Mum’s DIY Happy Meal – the Ultimate Takeaway Hack for Kids!

The ultimate mum hack – the fakeaway takeaway Happy Meal. Happy kids, happy mum, EVEN HAPPIER BUDGET.

One of my favourite places to hang out on Facebook is in the Budget Friendly Meals Australia group. The people there are just so darn clever. Take this mum, Elly, for example. The kids wanted McDonald’s Happy Meals and rather than disappoint the kids, Elly struck gold with her EXTREME value for money DIY Happy Meal set up.

$10 for MULTIPLE Happy Meals – we’re McLovin’ it!

Elly posted these photos to the Facebook group, captioned with “Fakeaway Maccas for my kids for lunch 😍. Around $10 and I’ll get multiple “happy meals” outta it. Instead of 2 from Maccas for the same price.” Yesssssss Queen. WE LOVE A THRIFTY TAKEAWAY HACK!

Happy Meal hack
Vanilla yoghurt pouches – GENIUS! Source: Elly Mae
Happy Meal hack
Would you like fries with that? OF COURSE. Source: Elly Mae

For the record, it looks like Elly is a keen Woolworths shopper. Woolworths French Fries retail for $1.89 a kilogram bag, Woolworths Chicken Nuggets, just $2.90 for a 500g bag, Woolworths Vanilla Yoghurt, $3.50 per kilogram tub and Woolworths Apple Juice – $2 for 2 litres. TOTAL: $10.29 SCORE! McDonald’s Happy Meals retail between $4.10 and $8 each so that’s quite the smug saving!

Happy Meal hack
$2 Apple Juice for a hydration win! Source: Elly Mae
Happy Meal hack
#nuglife Source: Elly Mae

I also love that Elly goes the extra mile with her DIY Happy Meal packaging. Refilled yoghurt pouches, Pop Top drink bottles and small paper bags formed from baking paper yet secured in a zip-lock bag – all packed in a McDonalds Happy Meal box. GENIUS.

Happy Meal hack
*BOOM* Happy Meals delivered, kids! Source: Elly Mae

We love your work Elly and I’m sure the kids do too! We’re willing to bet your Happy Meals taste even better than those from the golden arches!

What’s your best fakeaway takeaway hack? We’d love to hear it!

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