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Baby Monitor Records Falling Tree Almost Crushing Baby in Cot

Louisiana mum Courtney Buccholtz had just put her five-month-old son, Cannon down for the night. She switched on her Nanit baby monitor and went to relax in the living room with her hubby, Kale.

Two minutes later the parents heard a loud bang coming from Cannon’s room. At first, they thought lightning had struck the house but when they checked the baby monitor, they noticed a large amount of debris falling directly onto their baby.

As Cannon started to howl, the couple raced into his bedroom to discover a giant oak tree had crashed onto their roof, directly over Cannon’s cot.

mum central
The moment the tree nearly crushed Cannon was captured on their Nanit baby monitor Source: Facebook

Son nearly crushed by falling tree

The terrifying footage is all captured on Cannon’s baby monitor and it’s quite terrifying to watch! In the 40 second footage, you see little Cannon startled awake from the loud bags while debris falls on top of him. He then starts to scream.

Thankfully and incredibly, 5-month-old Cannon Buchholtz was not injured in the incident. Nothing heavier than the insulation had fallen onto Cannon, which Courtney attributed to her late son, who died in 2016 after being born prematurely.

I truly, truly believe that [Cannon’s] big brother was there protecting him and making sure that nothing was going to happen to him,” Buchholtz said.

aftermath of damage to nursery from falling tree
Cannon’s nursery after the incident. Scary! Source: Facebook

House is unliveable

Courtney shared pictures of the aftermath and holy heck, it’s pretty intense!

damage to roof from fallen tree
Take a look at the damage to the roof – holy moly! Source: Facebook
mum central
The giant oak tree that crushed the family’s home. Source: Facebook

Courtney writes on Facebook,

Running to get my baby under debris was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced. We are okay and safe at my cousin’s house. Our house, however, is unlivable right now. Trying to remember that all of our material things (once again) can be replaced.

Holding my sweet babe tight right now and counting my blessings.”x

Courtney and Kale are waiting for more information from their insurance company. In the meantime, the family is staying with relatives.

“We’ll take this mess any day, you know, as long as we’re all safe and healthy and no one was hurt in what happened.”

We’re just very blessed and very, very thankful.”

diameter of fallen tree
Take a look at the diameter of the fallen tree. WOW! Source: Facebook

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