13 Clever Birthday Party Theme Ideas to Wow The Kids


Here are the hottest party invites in town! From Bluey to Toy Story and all the ice cream and llamas in between, we have some ah-mazing kid party theme ideas right here.

We’re making it really easy for you to decide on your next party vibe with this stellar line up of #partyinspo starring your kids’ favourite things.

From tots to tweens, we have a party theme for everyone. Get ready to get your party planning hat on!

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1. Bluey

There’s Bluey the dog, who’s a regular in living rooms across Australia and adored by kids (and their parents!). You can replicate an epic birthday cake like this one OR cut yourself some slack and decorate cupcakes with these free cupcake topper printables.

kids party ideas, bluey party theme

2. Toy Story

With Toy Story 4 hitting the big screen this year, you can be sure that Woody, Buzz, Slinky Dog and friends will be back on the party scene, bigger than ever! Pretzel sticks have never looked better, alien jelly cups are so much wobbly fun and let’s not forget to chow down on Woody’s delicious rice bubble haystacks. Howdy partner!

kids party ideas, toy story party theme

3. Planes, trains & automobiles

By sky, rail, sea or land, set the party wheels in motion with road sign cupcake toppers, traffic light loot bags, a party train spread and let’s not forget the birthday captain’s seat. Up, up and away!

kids party ideas, trains party theme

4. Bunnings party

Tools and a whole lot of dirt is the name of the game with a cool Bunnings party. Word on the street is Bunnings can be very helpful in helping out with making their youngest customer’s birthday dreams come true. Be sure to ask at your local store if they can help out with some branded merch to set the theme!

Bunnings birthday party theme

5. Lego

Always a favourite, Lego will forever be a popular choice for kids who love to play and build. Luckily we’ve created an awesome roundup of fun Lego kids party ideas for Lego lovin’ kids!

Lego party theme ideas

6. Mermaids & under the sea

With a feasting table dotted with mermaid cupcakes, crabby croissants and turtle fruit snacks, could there be anything sweeter than an under the sea party theme?

Under the sea party foods, party theme ideas

7. Ice cream party

Not just for summer, take it from me ice cream is to be celebrated all year round. Set up a build your own ice cream sundae stand and get busy scooping! Check out this amazing ice cream cake. There are balloons to makeover and you can even print off this FREE ice cream party banner – it’s the cherry on top!

party theme ideas, ice cream

8. Unicorns

Of course, there’s still going to be MANY kids who want nothing more than a unicorn party. Don’t you worry unicorn lovers, we have you covered in all things edible glitter! Check out this cake – amazing!

unicorn party theme cake

9. Fortnite for gamers

Let’s not forget the gamers of the family! A Fortnite themed kids party will be loved by tweens who are enthusiastic players. There are hours of gaming fun for everyone (even without an actual screen!).


10. Peppa Pig

The most adorable pig there ever was, Peppa Pig continues to be the star of many kids’ parties. But be careful with your cake decorating, you don’t want to replicate any of these Peppa Pig baking fails!

peppa pig kids party theme idea

11. Forest woodlands

A popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts, whimsical forest critters and forest themes keep the magic of imagination alive with the young party-goers (and wannabe lumberjacks).

woodlands party theme

12. Doughnuts

Nothing says a party is going to be a whole hole lot of fun quite like a doughnut shindig!

doughnut theme party

13. Llamas

Move over unicorn, there’s a new guy in town! Llamas are seemingly taking over where unicorns left off from buttercream covered cakes to pillows!

llama kids party theme

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