Bluey Cake Roundup: 25 Amazing Cakes for Your Next Bluey Party!

Are your kids besotted with Bluey and you’re on the hunt for some Bluey cake inspiration for an upcoming birthday celebration? Never fear, we have ALL the Bluey birthday cake inspiration right here to ignite your cake creating creativity.

We asked our Mum Central readers to show us the Bluey cakes they’d made for their kids’ birthdays and you all certainly delivered! Cheese and crackers, we can’t get enough of your fabulous Bluey creations – FOR REAL LIFE!

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We LOVE how clever our Mum Central mums are at delivering the Bluey cake goods. You can go all out with a Bluey shaped cake, add Bluey character figurines, add edible icing images or even print Bluey off on paper, laminate and stick to the cake. You ladies ALWAYS find a way! Whackadoo!

1. Bluey under the rainbow

mum central
I have buttercream sharp edge envy! Source: Alisha Albiez

2. Bluey and Bingo lollipops

mum central
Perfectly matched lollipops for the win. Source: Aimee Grace Phillips

3. Behold epic icing skills!

Bluey cake
A dedicated, stunning icing job! Source: Fiona Louise

4. The whole Bluey gang!

mum central
An easy and super effective way to deliver a Bluey cake! Source: Fiona Ross

5. Bluey, macs and meringues, oh my!

mum central
The balloons have it! Source: Kristina Italiano

6. Bluey on a pink and purple delight!

Bluey cake
Donuts, sprinkles and Bluey – what more could you want!? Source: Lauren Grace

7. Cake topped with all things Bluey!

Bluey cake
A cake wrap and topper, genius. Source: Sarah McKirdy

8. Fondant and buttercream for the birthday cake win!

Bluey cake
Nailed the rectangle Bluey cake. Source: Kylie Mackay

9. Those little bones! CUTE!

Bluey cake
The sweetest looking sprinkles I ever did see. Source: Nicole Marks

10. The ears have it on this fondant-covered Bluey!

mum central
Excellent fondant effort, I see Bluey! Source: Melissa Grazules

11. Everyone on the cake!

Bluey cake
The whole family on the cake! Source: Samantha Locke

12. Let’s not forget the duck cake!

mum central
An ode to The Australian Women’s Weekly, Bluey style, behold the duck cake. Source: Letty de Kroon

13. A Bluey topper and glitter candle for the win

mum central
Sprinkles and glitter, YES MATE! Source: Jessica Amy Dolan

14. Palm trees and picket fences, so sweet!

Bluey cake
Home sweet home! Source: Dana Cole

15. Bluey and Bingo at the beach

mum central
Who wouldn’t want a sour strap beach towel? Source: Amanda Hinde

16. A rainbow twist, love!

mum central
A rainbow meets Bluey hybrid, we’re here for it. Source: Bethany Harvey

17. Chocolate fingers and biscuit crumb sand

mum central
Classic with a Bluey edge. Source: Hayley Frazzetto

18. A giant Bluey!

mum central
This whopper took some dedication – amazing! Source: Antoinetta Borg

19. Blue and green ombre icing, YUM

mum central
Such a pretty icing job, claps to you! Source: Denise Green

20. Holy deliciousness for Bluey fans

mum central
Macs, meringues, Bluey and Bingo. SO GOOD! Source: Hayley Mills

21. Pool floats and goggles!

mum central
LOVE the pool floats! Source: Alana Leigh-ann

22. Sweet not stingy bees

Bluey cake
Pool noodles and bees, what could go wrong? LOVE! Source: Joanne Bahr

23. Wibbly wobbly jelly waves

mum central
Tide is UP, guys! Source: Melissa Marek

24. Swing into birthday fun

mum central
Playground fun for your birthday. Source: Gemma Middleton

25. Have blue fondant, will Bluey!

mum central
Happy first birthday, Bluey style! Source: Erin Somner

And if you think you’ve seen ALL the Bluey cakes by now, good news folks – we HAVE MORE TO COME! Stay tuned for part two of our brilliant Bluey cake bonanza!

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