15 Signs of Spirits: Are Spirits in Your Home and Trying to Connect with You? Maybe!


Could there really be a ghost living in your house? Or could someone you know who has passed away be trying to connect with you? It’s a possibility. Paranormal experts have addressed some of the signs of spirits in your home or nearby as well as signs that they are trying to connect with you.

Everyone has their own opinions about spirits, ghosts and paranormal activity. Some people fully and completely believe. Some people are 100% certain it’s all bullcr*p and many are on the fence. Even if you don’t believe in spirits at all, it’s interesting to know the signs, you know, just in case.

Signs of spirits near you

1. A weird sensation 

If you’ve ever experienced a weird, out-of-nowhere sensation, it could be a spirit trying to touch you. This weird feeling could be a tickle on your arm, a light pressure on your face or even a slight pain in your foot.

2. Shadows in the corner of your eyes 

Many people describe it as almost like a black mist rising out of the corner of their eye. But, of course, when you turn to look, nothing’s there.

video ghost baby monitor cot - signs of spirits
Parents have shared an image of what they believe is a ghost in their baby’s room. Full story here.

3. Mouldy pictures

You may notice that photos on your wall develop a sort of mist or mould on the picture. This is meant to signify a spiritual presence but only if the picture is of someone who is deceased.

4. Orb-like structure in photos

Speaking of photographs, you may also notice some photos have a weird orb-like light in the background. This could be a focus thing or even a dirty lens, but experts think it’s actually a spirit caught on camera.

5. Finding a feather

This is considered a sign from above and usually a sign that someone you love is letting you know they are there and watching you. White feathers, especially, are associated with guardian angels.

6. Butterflies fluttering by 

Another common symbol associated with spirits, butterflies fluttering by and around you are said to be a symbol of a visit from a loved one.

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7. Dog biting the air 

Have you ever seen your dog attempt to bite an imaginary fly or attack the air? Weird, right? But this could be an energetic being that a human cannot see. But… it also could be a sign of a focal seizure depending on who you ask.

Pets, however, can often display other signs that something is out there, such as staring at a wall or refusing to go into a certain area of your house. But, sometimes this is just because pets are odd, not because of a ghost.

8. Finding coins 

It could just be luck, but paranormal experts believe that coins also play an important role in communication for spirits and finding random coins are a sign of spirits and proof that your loved ones are near.

9. A friendly visit from a bird

Birds are meant to be messengers of the Spirit realm. Kookaburras, for example, are meant to signify a change is coming and not to resist it. Magpies are said to be grandfather figures attempting to watch over us. Red Cardinals are also meant to symbolise a loved one but these are very rare in Australia.

kookaburra - signs of spirits in your home
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10. A feeling someone is watching you

Creepy yes, but also a sign that a spirit is present.

11. Strange smells

There could be plenty of reasons why you get a whiff of rotten eggs or someone’s perfume at random times of the day but it can also be an indication of a ghost, according to paranormal experts. The Conjuring features this concept a lot as the family often complains of a rotten meat smell in their home.

12. Flicking lights 

People who believe in the paranormal often cite electricity as a means for ghosts to communicate, and lights that turn off and on seemingly of their own accord are worth paying attention to.

13. A sudden drop in temperature

This is another common thing in ghost movies but according to experts, it has merit. Sudden drops in temperature – we’re talking like 20 degrees here – could mean there’s a ghost nearby.

14. Objects going missing

Can’t recall where you put your glasses? You could have baby brain or you could have a ghost who is playing games with you.

15. Devices keep turning on (and then running out of battery really quickly). 

And not just because you’ve got the notifications set to alert you anytime someone sends you a snap. Experts believe ghosts try to communicate with you through physical electronics or batteries which is why your electronics might get a weird zap of energy, suddenly turn off or on.

Even your remote control running out of batteries after you’ve just put new ones in could be a sign of a ghost. Or a sign that you replaced the batteries with old batteries that already didn’t work.

So, what do you think? Could you potentially have a ghost or spirit in your house or trying to connect with you?

If you are looking to clear the energy in your home, either from potential spirits or simply from negative energy, check out how to smudge your house. 

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