50 Adorable Baby Names for the Next Generation of Trendsetting Tots

Ace. Maverick. Ryker. Scout. Sure, these names have hipster cool written all over them. But, alas, they are soooo last year.

As we cruise towards 2018, a whole new wave of edgy baby names are making their marks in playgrounds around the globe.

Seriously, these 50 names are the coolest of the cool when it comes to cool baby names. And it’s not just us who think so.

All of these names are shimmying up the baby name trend charts around the world, jumping anywhere from 300 to 2000 spots in popularity.

Join us as we count down the next generation of cool baby names that are too cute (and a tad crazy) not to share (and possibly select for your newest addition).

The girls’ names that are making waves

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Analia – It’s like Anna. And Lia. In one. It’s a baby name word fusion winner!

Adilynn – Adelaide paved the way for vintage chic names last year. But this year it’s all about Adilynn.

Adaline – Not to be confused with Adaline, also vintage, also chic, also rising up the charts.

Ariyah – We love a name with heaps of cute nicknames. Like Ari. Or Riya. Or just Yah.

Alaia – Another A to add to the list? Alaia, which means “joyful or happy”.

Adley – Hadley won the baby name wars last year. This year we’ve ditched the H and gone with Adley instead.

Amaris – Quirky, cute and cool as can be, Amaris has “next generation Regina George” written all over it.

Aislinn – This Irish baby name means “dream or vision” and is pronounced “Ash-Lynn”.  Or, “Ass-Lynn”, if you prefer…

Aitana – Another tricky name to pronounce (it’s I-Tana, if you’re wondering), the moniker means “highest honour”.

Briar – Which Disney princess will rise this year? Sorry Moana and Elsa, you’re out. It’s all about Sleeping Beauty.

Carter – Carter’s always been a popular choice for the little men, but it’s slowly creeping up the female baby name chart too.

Karter – And if, for some reason, you don’t like the letter “C”, you can always go with Karter, especially popular with uber-hipsters. And Kardashians.

Dalary – Sure, it might sound a little too similar to “salary”, but hey, at least it’s unique.

Kalani – Kalani’s got that whole “tropical cool” to it. Plus, it means “the heavens”, perfect for your little angel.

Milani – Oh look. Another ‘ani’ name. I think I see a trend.

Meilani – Add another “e” and you’ve got another winning name.

Jessa – The ’80s called. They want their top baby name (Jessica) back. Next gen babies get Jessa instead, which is actually much cuter.

Lennox – Rock star cool lives on.

Heavenly – Well, you have to give the name credit for being angelic. And it’s a nod to Michael Hutchence’s daughter (well one of her 15 names, at least).

Taya – Taya is actually a Japanese name, meaning “young” and follows the “ya” trend. Taya, Maya, Kaya, Arya… it’s like the whole Ashley/Ashlee/Ashleigh surplus for the next generation. Rise of the YAs.

Thea – When vintage and hipster decide to procreate…

Royal – I’m blaming celebrities and their love of regal baby names for this name’s popularity. But, alas, Royal is actually banned as a baby name in Australia. Shucks.

Zahra – Bold and beautiful, Zahra also means “brilliant or bright”.

Zelda – Magical and mysterious, the name Zelda is a charming choice, especially for fans of video games. Oh and witchcraft.

Zaylee – I have to admit, I LURVE names with that Z-factor. Zaylee is a huge YES in my eyes.

Bring on the edgy boys’ names!

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Achilles – Naming your baby after a Greek hero is always a good choice, even if he was an arrogant, selfish jerk. Let’s face it – most Greek heroes were. Though Brad Pitt played Achilles at one stage, so that’s a plus.

Baylor – Another word fusion winner – Baylor is a cute combo of Bailey and Saylor.

Brixton – Want to name your bub after a ton of bricks? Look no further.

Canaan – A name with biblical connotations, Canaan is a cute alternative to Cane. And, bonus, in the Bible, Canaan didn’t murder his brother, like Cane did.

Cairo – Looking to name your baby after a city? Why not Cairo? It comes with that international flair.

Denver – Cairo too Egyptian for you? What about something more American? Like Denver.

Otis – Sorry Milo.

Ignacio – Cute, quirky and unique – little Iggy ticks all the baby name boxes.

Kaison – Kaison is another unique choice, and definitely has that edginess to it.

Killian – For parents who want to include both “killing” and “villain” in their infant’s name.

Kyrie – Kyrie means “Lord, have Mercy”. So if you’re religious, it’s the perfect fit. Or, if you happen to be a huge fan of Uncle Jesse from Full House

Jaziel – Another less traditional religious moniker, Jaziel means “chosen by God”.

Kashton – It’s the Kardashian version of Ashton.

Dash – Not a fan of Kash? What about Dash, which is also speeding up the charts.

Haiden – First then was Aiden. Then Jaiden. And Kaiden. Now Haiden. I’m calling it. Next year it’s gonna be Zaiden.

Huxley – Book lovers will appreciate Huxley, which is a nod to Brave New World writer, Aldous Huxley.

Jabari – Names with the ending “ani” dominated the girls’ list. But for the boys, it’s all about the “ari”. Like Jabari.

Omari – And don’t forget Omari.

Matteo – When Matthew meets Theo.

Ridge – It’s a long narrow hill top. Nope. Not anymore. Now it’s a name.

Riaan – Love your vowels? You can’t go wrong with Riaan then, which means “little king” and is the hipster way of spelling Ryan, apparently.

Titan – For the future warriors out there.

Wilder – The perfect choice for your free-spirited little spark plug.

Yahya – Yahya? Yeah…nah. Those damned “ya” names are even creeping into the boys’ lists.

 Zayn – You have to admit, it’s the best name from the panel of One Direction boys.

So there you go… the names to watch out for come 2018. Which ones, if any, would you add to your list? If you’re on the hunt for the perfect name, make sure you check out the baby name trends from this year too.

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