake that Elise loves exploring when we enjoy walks.

  145. Avatar of Meggsie21

    We have moved into a new house with really tall ceilings so the walls are massive and bare, We have taken so many beautiful photos over the years on holidays and at home and it would be nice to put something striking up on the walls and be able to claim it as our own

  146. Avatar of Megan M

    I would love to have a canvas printed of our family all together,
    Looking at that each day would be such a pleasure!
    I don’t have any pictures of my youngest on our wall
    so winning a canvas print would capture memories of us all.
    CanvasChamp creates memories to treasure,
    Perfect quality to keep forever

  147. Avatar of Nikki

    I’d love to win to display some of my memories captured on film over the past few years
    Ones that have bought me a lot of laughter n joy and tears
    I can’t have children of my own so I’d love a picture of my 4 fur babies they are my children
    They have shown me the true meaning of love, since I got them its where my love for them began

  148. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny Vabriany Reply

    A photo of my 2 sons, smile happily together. Would love this as I dont have my children photo print on canvas. It would be amazing.

  149. Avatar of Danielle Tassan
    Danielle Tassan Reply

    I recently renovqted our lounge and have been wanting to get a picture of my husband and our our 2 boys printed on canvas to put up.

  150. Avatar of Terri Todd
    Terri Todd Reply

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these canvas prints 🙂

  151. Avatar of D I A N A

    Our favourite wedding photo. We’ve got loads of pics of us as a family and the kids too, but we don’t have a single solitary wedding piccie on the wall. Be great to win so we finally make it happen.

  152. Avatar of claire simmons
    claire simmons Reply

    celebtrating 6 years since my pancreatic tumour battle and i would love to share this time in pictures with my children

  153. Avatar of jane gardam
    jane gardam Reply

    My eldest daughter came home recently for a holiday, and we took some lovely photos of my three daughters together, which doesn’t happen very often. It would be lovely to have a canvas of the three of them hanging on my wall, so I can look at them everyday altogether.

  154. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry Cornish Reply

    I would like to win a canvas champ print because of the high quality canvas and printing equipment. I would like a print of my precious in laws.( Dad has just Passed)

  155. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    because I adore my grand kids and cant get enough Precious memories of them this would be perfect

  156. Avatar of Rebecca Thomsen
    Rebecca Thomsen Reply

    To give great grandma a picture of all her grandchildren that she can look at with such love would be the best gift

  157. Avatar of David Leivesley
    David Leivesley Reply

    All 5 are now all grown up but would be great to capture them on canvas before they all leave the nest

  158. Avatar of Pauline Stewart
    Pauline Stewart Reply

    I’d love to get a canvas from our recent family holiday

  159. Avatar of Lynn

    I would love a family portrait.
    To “capture the moment” with my 7 grandchildren and see their happy faces on my lounge room wall every day would be awesome.

  160. Avatar of Heather Hopley
    Heather Hopley Reply

    My darling grandchildren and entirely the most precious gifts and I’d be thrilled to have a lovely canvas image of them on my wall.

  161. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    With baby one on the way,
    I want to smile every day!
    With family and fun on the walls,
    So life is always a ball.

  162. Avatar of Renee

    I have two boys I would love captured as they are growing up fast! They’re 10 and 6 now so time is precious with them as in a blink of an eye they will be all grown up

  163. Avatar of Dee Susan

    It would be wonderful to win this amazing prize from Canvas Champ capturing my family’s portrait and favorite memories which I would cherish forever.

  164. Avatar of Diana

    Like to win because it’d be awesome to have a massive image on the wall, that I’ve taken, not a print mass produced for profit, a one off, just for us. As to what I’d have printed, possibly hubby with the kids and our pets? But don’t hold me to it, I have so many options to choose from, extended family, kids with their cousins, an artistic shot of a flower, who knows!! Watch this space . . . . . . .

  165. Avatar of C.McCarthy
    C.McCarthy Reply

    The perfect shot of our family of five. It would be fantastic to capture their childhood before they’re grown.

  166. Avatar of Carolyn

    We had some professional photos of our family taken in January and I’d love to print one of them on a canvas to hang in our lounge room.

  167. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I’d love to update our lounge room wall. A print of my two gorgeous daughters would be perfect. (Especially when they are being brats, It will remind me that they can be lovely !)

  168. Avatar of Noha

    3 children and 4 grandkids whoukd love to have a family canvas on our wall

  169. Avatar of Tracey Taylor
    Tracey Taylor Reply

    Just redecorating and need a punch of colour and style.what better than a family canvas?

  170. Avatar of Elizabeth Davey
    Elizabeth Davey Reply

    I would love to print a photo of the multiple generations that my family has – it would be an amazing piece of art to hang on the wall

  171. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    Prints of the kids are always a sure fire Christmas favourite with family members – takes the stress out of present giving.

  172. Avatar of Rita

    We have just had a baby so now a family of 5. Would love to get a family photo done just in time for Christmas.

  173. Avatar of ros mayes

    I have a photo that I love of my 12 grandchildren in the back of our old ute, with my husband and I standing beside them….I would love to have a big canvas of that on my wall!! 🙂

  174. Avatar of Michelle Ward
    Michelle Ward Reply

    I want to make a wall collage of our family holidays to Ocean Grove. I already have the small canvasses but I need the statement piece – a portrait of my three kids outside the family caravan.

  175. Avatar of Louise Mckeon
    Louise Mckeon Reply

    My cousin face to face with his first kangaroo – priceless!

  176. Avatar of Renata

    A canvas of my kids, would be a pleasure,
    Displayed on my lounge room wall, a moment I would treasure,
    A photo filled with happiness, joy and delight,
    For their mum, a beautiful sight.

  177. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    I’ve always wanted a canvas of the kids,
    just never got around to getting one sorted.
    This would be a perfect xmas gift to myself.

  178. Avatar of Becky Palmer
    Becky Palmer Reply

    Of my family I am proud, with this on the wall it’ll show it out loud!

  179. Avatar of Gia

    This is a fantastic way to display photos in an artistic way. I would love to have a canvas print of the family laughing together, and hang it on the wall to smile at every day.

  180. Avatar of Emma Grace
    Emma Grace Reply

    I would love a picture of my new babe on my wall. It’s a memory I would love to cherish.

  181. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura Power Reply

    Love to gt some family photos done and some more recent ones of my two boys, I only have baby photos up!

  182. Avatar of Rita

    We never seem to have got around to putting up any photos if our family of four, we have just become a family of five, so to have one large photo of our family would be amazing!

  183. Avatar of Melissa

    Would be wonderful to win this, and display my little family for all visitors to see.

  184. Avatar of Amy R

    That wedding anniversary photo I bought from the photographer last year with the intention of putting it on a canvas..!

  185. Avatar of Melissa Zammit
    Melissa Zammit Reply

    I would love to put my little family on display on our wall, we have a few cheeky photos I would love to enlarge

  186. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I would love to win this prize and have a good photo of my husband and I and our 3 kids in it. We have 1 photo of the 5 of us, in which my two younger children are both moving! Did I also mention hubby said we would get a canvas photo of the 5 of us done for my birthday last year – which is now 13 months ago!!!

  187. Avatar of Tanya C

    I would love a family portrait to give to my mother-in-law to brighten up her bare walls at the nursing home.

  188. Avatar of Donna Leysley
    Donna Leysley Reply

    I would love to have a canvas of my beautiful daughters so I could cherish it forever even when they have grown up and left home…

  189. Avatar of Sarah Turnbull
    Sarah Turnbull Reply

    I would get a new family photo of our blended family. Its been a hard year and having this on our wall will show our kids we are in it for the long haul and all love each other.

  190. Avatar of Lori

    It would be just amazing to have a canvas of my beautiful family! The last we put up was when our little man was only 3 months old, over 8 years ago now.

  191. Avatar of Catherine Helbig
    Catherine Helbig Reply

    I would love to get a nice pic of me and my son together as i dont have any apart from wen he was a newborn. Im always getting them done of everyone else amd for others but never for myself

  192. Avatar of Hannah

    I always say ill blow up a print of great shots of the kids and then never do.

  193. Avatar of Debra F

    So, 5 kids later it is time to stop, so would love a photo of all 5 for the wall. Just never seem to get time to do it.

  194. Avatar of Teresa

    Would love to CanvasChamp our wall, with a beautiful memory captured in time forever.

  195. Avatar of Nicola

    I’d love a picture of me and my girls. Photos of the three of us are few and far between plus I never remember to print them off.

  196. Avatar of Catherine Gangur
    Catherine Gangur Reply

    Along with thousands of people I have thousands of photos stored. It will be a tough decision which one to print on a big canvas.

  197. Avatar of Kim Phelan
    Kim Phelan Reply

    I’v just had some family photos taken so i’d love to get a big print of one of my little on, my hubby and myself.

  198. Avatar of Sheena Savage
    Sheena Savage Reply

    Picture of our whole family (parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles) which includes the 6 dogs and 3 cats because life is so good with them all in my life sometimes I need to pinch myself and I would love to capture a moment with us all together.

  199. Avatar of Paige Yang
    Paige Yang Reply

    The walls in the living room is pale and the canvas would make them vivid.

  200. Avatar of Melanie Otto
    Melanie Otto Reply

    I have an awesome shot of miss 7 on the trampoline, it be stunning an canvas in the lounge

  201. Avatar of Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans Reply

    My ex destroyed all the photos and the one canvas print I had of my girls when we split. I would love to get a new canvas of my girls capturing their relaxed and happy nature

  202. Avatar of Toni C

    I gave up photography years ago but started again after our long awaited daughter was born. I’m still an amateur but there’s one photo of my husband and daughter that I’m particularly proud of. I would love so much to have it printed on canvas as a gift for my mum. She lives some distance from us and hasn’t been well lately so she hasn’t been able to spend much time with her granddaughter. This would make her very happy.

  203. Avatar of Maree Wood
    Maree Wood Reply

    Babies grow so fast so I’d love to get some of the many pictures i’ve taken printed & put up on the wall to celebrate that growth

  204. Avatar of Lin

    We’ve just repainted the living room and none of our old artwork fits so I’d like a canvas of the kids dressed in colours/ taken in front of a backdrop that compliments the new colour scheme. Art and memories combined. : -)

  205. Avatar of Aleisha

    I’d love an updated canvas of the kids, we haven’t got one since having the youngest!

  206. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrie Reply

    an extended family shot taken on Christmas day
    We’ve lost a few this year so a family portrait canvas will be memories that stay
    love in picture says a thousand word
    the voices to the children that are forever heard

  207. Avatar of Louisa

    I love just everything about it ! Especially the vintage look and floral lining.

    • Avatar of Louisa

      I got a canvas for my son when he was born of his baby photo but haven’t dor my daughter and she is now 9 months old

  208. Avatar of Rhiannon Barry
    Rhiannon Barry Reply

    I would love to win a canvas print of my 2 kids for my house as i am a single struggle isolated mum doing it tough.

  209. Avatar of Marcella Hogan
    Marcella Hogan Reply

    My son misses his Oma dreadfully, when he spends the weekend and holidays with me. So I would like to get a photo of his Oma done as a canvas print.

  210. Avatar of Deanna velthuizen
    Deanna velthuizen Reply

    I’d love to give this as a present to my two friends who since being married have not been able to afford a nice photo done of their beautiful blended family.

  211. Avatar of Carrie

    I haven’t had a canvas print done since my son was 1, he is now 4 and an updated canvas would look amazing on our photo wall

  212. Avatar of Jessica Ross
    Jessica Ross Reply

    I’d love the opportunity to have a beautiful canvas print of my daughter Scarlett Delma Poppy on my wall because it’s something I could otherwise not afford, it’d just be an amazing piece to proudly display and Scarlett is my rainbow baby after six miscarriages and I’ve been told I can’t have any more children so it would be the best keepsake of my lil girl!

  213. Avatar of Liz

    We have recently got my #2 babies newborn photos back, so an updated family photo to display would be great.

  214. Avatar of Kaman Yu

    I’d love to win a canvas as I’d want my prized photo to last forever. I’d choose a family portrait with my children however I don’t have a decent one to date.

  215. Avatar of Caro

    We have a 5 month old daughter (and a 3 year old daughter) but haven’t put up any photos of our gorgeous baby girl on the wall! We would love a big canvas print of our precious family!

  216. Avatar of Yen

    I would like to print a photo of the family and display in the family room.

  217. Avatar of AmberB

    I’d love to win for my brother and sister-in-law so they can FINALLY have a beautiful canvas of their family to display in their home.

  218. Avatar of Magda

    I’d love large photo of my family, they are all living overseas so would be nice to have them all in our living room

  219. Avatar of Alison C-E
    Alison C-E Reply

    I have never had one & every time I see canvas prints at friends house’s, I absolutely love them!!!

  220. Avatar of Leshanicka
    Leshanicka Reply

    Our walls are quite bare and they need some beautiful photos added to them of our 4 wonderful boys who are 12, 10, 9 yrs old and our wonderful suprise addition 14 week old. We have so many photos of the boys being wonderful doting big brothers that need to be shown for everyone to see as they walk into our home!

  221. Avatar of Cat

    I have a bookcase full of photos (not all in albums) and would love to have a photo of us all together to hang on the wall where I can see it every day and enjoy it.

  222. Avatar of Melzie86

    We just spent nearly $5000 on canvas prints last October but since then we have had a baby who is nearly 4 months old so it would be nice to have a photo of everyone together as there is no way we can afford that money with 3 kids.

  223. Avatar of faye hannam
    faye hannam Reply

    A photo on the wall of Master 7 on his motorbike would be awesome. He’d love to go to sleep each night looking at it……

  224. Avatar of Kate Nally
    Kate Nally Reply

    I’d love to win a canvas as we don’t have any family photos up in our house. Would love to get one of our two kids

  225. Avatar of Nashwa

    Would love one to capture my four year old being nurturing towards his younger brother. Those moments are rare but so beautiful to witness!

  226. Avatar of rebecca carter
    rebecca carter Reply

    I’d love to put a pic of my four kids on canvas. The last one I have is now 6 years old, so time for some new happy memories to be captured I think!!

  227. Avatar of Lauren

    I’d love to win a canvas for our daughter’s room. We recently started redecorated it now we no longer need change table and she requested a family pic to go on her wall, which was so sweet (Mummy, Daddy & me!)

  228. Avatar of Rachel

    I’d love to win this canvas, so i can have a beautiful photo in my living room

  229. Avatar of rebecca yangzon

    Last christmas i was blessed to recieve a voucher for a family photo shoot we have just had it done in oct these photos would look amazing on canvas we have never had a family one done before so it beautiful memories

  230. Avatar of Lolo W

    I might be biased, but I think my kids are good looking,
    though whenever the camera’s out we usually find them sooking!
    On one rare occasion, we caught them with a smile,
    to put this up on canvas has been our wish a while.
    Now gazing at the chosen empty spot on our wall,
    I imagine an elegant CanvasChamp print to enthrall.
    My gorgeous kids enlarged into premium quality view,
    Fairy GodMumCentral, please make our wish come true!

  231. Avatar of Mele

    I’d love to win as I have 2 children and still don’t have a picture of them up as I keep forgetting to order canvases and my oldest is almost 4.

  232. Avatar of Angie

    I would love to do this for my partner’s mum, she has 4 boys and no photos hanging of them all together even though I know that she would love to.

  233. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    ~ I’d love to win a CanvasChamp because I could have some different artwork in my home that has special meaning to my family, and it would be a print of one of my daughter’s artwork she made when she was very young.

  234. Avatar of Andrea Blease

    I would truly love a canvas of my three beautiful children to hang in the lounge room. My children are the most precious things in my world and would love a beautiful piece of their smiling faces.

  235. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie Majorek Reply

    We recently had our family portraits done after over 10 years without any! The portraits were shot out in the rainforest at The Promised Lands in Glenniffer NSW. They are stunning, and I’d love to display some of these beautiful family moments on the walls of our home for all to see. They would look exceptional on canvas!!!

  236. Avatar of Lesley Olariu
    Lesley Olariu Reply

    I would love a canvas print of my gorgeous granddaughter who has just turned one!

  237. Avatar of Bethany Allen
    Bethany Allen Reply

    We lost Granddad recently, and have been wanting to put up the last photo with the whole family. It’s important to us that we don’t forget, or let the kids forget who he was in our lives.

  238. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    Our family dog passed away two months ago & it was by far the most upsetting ordeal my children have ever gone through. We still miss him terribly & a canvas of our big boy would be the perfect tribute to a dog that loved & was loved.

  239. Avatar of Sarahw

    We desperately need updated family photos on our walls. I would have printed a new family portrait.

  240. Avatar of Milly

    Christmas is around the corner. What better gift for grandparents than pictures of their grandids

  241. Avatar of Nikki Rodgers
    Nikki Rodgers Reply

    I haven’t written a poem to win this competition, I’m just writing a truthful, heartfelt comment. My youngest, my baby is starting school next year and I would love a print of my 3 kids together so that we can remember her last summer as my baby ♥

  242. Avatar of Lauren D

    I’m terrible at printing photos (I still don’t have any wedding photos up in the walls and we got married 3 years ago) so would love to print some photos of our new bubba due soon!

  243. Avatar of Lauren P

    I would love to surprise my hubby with a print of my children as I’m going to dress them up and take them to the park for some photos and surprise him for Christmas!

  244. Avatar of Courtney Pascoe
    Courtney Pascoe Reply

    My wall is blank!
    I have been meaning to do something for so long.
    I’d love to get a family portrait up
    My husband would absolutely love that. Would be a great XMAS present for the whole fam!

  245. Avatar of Darci1809

    My fiance always tells me about a canvas his father has of him and the 3 boys and loves it. I would love a canvas photo of my beautiful family. Dad, our gorgeous boy and beautiful baby girl. Or I would give one to my father of his mum and our boy just before she passed. He has photos of nan but no frames and a canvas would be beautiful.

  246. Avatar of Tina D

    I definitely need an updated family photo blown up and put up on our wall.

  247. Avatar of Rikki

    We don’t have many pictures on our walls, and I like the look of canvas pictures

  248. Avatar of Tina Elvins
    Tina Elvins Reply

    We have 3 children and memories last a lifetime but photos freeze your babies in time, it’s something you can cherish for ever and keep. Plus professional photos cost a mint! This would be wonderful.

  249. Avatar of Tmeeka Henricks
    Tmeeka Henricks Reply

    This years Santa photo of my 3 youngest, it’s a fantastic photo and should be enjoyed year round.

  250. Avatar of Jocy

    I’ve just discovered a beautiful photo my aunt took of a young child in PNG in 1964. I’d love to have it on my wall, it would be a good memory of my Aunt.

  251. Avatar of Candice Milner
    Candice Milner Reply

    You can never have enough photos of your kids around the house. They grow and change so quickly

  252. Avatar of Russell McLeod
    Russell McLeod Reply

    I would love have a photo of my son and grandson together to be passed on to them as a family treasure.

  253. Avatar of Jean

    With a 3rd baby our family is finally complete. As such we would really like a lovely canvas of our family hung up on the walls.

  254. Avatar of Netta

    I am terrible when it comes to photography and only have a couple of really good photos, but these I would love to see on display.

  255. Avatar of Belinda Costantini
    Belinda Costantini Reply

    I would love canvasses for our home and would have photos of my husband, my 5mth old son and I. It would look fantastic in our foyer.

  256. Avatar of Vanessa

    I have sooo many photos yet my walls are basically bare. I am actually having some family photos taken today so this would be a perfect prize to win!!

  257. Avatar of Amy boneham
    Amy boneham Reply

    I’d love to win this! We got married in February this year and have such beautiful photos of our family but have not had them printed due to funds yet this would make an exceptional display in my living room if I was to win!

  258. Avatar of rebecca foster-noble
    rebecca foster-noble Reply

    I would love a canvas to show off my beautiful three grandchildren who live in Queensland to all my friends and family here in Tasmania.

  259. Avatar of Erin Rowsell
    Erin Rowsell Reply

    I have so many photos of my son that I would love to have printed. It’s something i’v always wanted to do, but have never had the spare cash to donit

  260. Avatar of Kristi

    I would love a new canvas of my two boys to be added to the front hall entry of our new home.

  261. Avatar of Chanea Ralston
    Chanea Ralston Reply

    I’d have one of our gorgeous 5 month old son printed because we still don’t have any photos of him on the wall yet!

  262. Avatar of Rebecca brush
    Rebecca brush Reply

    Need an updated family photo on the the wall of all of us including our newest little man

  263. Avatar of Sara

    I would love to thank my parents for all they do for me and my kids by giving them a canvas print of my kids which they would absolutely love ❤️

  264. Avatar of Vicka

    Always wanted to have 1 family pic printed but haven’t had extra cash to do so. Hopefully I can win this just in time when our baby #3 arrives (early dec).

  265. Avatar of Girlie Eyre
    Girlie Eyre Reply

    I would love to win this! Putting it all in canvas and the beautiful feature in our home would be awesome!

  266. Avatar of Amy Scollen
    Amy Scollen Reply

    We have been in our place for almost two years and the box with pictures has barely been opened with only a handful of picture put up on the walls where the previous owner had nails up. If I won I would print the most recent photo of our extended family’s as we are located all over the country and we rarely manage to get in the same place at the same time so this is a really special photo.

  267. Avatar of Michael Barlow
    Michael Barlow Reply

    I’d love to get a large canvas done of the last three generations of my family, my late father who past away last year, my self and my daughter, as my wife and I can’t have anymore children my daughter is the last generation of my family and it’s a really nice photo…..

  268. Avatar of Nicole L

    With a toddler and a new bub I haven’t had a chance to put any pictures up. This would be a great place to start

  269. Avatar of Mel

    We don’t have any family photos so this would be a stunning way to have a first!

  270. Avatar of Jane Clifford
    Jane Clifford Reply

    I would get one of my one year old daughter’s new professional photos done (getting done this wekend), as her newborn shots weren’t very good and none were worth putting on canvas.

  271. Avatar of Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt Reply

    I have bare walls and no pictures of my children on them. I would love to have a large canvace of a photo I took of my two boys playing at the beach, It was our favorite spot to go and great memories of the beautiful place we use to live.

  272. Avatar of kathryn

    I’d love a stunning huge canvas of my little one for the loungeroom! Just perfect

  273. Avatar of JulieGG

    I would absolutely love a Canvas Champ print our family – me, my hubby, and our daughter.

  274. Avatar of Amanda Gorton
    Amanda Gorton Reply

    A printed canvas is a gift from present to the future eye!

  275. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole Strachan Reply

    We have a wonderful family portrait, but it was taken before our son was born. We need to update.

  276. Avatar of leonnie Rainsford
    leonnie Rainsford Reply

    aall the grand child have grown and time to update the wall and surprise nanna

  277. Avatar of Kimbo

    I love displaying photos of my beautiful family & canvases look gorgeous!

  278. Avatar of Alicemelg

    I’d like to win to have a precious image of my mum and my toddler catching bubbles recently, captured on our walls.

  279. Avatar of Emma Flanagan
    Emma Flanagan Reply

    Id llove to get a print of our daughter and give it to my husband to hang in his truck because he misses her so much whilst he is away

  280. Avatar of MelissaZ

    I currently have nothing on my walls and would love some canvas pics to show off some family photos and pics of the kids.

  281. Avatar of Kerri Bull
    Kerri Bull Reply

    My favourite photo of the kids taken a few years ago and put in their playroom. That way when they are fighting I can point at it and remind them that they love each other lol

  282. Avatar of Amanda Ward
    Amanda Ward Reply

    Would love an updated family photo on the wall in canvas as the last one is 4 years old and have a new member of the family to add. ☺

  283. Avatar of BEc

    I’d love to win the canvas print to be able to display lovely family photo of my newborn and his siblings ❤️

  284. Avatar of NBowman

    I would love to win this. I have a beautiful photo of my girl outside playing, it represents her so well. To be able to display it on canvas would be marvellous

  285. Avatar of Amy Macdonald
    Amy Macdonald Reply

    I would love to win this as my partner and I are getting married next weekend and I bought our 9 month old son the most adorable suit complete with vest and bow tie to match his dad. I would absolutely love to be able to print our family photo on the canvas so I can show off my amazing family;)

  286. Avatar of Jenn

    I’d love to win to have an updated family picture. We haven’t got one on display that’s less than 4 years old

  287. Avatar of Roslyn Spawton
    Roslyn Spawton Reply

    A photo of the 4 of us on the San Francisco Cable Car taken a couple of years ago

  288. Avatar of Nic

    Oh I’d love a canvas of my two children which I could hang in the perfect place to see it every time I walk past it 🙂

  289. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia Comer Reply

    Hmm the only picture of my children that are proudly on display
    are in a small canvas from a daycare photo enlarged
    from my best friend, who knows I have no other pictures on display.
    Either on the computer or in an album, but no other,
    not even in a picture frame or hung proudly before.

    That was taken 2 years ago,

    I think we need to add to our 1 canvas portait
    a delightful reminder of our children today.

    Perhaps even a photograph of our whole family
    would better suit.

    Winning a large canvas print
    would inspire us to take some more priceless pics
    and help us to share what everyone else can adore.

  290. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d love to win this so I could give it to my god-daughter as a gift. She has an 8 month old little boy and recently got engaged to her partner. Her partner’s mother has been battling cancer for the past 7-8 years and was told a few weeks ago that the chemotherapy was no longer effective and there was no nothing else they could do to cure her or prolong her life. She was given a 2 hour “pass out” by the hospital so that she could spend a little time at the engagement party 2 weeks ago, and sadly passed away 5 days later. There were some beautiful family photos taken that day and I’d love nothing more than to be able to have one printed on a canvas and give it to them as a lovely keepsake.

  291. Avatar of Kate

    I would love to win this as currently we only have photos on the wall of my eldest not my youngest child and would love to have photos of us altogether on the wall!

  292. Avatar of Tayla Downs
    Tayla Downs Reply

    I’d love to win a canvas to have a feature family picture of myself my bubba and my man, in the hallway. It would really create that family feeling.

  293. Avatar of Megan England
    Megan England Reply

    My mum had a picture of her, my younger sister and I done in a professional studio in our wedding clothes and I’d love to give her another, updated picture, now that my sister is about to turn 18 years old – sort of like a ‘this is what we were’ and ‘this is where we’ve come.’ Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  294. Avatar of Holly-Anne
    Holly-Anne Reply

    The perfect family shot is just waiting to take c centre stage in our living room. Thanks to this canvas it was will!

  295. Avatar of Becs84au

    Would love to put our wedding photos up! Got married over a year ago lol

  296. Avatar of Jess M

    I’d love to win a canvas so we could update our wall photos which are from when our youngest was born over 4 years ago.

  297. Avatar of Jenna c

    With the lose of my nephew just recently, I would love to get a lovely big canvas for my sister as a christmas gift!

  298. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    We got a large canvas print in our wedding photo pack and we love it. It would be awesome to get a family print done now.

  299. Avatar of Dorothy

    Love a large canvas print of our 5 grandchildren. Viewing them on our wall will always keep them close to our hearts because we dont get to see them enough due to travel distance

  300. Avatar of Merle

    Dad grows beautiful orchids and I’d love to have a photo of them printed on a canvas so he and Mum can enjoy them all year.

  301. Avatar of Melissa

    My son and I married my amazing husband a few years ago and after a couple of years of trying we were all blessed with our gorgeous rainbow baby. 18 months later I finally managed to get a photo of the four of us together and I just adore it ❤

  302. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    I’d get a pic of ,h two kids we don’t have any pics,of the kids up cause we haven’t got any decent ones yet

  303. Avatar of Alex

    I would love to give my kids only great grandmother a print of my boys. She is the only one still alive and the kids adore her. She’s a pretty cool 79 year old

  304. Avatar of Lucy Fletcher
    Lucy Fletcher Reply

    I would love to have a picture of my daughter and I printed. I don’t have many of the two of us printed out but I would love to see one hanging in our home

  305. Avatar of Bonnie Illingworth
    Bonnie Illingworth Reply

    I need to have a canvas up of the two girls that changed my life. I did not know before they were born, how badly I need them until now.

  306. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn Taylor Reply

    My very dear friends daughter, is expecting a miracle, dream come true baby in January, she’s even being given her middle name after me, such an honour. A canvas print would be perfect for the precious Miss J.D

  307. Avatar of Aroha Kinley
    Aroha Kinley Reply

    I’d love to frame and hang a picture of my elderly parents and my kids. These 4 beings are my world.

  308. Avatar of Katie Ellacott
    Katie Ellacott Reply

    I am the proud mother to a gorgeous 7 month old, Sammy. He is my first child, hopefully of many. I would love canvas prints to display some of the photos from his newborn shoot. Having only recently moved into our house, our walls are still quite bare and I would love to decorate them with pictures of my son.

  309. Avatar of Sandy FIsher
    Sandy FIsher Reply

    I would love a special canvas of our gorgeous IVF Miracle who is now 4 months old and thriving… we are so blessed and would love to show off a gorgeous photo of him on a special canvas.

  310. Avatar of Vicki

    I would put up a canvas of elephants in Africa, or a simple sunset. I already have a photos of the family up so I need to balance with room with a nature canvas

  311. Avatar of Sarah Warren
    Sarah Warren Reply

    I would love to have a photo of my 5 month old daughter printed

  312. Avatar of Kimberley

    I would love to have a canvas print of my almost one year old to go with the photos of my older children.

  313. Avatar of Blossom

    The loves of my life
    My 11 year old great niece, 5 year old and 1 year old great nephews.
    I would so love a photo of them. The bonus would be a beautiful life like canvas.
    Their parents can proudly hang it on their living area wall which looks sad at the moment.

  314. Avatar of M.F.

    If I managed to win this awesome prize, I would love to have a huge print up of my little family – me, my daughter Ella (10yo), my son Kade (4yo), my little baby boy Juddy (11mths) & the only person that I actually call family & he more “blood & family” than my real family – my friemily MyMarnie (her name is Marnie but I call her MyMarnie) & her son Sax. – that’s what I would like on the small print I win just for entering.
    But for the gigantic major prize photo print, I would Luke to get a photo of my father printed. My father and I was very close and he died when I was still a child.
    When he died, (ease noye my mother was still alive and my parents were married til the day he died) I was instantly a nuisance, a inconvenience to everyone. I was passed from relative to relative, treated like crap, abuse me in different ways & even feeding me was the biggest deal to them and a waste of food and money apparently. I didn’t get a bed room, not even to share. I had no bed either I just slept wherever I fell asleep on the floor, I never had a birthday or christmas again, once I was a teenager I got a part time job & brought presents for myself to make me feel loved and wanted – it didn’t work. I’m a single mum to 3 kids and I want them to be & feel loved and wanted every moment of their lives. I’m trying my best to do everything opposite to what I know. Sometimes I think if dad didn’t die, things would of been different but it wasn’t his fault, he was sick. It was my so called “family” for behaving & acting like that towards me. My dad treated me like I was worth the world, like I was & am someone etc. Been t to the rest of my family I was beyond nothing – it was like they promised the world, & then gave me Broadmeadows!!!! I would like a photo f my dad hanging on the wall. I only have 2 pictures of him. My family refused to let me have, touch or even see any of my dads stuff after he died, even though he specifically wanted me to have certain items 🙁 I literally had to rifle through stuff like a burgular to “borrow” the only 2 photos I found, reprinted them and then put the origibal s back.
    I wish my dad could of met my babies. He would of lobed being a granddad to them. Yeah if I won, I’d love the bog g picture to be of my daddy. Love you daddy xxxx

  315. Avatar of Amy Gibson
    Amy Gibson Reply

    I have 3 beautiful kiddies and a great partner. We had some peoffessional photos done a few months ago that were only ever put on a usb. The whole lot… it would be great to make our house more of a home with some family picturs up.. thanks for the opportunity

  316. Avatar of Corinna

    I have so many photos of our 2 kids but would love to get one made into a canvas

  317. Avatar of Stef

    I would love to have a beautiful large canvas of my two children so that I can look at them everyday because I miss them so much when they are at school.

  318. Avatar of Jemma

    I would love to win a canvas for a photo of my newborn for her grandparents

  319. Avatar of Melissa

    I don’t have any photos on canvas and would love to have one of my beautiful girls that l could say is their gift to me for Christmas. Thank you.

  320. Avatar of Leah Taylor
    Leah Taylor Reply

    I’d love to win this do I could give it to my mum for Christmas, I would get a pic of all the grandkids together , I know she would just love it.

  321. Avatar of Kimberly smith
    Kimberly smith Reply

    I would love to get a canvas of each of my boys (step son and son) as my parents got a canvas for my us of our daughter after we lost everything in a house fire, my kids are my world and have saved me from my demons many times even if they don’t know it

  322. Avatar of LizB

    What a great competition thank you for giving us the opportunity for a chance to win such a wonderful prize. If I won it would be hung on my lounge room wall for all to see

  323. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    We already have 2 large Canvas Champ photos hanging at home and they do an amazing job of our holiday memories. I would love to have another of my beautiful 6 month old grandson hanging pride of place in our living room for all to see his gorgeous cheeky smile.

  324. Avatar of nicole larsen
    nicole larsen Reply

    We dont even have a family photo that is displayed that isnt over 10 years old. This is what we need in our entry foyer

  325. Avatar of Sian

    I would love a professional canvas displayed in my entrance. It would have pride of place and be the first thing visitors see. It’s so important to have our memories on show for all to see, rather than sitting on a phone or computer.

  326. Avatar of Emily Collins
    Emily Collins Reply

    I would love to win one of the canvas prints, the quality and clarity of them look incredible. If i won i would get a canvas printed of my 3 week old daughter.

  327. Avatar of Linda

    I have no photos of my boys as we have moved house a lot. We are currently building our forever home and I would have a large picture of my three beautiful boys to go pride of place in our home for when we move in.

  328. Avatar of Audrey Buckman
    Audrey Buckman Reply

    Would love to get a photo blown up for my daughter’s room for Christmas

  329. Avatar of Tracey D

    I would love to get a wedding photo printed. 10 years on and i still haven’t got one done.

  330. Avatar of Annalise

    My life changed recently when I gave birth to my third baby, a drug-free water birth after two previous traumatic Caesarean sections… supported by my husband, 13yo daughter and 7yo son. It was the most amazing experience and I would so love to immortalise one of my pics in a canvas print, a reminder to my whole family how much that day will always mean to me.

  331. Avatar of Bella Ri

    We took our very own family portrait last week, our first family photo with our newest additions. The photos were taken on our phone, so I’d love to be have a large canvas family portrait hang in the living room, a photograph that will last for generations and remind us of the good memories we have had.

  332. Avatar of Natasha

    I don’t have anything on my walls so some photos of my gorgeous boys wold be great.

  333. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell Reply

    I’d love to win a canvas print to have an updated family portrait done, it has been many years since we have had one done and we now have new additions to the family.

  334. Avatar of Juanita

    I’d love to win this and have an image of my daughter and her boyfriend put onto canvas. They just celebrated their 3 year Anniversary last week and this would be a perfect memento.

  335. Avatar of tracy stapleton
    tracy stapleton Reply

    Taken on a glorious misty morning on holiday in merimbula,a scenic boardwalk with a sapphire blue sky.

  336. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    Would love to win as desperately need to put up some much more recent pictures of the kiddies.

  337. Avatar of Indy

    Of course I will print our family together. We haven’t got one in frame 🙂

  338. Avatar of Lauren

    I’d love to win a canvas as I have lots of beautiful family photos that I haven’t had printed yet.

  339. Avatar of Julia

    I would love to win a canvas print of my 4 kids for my parents. They moved hours away and are desperately missing everyone..

  340. Avatar of Phillip Cunningham
    Phillip Cunningham Reply

    As there’s room above the TV for a canvas print and I’d have our 4 cats on the print, we have a photos of all 4 of them together to go on the print.

  341. Avatar of Leah Cook

    My sister and I now live together after separating around the same time. We have 5 kids between us and we’d love a family photo to put up on the wall of all of us and our new family dynamic.

  342. Avatar of gail davies
    gail davies Reply

    I would love to win to have a gorgeous canvas print of my two gorgeous granddaughters – they are so precious to me ,,,

  343. Avatar of Gerard

    Memories do last forever but its great to have a reminder hanging on the wall

  344. Avatar of cheryl ellis
    cheryl ellis Reply

    I have the perfect blank wall in my new house to display a beautiful canvas of my wonderful grandchildren they are so special, they put a smile on my face whenever I see them so a canvas will put a permanent smile on my face

  345. Avatar of Kristy

    It would be so nice to give my mum a picture of my kiddies . She lives 1500km away and we only see her twice a year

  346. Avatar of Kirsty Perkins
    Kirsty Perkins Reply

    We’ve recently had a photo shoot done with my 2 toddlers. I’d love to get a canvas made for my mum for Christmas!

  347. Avatar of M Okimoto

    We just had a gorgeous baby girl and would love to have a canvas of her and our older daughter made for a great statement piece on our wall.

  348. Avatar of Renee Waite
    Renee Waite Reply

    Id love to get a pic of my family or just my two girls on the canvas as i dont have any currently on my wall. Id be very happy..

  349. Avatar of Natasha Milne
    Natasha Milne Reply

    I’d love to win this prize, and have a treasured canvas hanging of My Beautiful Mum in heaven.

  350. Avatar of Tashana purkis
    Tashana purkis Reply

    Oh how beautiful wouldnbentoo win and have a pic of my kids given too my mum

  351. Avatar of Carley

    I would love to win a canvas. We don’t have any recent photos of myself, hubby, son and daughter. Would give it to the grand parents for Christmas as they don’t have any.

  352. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    I’d love to win a canvas from CanvasChamp as they have quality made canvases. And let’s just say my husband and I have been married for 2 years and there is not a single wedding photo of us in our house so that would be a great way to end this year.

  353. Avatar of Bec B

    I have one canvas print that is too small by itself to go on our walls. It looks really lonely so would love to be able to have another to go with it featuring my two little kiddies.

  354. Avatar of kathy

    I’d love to win because it would be a family portrait to cherish and keep forever – long after the pitter patter of tiny feet have grown up and left the house! I’d have my own little family and my (MUM) – because they are all simply (CENTRAL) to my universe!

  355. Avatar of Elke

    I would love to win a canvas print so that I can display a beautiful newborn photo of my Son on my living room wall like artwork. I have small photographs up but a canvas print would catch the eye of all family and friends who come to visit.

  356. Avatar of Shontel

    I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and we also have a 6 year old so we will need to have some new family canvas’s done of our new edition and family photos

  357. Avatar of Sarah Brownlee
    Sarah Brownlee Reply

    I would love to win this canvas. We are currently doing renovations on our house and a family photo of myseif, hubby and our son would look great once everything is finished.

  358. Avatar of Kristina S
    Kristina S Reply

    My 2 gorgeous girls laughing and smiling at each other on the trampoline. It’s one of my favourite photos/memories. When they are both teenagers and at each others throats I can escape in that 😉

  359. Avatar of DANICA

    Would love to give my mum her favourite picture on a canvass of my son. As she rarely gets to see him as we live in a different state.

  360. Avatar of Lynette Hurt
    Lynette Hurt Reply

    I would love to win so I could give my parents the canvas as a Christmas present with a photo of myself, hubby and 2 kids from a photo shoot we did last month!!!! They have a photo wall in their house and it would be the perfect addition

  361. Avatar of Jenny

    We need a big canvas for a freshly painted wall, it would also motivate me to get family pics done! We have no photo up that has all four of us!

  362. Avatar of Steph

    I just had premature twins completing my family so i would love a nice wall piece to display of the 3 of my kids and us. After a 10 week in and out of hospital period its amazing to be under one roof learning how to survive 3 under 2!

  363. Avatar of Jo

    I haven’t had a beautiful canvas of my daughter done since she was 3 and would love a new one now she is 10 for my mum..

  364. Avatar of Rebecca Maas
    Rebecca Maas Reply

    I would love to win this canvas as I have 3 children 10, 7 and 4 months and have no portraits of any of them. We have always rented and not been able to have family photos on the walls so want to now start our collection of family pictures on the wall starting with this canvas of our beautiful children.

  365. Avatar of Hannah Clubb
    Hannah Clubb Reply

    I would love to win this to give to my partner it would be a photo of him and our son smiling and giggling at eachother its my favourite candid photo of them pure happiness.

  366. Avatar of Amanda

    Having moved into a shed home with unlined walls and no internal walls, there’s not really many spaces to hang photos, except up really high where it would need to be a really big canvas to be seen!! I would get one of our latest family photos with our newborn.
    Oh and btw, my pics on phone is up close to 17,000… need to do something about that!!

  367. Avatar of Bec Cronin
    Bec Cronin Reply

    a rare gorgeous photo of my pre teen kids that they are all smiling and not hating on each other, would be perfect to enlarge to remind them they love each other

  368. Avatar of Nikki

    I’d love an updated family portrait, cause our last one is missing our 16 month old.

  369. Avatar of Zena

    We have just had our first baby. I would get a beautiful picture of our family to add to our canvas photo wall.

  370. Avatar of Diane Heriot
    Diane Heriot Reply

    I would give my Mum a photo of my son with one of our chickens to put on her wall.

  371. Avatar of Karra

    Id love to win because I cant afford to buy one. Id print a baby photo of my son which was professionally done 8 years ago! Bring back the memories. They grow up so fast.

  372. Avatar of Hayley

    After being married for a year i only i have one photo i desperately need to get some done

  373. Avatar of Indika Wijayasekera
    Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    I’d love to print a picture of three of us because we are redecorating the house before my son’s grandparents are coming from overseas for holiday.Lot of great memories of us in the computer…its time to print and see them everyday on the wall to think that lie is beautiful when you are with your family.

  374. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina E Reply

    A print of all 7 of our babies. Always hard to get a nice photo of them all and when you do its worth framing or in this case enlarging.

  375. Avatar of Jennifer Robertson
    Jennifer Robertson Reply

    To help keep my focus on my dream I would hang a print of a great garden. Patience is not my strong point but big old trees cannot happen in a hurry.

  376. Avatar of Peta

    We have one gorgeous photo of our family of four and what better way to show everyone than through having it blown up on a huge canvas like this one! We still don’t have any wedding ones done…

  377. Avatar of MaryTan

    I would love to have a beautiful canvas of my son and husband but its very hard to find a company who would give a % guaranteed in a cheaper price.

  378. Avatar of Clare A

    We have plenty of wall space in our house with nothing on them and a gorgeous black & white photo of my 3 boys showing off their personalities, I would love to have this pic up on the wall to look at everyday!

  379. Avatar of kristy

    I would love to get my mum and dad a canvas print of our 4 pretty awesome kiddies, and with Christmas coming up and would take at least one thing of the list of what to buy.

  380. Avatar of Tanya

    Would love a photo of my kids so i could give it to my mum and dad for christmas

  381. Avatar of Tammy Campion
    Tammy Campion Reply

    I have 7 kids(16, 12, 10, 6, 4, 2, 7weeks)….with my newest baby boy just 7 weeks old. I would love to get him done, so I can give it to his granny(my mum) who is yet to meet him I moved a couple of years ago away from my home town, so she has only met my 2yr old once, and this little man, only through pictures I send to her.

  382. Avatar of Grace

    I would love to win a large canvas so I can send a beautiful family photo to my husband’s parents. We moved to Australia 2 years ago and because of their poor health they can’t visit us. So it would be great if they could have a photo of their grandkids on the wall!

  383. Avatar of Brooke

    I would get one of our wedding photos done it’s been 3 years now and I still don’t have any on our walls and our wedding day was the first time in 3 years my husband’s kids could come and see us and we had them included in our wedding photos

  384. Avatar of Harlie Foster
    Harlie Foster Reply

    I’d love to win this for my in-laws and have a photo of her grandkids put on it

  385. Avatar of Megan Stagg
    Megan Stagg Reply

    I would like to get a nice canvas printed of the family to give to my mother inlaw for her birthday!

  386. Avatar of Janelle

    I’d love to win a canvas of my three little ones to hang in their playroom!

  387. Avatar of Katie

    I have some canvas’ of my kids when they were babies, but haven’t been able to afford any since then. Would love some current photos displayed of my kids.

  388. Avatar of Chandini

    A picture of our family in our first home that we’ve just bought! It’ll be a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

  389. Avatar of Marcia Ferries-Houghton
    Marcia Ferries-Houghton Reply

    I would absolutely love to win because I have captured 1 pure, raw moment of happiness between my two girls. They have dealt with so much this year with dad moving out and our dog getting sick. This picture will remind them of the love that everyone around has for them.

  390. Avatar of Em

    Christmas Day is not too far, I’d frame a picture of the kids for grandma!
    We’re moving far away soon, so with a canvas print she’d be over the moon!

  391. Avatar of Lizzie

    I’d love to win a canvas to print one of our amazing shots from our trip to Ningaloo. The incredible world heritage environment has made our ordinary holiday snaps into something extraordinary.

  392. Avatar of Kav

    PICK ME PICK ME… I would love to win something that I can share with my whole family. this would be amazing but really anything for my little darlings precious moments and it will MAKE me go YABBA DABBA DOO.

  393. Avatar of Fran

    I would love a lifestyle photo of the kids, my two boys and our fluffy doggy to hand up on our living room wall.

  394. Avatar of Jane Heath
    Jane Heath Reply

    So it turns out there’s only 1 photo of me and my kids. And its not a good one. As for a photo of my husband, myself and our 2 boys…not even 1 in existance. We need to remedy this family photo thing. That’s what I’d have printed.

  395. Avatar of Mel

    I would love to have a canvas print of my dad who recently passed away due to a heart attack. I would love a 56 picture collage canvas to remind me everyday to live life to the fullest as dad only had 56 years on this beautiful planet.

  396. Avatar of Catherine Wren
    Catherine Wren Reply

    I would love to win this canvas to showcase my beautiful little man on our walls at home. He reminds us every day on how smart talented and photogenic he is!

  397. Avatar of Crystal Clark
    Crystal Clark Reply

    My husband and i are a blended family with 6 children, 3 each from previous relationships. We would have a photo of the 8 of us printed from our wedding last year. We currently have no pictures of the 8 of us displayed in our home.

  398. Avatar of Mella

    I would love to have a photo of my toddler and our dog, they are best friends. It will be a great way to remember them as they are now.

  399. Avatar of Leeann kool
    Leeann kool Reply

    I have a 4yr old grand daughter and would love a special nan nan canvas of her on my wall.❤

  400. Avatar of Anne Renee Dirks
    Anne Renee Dirks Reply

    We welcomed our 4th child (my second) into the family in August and had some beautiful photos taken of us all. I planned to use my bonus money to purchase some canvas prints for our home but ended up having to spend it on bills and food due to hubby no longer working and me being on maternity leave pay. Our walls are photo less and I don’t know when we’ll be able to afford to put a nice photo of our family on the wall so winning 1 would put a smile on my face as I look at the large picture of our family all laughing at our toddler using my curled hair, that I had gotten done especially for the photo, as a beard. Even if I don’t win I’m so excited and thankful to receive a small one. Thank you.

  401. Avatar of Coley

    I would get a lovely kinder photo of my son done as we haven’t had proper photos done for years!

  402. Avatar of Rach H

    I would love a canvas of our two girls on the wall. I have a gorgeous professional photo of them playing in the grass that never made it to the wall. It might be time for a freshy.
    That, or the pic I took from our deck on our last pre-baby holiday in the Maldives. Beautiful.

  403. Avatar of Linda S

    It’s my dogs birthday and what better present than a memory of his party with his canine pals! 🙂

  404. Avatar of Clare R

    We actually have NO printed family photos on our walls. None. It’s pretty pathetic. Please help us.

  405. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Reply

    I would love to win so I can look at my beautiful babies faces even when they aren’t home. I would get a photo of my babies on canvas because well they’re my babies and my world I need no other reason then I love seeing their bubbley faces everywhere I look.

  406. Avatar of Veronica Paterson
    Veronica Paterson Reply

    I want to cover my wall in pictures of my family & close friends & I would love to get a CanvasChamp canvas of my granddaughter please.

  407. Avatar of Kirsten

    We built our first home 8 months ago and the walls are lacking art. A CanvasChamp canvas is the perfect place to start!

  408. Avatar of Lorraine

    Who wouldn’t want a beautiful canvas of their children or grandchildren up on the wall.

  409. Avatar of Casey K

    To see my bright smiling baby girl on my wall as I wake up would be a delight – and a great Christmas pressies!

  410. Avatar of Paul B

    I live away from home and would love to wake up to a big print of my beautiful wife and 2 young children

  411. Avatar of Lisa Wadd

    I would love to win a CanvasChamp Print because the high quality canvas prints are an amazing talking point. I would love to print a picture of my gorgeous girls.

  412. Avatar of Louise Hopper
    Louise Hopper Reply

    I’ve always wanted a print of my daughters hand when she was born holding my thumb. (She was 14 weeks early) xx

  413. Avatar of Sue B

    What a fantastic idea for a Chrissy pressie for my daughter! Her little man was born early but is now a chubster who would look suitably gorgeous on a canvas print.

  414. Avatar of Mun

    I love to win this for the grandparents of my children who are living overseas. It will be a beautiful and meaningful gift that may shed a tear or two.

  415. Avatar of Jasmine Stanford
    Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I would love to get a family photo printed, the last family photo we had printed was in 2010, we need an updated version for our wall

  416. Avatar of Jude

    We are moving soon and need to decorate our new place. We’ll make it home by popping our gorgeous faces on canvas all over the walls!

  417. Avatar of Jiawei

    A canvas picture of the children for the grandparents overseas to have in their home to show friends and relatives.

  418. Avatar of Jaimi layt
    Jaimi layt Reply

    I would love to put the beautiful images taken of my children on the walls of my home. And finally have one of those homes you see in magazines with that gorgeous feature wall filled with photos

  419. Avatar of Louise French
    Louise French Reply

    I would like to win so I could give the canvas to my mum so she could put on the wall near the photos of my dad who passed away 9 years ago (and obviously never got to meet the newest grandchild .

  420. Avatar of Tania C

    My Mum’s family photo wall is in desperate need of updating – she still has pics with my brother’s ex-wife (eek!), my other brother’s youngest isn’t even on there and my family shot is from 12 years ago when my son was born! I’d love to have a big canvas print her with all of the kids and grandkids together. Hard to get us in one place, but this Christmas we stand a chance!

  421. Avatar of Katre

    I’d love to win this to give to my grandmother, I’d get my newborn baby son and my 7 year old printed and give it to her for her 80th birthday

  422. Avatar of Ali T

    Canvas prints are a beautiful way to showcase your favourite memories. Having just welcomed our third child and with new family photos taken this would be ideal to print on canvas.

  423. Avatar of Charlotte S
    Charlotte S Reply

    We take our rescue dogs for a photo with Santa most years – I’d love to put it up year round as a fun and silly reminder of my favourite time of year! 😀

  424. Avatar of Sarah

    It’d be the perfect thing to make our new house into a home. I’d love to finally have our family portrait that we had done be printed so that we can look at it every day instead of having to use a stick in the computer.

  425. Avatar of Beksmum

    I have a beautiful photo of my girls playing the guitar and piano together that would be awesome in the play room 🙂

  426. Avatar of Lisa W

    Like most parents, I am guilty of having lots of beautiful photos of my kids locked up on my phone that are rarely looked at. I need a canvas print of my beautiful, smiling boys that I can look at when they are driving me CRAZY!!! 😉

  427. Avatar of Winter17au
    Winter17au Reply

    Would love to win this so I can have a beautiful canvas with all my grandchildren on it. It’s on my wish list

  428. Avatar of Patricia Harkin
    Patricia Harkin Reply

    It would bring life to my dreary lounge room and I would like to see a beautiful sunrise.

  429. Avatar of Dianne

    I can’t choose right now, it would be a matter of trolling through all of the photos and seeing which one is suitable and agreeable to everyone, lol! Personally, I’d love to send one to my Mum for Christmas – of her and the siblings! Thanks

  430. Avatar of Pad Conj

    Never heard of CanvasChamp so if i win it will be a good chance for me to try them and if i like it then they will be my go to for any future printing

  431. Avatar of Craig White
    Craig White Reply

    Mum was always a photographer. Would love to give her the HUGE gift of a canvas with one of her photos.


  432. Avatar of Diana Kiss
    Diana Kiss Reply

    I’d have a picture from our engagement photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower canvased. Life can be crazy as an E.D nurse and the hours are awful, so it’s nice to have a big picture to walk past before work, of a peaceful & very happy memory!

  433. Avatar of Natalie Young
    Natalie Young Reply

    A long while ago, we made the huge trek to the summit of a Glacier in New Zealand. It was cold, icy and spectacular. And the photos came out equally spectacular. Would love to print one of them on an equally fitting canvas.

  434. Avatar of Ben

    I’d be able to hang some artwork in the living room! I would probably pick one of the photos we took on vacation during cherry blossom season.

  435. Avatar of Yazmin J

    Canvas Champ would bring our living room to life with a beautiful, quality portrait of our first child due in December 2017.

  436. Avatar of John Steven Szabo
    John Steven Szabo Reply

    I would put into the living room as a great reminder for me

  437. Avatar of Karen Hodge
    Karen Hodge Reply

    As a newly single Mum, it’s time to update the family photo. It’s time to make new memories and to shine as the unit we now are. <3