30 Lessons in Love: A Mum’s Letter to her Young Boys

Dear Boys, because mummy loves you, I’m going to help you out with a few tips. Well, thirty actually. It’s not a complete list but it’s a good start. You can thank me later xx

  1. If she’s just broken up with her ex – stay away for a while. The rebound guy never wins.
  2. Be chivalrous
  3. If you ask her out – you pay… for everything.
  4. If you pick her up, go to the door and knock. Don’t sit in the car and beep.
  5. If you drop her off, walk her to the door or front gate. The same goes for when she leaves your place, walk her to the door or the front gate. It’s manners.
  6. If you love her – tell her. Many times and in many ways. There is no shame in love.
  7. If you love someone else – you shouldn’t be with her.
  8. If she lives at home, do not call after 9.30pm.
  9. If she’s studying–let her. Encourage her even. You may end up spending the rest of your life with her.
  10. No really does mean no. All the time. When she’s pissed. When you’re pissed. Even if your hand’s up her top. Or her bra’s undone. Or you’re half way through. You do not have the rights to her because she’s your girlfriend.
  11. If she wants to hang out with her girlfriends don’t whinge that she’d rather be with them than you. Be thankful that she has her own life and for the time you can hang out with your mates.
  12. Don’t be too eager. It’s gross.
  13. If you need to cry, that’s ok. Just don’t make it that ugly cry. That’s a huge turn off.
  14. Go clothes shopping with her. It’s more fun than you think.
  15. Don’t try to be one of the girls. Her friends will think it’s weird. And yuck.
  16. Don’t talk to her in a stupid baby voice.
  17. If you’re gonna have nicknames for each other, make them G rated. You’d be surprised just how easily they slip out at the worst possible times.
  18. Orgasms are a joint venture. You should be aiming for a win/win result.
  19. Brush your teeth.
  20. Don’t expect her to be responsible for contraception. Wear a condom. I’ll buy them for you if I have to. And don’t let me hear that you won’t because it doesn’t feel as good. Know what feels worse? Months WITHOUT having sex because of your BABY. Oh and herpes. If it’s not on, it’s not on.
  21. These girls are not options – your friend’s mum. Your friend’s daughter. Your cousin. Your teacher. The emo [too much baggage]. The goth [too black]. The gold digger. Your brother’s girlfriend. The one that’s rude to your mum.
  22. Hip Hop music is fun but it ain’t no way to treat yo woman… dawg
  23. Don’t fart in front of her. Or on top of her. Or in her face. Or in bed and then put the covers over her head.
  24. Don’t say anything if she accidentally farts in front of you. She’s probably DYING inside.
  25. Be respectful to her parents. Both of them. Whether they’re still together or not. And DO NOT swear in front of them.
  26. If you expect her to play some video game of mass destruction with you then she can expect you to watch a chick flick with her. Do not roll your eyes or sigh or say ‘as if’ or ‘gay’ or spoil it for her. Just hold her hand. It will earn you massive ‘love’ credits.
  27. If she’s silly enough to send you nude photos of herself, do not show them to your mates. Even after you’ve split up.
  28. Your erection is not her responsibility. Even if she’s responsible for it. Carry a spoon around in your back pocket if you can’t sort yourself out.
  29. When she says “It’s not you, it’s me”… agree and move on. She’s probably right.
  30. Do not get a tattoo of any girl’s name. Unless her name is ‘Mum’.
DISCLAIMER: where appropriate, please use ‘boy, ‘he’ and ‘him’ in place of ‘girl’, ‘she’ and ‘her’  😉
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