5 Easy Cocktail Recipes – ’tis the Season to be Jolly!

Hands up if you have loaded up the alcohol cupboard with ALL the liquors, mixers, shakers and strainers but have no real idea what you’re doing? SAME. Here are five super easy cocktail recipes to get your party rollin’ this festive season.

In the true spirit of Christmas, we’re keeping to really easy recipes. There’s no stirring anti-clockwise, shake 374 times or adding a match to light it up – nup, none of that. The focus here is shake, sip and slurp with only a handful of add-ins for maximum deliciousness.

Ahhhh Christmas, I can nearly taste it!

5 easy cocktail recipes to make this summer

1. 3-ingredient watermelon margarita

If it has fruit in it, it’s a health food right? If you can get your hands on cheap melons, this three-ingredient watermelon margarita is a cracker of an easy cocktail recipe – and one definitely worth trying.

The three ingredients you need? Watermelon (duh!), lime and tequila. Ok. Ice is a bonus. This cocktail is both icy and sweet, perfect for summer!

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easy cocktail recipes
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2. 3-ingredient piña colada

“If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain..” or you know, just like piña coladas… this is the recipe for you. Singing aside, this piña colada cocktail recipe really lets the pineapple sing and it isn’t sickly sweet or syrupy AT ALL.

What do you need? Frozen pineapple, rum and coconut milk. Even better, you can use bags of frozen pineapple from the supermarket for even more convenience. #yassssmate

easy cocktail recipes
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

3. Espresso martini

A firm favourite on the cocktail menu, this espresso martini couldn’t be easier to make. And if you have a coffee machine, takes practically zero time to get those espresso shots sorted!

All you need is espresso coffee, vodka and Kahlua. Whack that in a glass in roughly even measure and you are ready to serve.

easy cocktail recipes
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

4. Moscow mule

With just the right amount of refreshing spice, a Moscow mule is perfect for lovers of ginger and a zing of fresh lime.  That’s really all it is – vodka, ginger beer and lime. A ridiculously easy cocktail to make (even after sampling many others), simply add a sprig of fresh mint for the ultimate fancy-pants finish.

easy cocktail recipes
Photo: Cupcakes and Cutlery

5. Salted caramel mudslide

Fetch your best caramel topping from the fridge (hello, Hershey’s!) and get ready to swish two of your finest glasses with this brilliant salted caramel mudslide recipe. All you need to add is Irish cream, coffee liqueur and vodka. Be warned, this is a strong one.

easy cocktail recipes
Photo: Miss In The Kitchen

And if it’s a creamy, sweet nightcap you’re after (and jolly ol’ Saint Nicholas, who isn’t?), don’t forget the Cadbury’s Caramilk chocolate martini to add to your boozy repertoire. Yum! And when hosting a few cocktail-happy friends, don’t forget the nibbles and dip!

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