How to Score 50 Cent Big Macs to Celebrate Maccas Turning 50

Okay, so I know they aren’t the healthiest burger on the market, but you can’t deny that Big Macs are pretty bloody good. The special sauce, the mayo-coated lettuce, the double burger patty.

I know, I know. Step away from the Big Mac and move towards the carrots…

But, you know what? For one day, it’s not gonna hurt. And for one day, you can get your hands on a Big Mac for just 50 cents. I mean, for this price, it would be RUDE not to!

Happy birthday! Have a 50 cent Big Mac

That’s right peeps, Maccas is offering 50 cent Big Macs for one day only – Friday 18 June 2021, and through the MyMaccas App. It’s all part of their 50th birthday celebrations. Yup. Macca’s has been an Australian staple for 5-0 years. And we are OLD.

mum central
Maccas circa 1993. Source: Supplied.

McDonald’s was a pretty big part of my childhood. We had a few birthday parties in their party rooms, with the creepy Hamburgler watching us from the walls.

I had ALL the Maccas’ Happy Meals’ collectables and I remember when they first brought out the McFlurry, they were actual heaven on earth.

50 cent big mac
That wallpaper though… Source: Supplied

Since then a lot has changed but Maccas remains a family favourite for an occasional treat or lunch out. Not always. But sometimes.

In addition to 50 cent Big Macs tomorrow (Friday 18 June), Macca’s will also have heaps of other never-before-seen promos, menu items and unique collaborations. It all starts tomorrow and runs until the end of August.

Big Mac 50 cents birthday
Take. Me. Back to $3.95 Value Meals! Source: Supplied

Some fun Maccas’ numbers:

  • 1.9 billion – the number of cheeseburgers Macca’s has sold over the past 50 years. Big Macs sit at 1.1 billion and fries are at 1.4 billion
  • 15,000 – the number of Australian farmers Macca’s sources from. 
  • 700,000 – the number of birthday parties Maccas has hosted. Oh good, so it wasn’t just my lazy parents that would ship us to Macca’s every birthday.

How to score your 50 cent Big Mac

  • You’ll need to download the MyMaccas app.
  • On 18 June 2021, the 50 cent Big Macs will appear on the main menu.
  • Simply click on it, follow the prompts and enjoy!

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