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Two-Year-Old Shocks Mum with Claims He Died in a Fire Decades Ago

When Luke Ruehlman was just two years old, he began talking to his mum about a woman named “Pam”. Luke’s mum, Erika, didn’t know anyone named Pam and she didn’t think her toddler did either. 

When she asked him who this Pam person was, he said, “Well, I was”. 

The toddler then elaborated, explaining to his mum, 

‘Well, I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven.  I saw God and then eventually, God pushed me back down and I was a baby and you named me Luke’.” 

Now, hearing this come out of your two-year-old mouth would be shocking enough. But, you know, kids say the darndest things so Erika didn’t really think much of it at first. 

However, Luke continued to bring Pam up.

Died in a fire

He was even able to explain how he/Pam had died.

She had died in a fire at Chicago’s Paxton Hotel. He recalled jumping from a burning building before he was “reincarnated”. 

When Luke was five years old, Erika decided to do some research about where Luke was getting this all from. Luke could still recall events from his life as Pam. He remembered certain earrings that he wore and that he had black hair when he was a girl.

Creepy stuff, right? 

But wait, there’s more to come.

Striking similarities 

When Erika started to research the Chicago Paxton Hotel fire, which happened in 1993, she discovered that a woman named Pam Robinson was one of the 19 people killed in the hotel fire. This was almost 30 years ago now. 

Erika then reached out to Pam’s family and discovered that Pam and her son shared a lot of similarities. While they don’t look at all alike, they both shared a passion for playing the keyboard. Luke also loves Stevie Wonder, which is a bit strange for a 5-year-old boy. 

This happened a few years ago now, but it gained a lot of attention and inspired an investigation. One of the questions the investigators asked young Luke was to choose the correct photo of Pam out of a lineup.

He did so easily and on the first try. 

Luke died in a fire
The photo of Pam/Luke. Source: Fox2

According to his mum, he said, ‘Well I don’t recognise anybody. But, I remember when this one was taken’,”  the moment he pointed at the right image. 

Coincidence Or not? We’re really not too sure! 

Stranger than fiction

This isn’t the first creepy story of reincarnation we’ve shared. Last year a little girl confessed on TikTok that she had been alive before.

When two-year-old Ella discovered an old photo of two women in the living room, one she’d never seen before, she looked at one of the women in the picture and said “That me, that me.” 

video tiktok grandma - been alive before

The photo was of Ella’s great-grandma and great-great-grandma and Ella was convinced that she was the great-great-grandmother. She even correctly identified the younger woman in the photo, telling her mum, “This grandma and me.”

mum central

We’ve also got plenty of other stories of possible reincarnation if you’re into that sort of thing. Check out these strange things kids have said involving tales about invisible figures, reincarnation, and ghost stories. 

If you dare! 

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