50 Easy Ways to Use Up Leftover Christmas Ham

Feel like you’ve been eating the Christmas ham FOREVER? Lacklustre leftovers no more – here’s 50 ways you can transform the last of it into something delicious.

I adore eating delicious Christmas ham but there comes a point where it’s just too much to pick at any more. Strip the bone of the meat and get busy on one, two or 50 of these leftover ham ideas.

And if after all that you STILL have leftover ham (how even?), shred it and put it in the freezer to think about later. Much later, like at Easter.

50 smart ways to use leftover ham

1. Pretend bacon

2. Toasted sandwiches

3. Fried Rice

4. Mac and cheese with ham

5. Chicken cordon bleu

6. Pizza (Hawaiian! Meat lovers! Supreme!)

7. Potato salad (with ham!)

8. Zucchini slice

9. Ham and cheese quesadilla

10. Stuffed potatoes

Fried rice recipe

11. Hawaiian pinwheels

12. Fried ham steaks with pineapple

13. Green eggs and ham

14. Creamy parmesan pea and ham pasta

15. Ham and broccoli pasta

16. Spaghetti bolognese

17. Baked beans

18. Omelette

19. Stromboli

20. Zucchini and ham muffins

Easy omelette recipe

21. Potato bake

22. Pie maker ham and egg pies

23. Ham, cheese and potato frittata

24. Ham and leek pasta

25. Pasta salad with peas and ham

26. Ham croquettes

27. Eggs, ham and hollandaise on toast

28. Ham and potato soup

29. Quiche

30. Rice paper ham and salad cold rolls

Quiche recipe

31. Sushi

32. Sandwiches (ALL THE SANDWICHES)

33. Ham and salad wraps

34. Ham salad

35. Hot ham and cheese rolls

36. Savoury zucchini and ham muffins

37. Ploughman’s lunch

38. Chicken parmigiana

39. Nasi goreng

40. Caesar salad

Savoury ham and zucchini muffins

41. Ham and Swiss cheese croissants

42. Ham and vegetable risotto

43. Zucchini, corn and ham fritters

44. Pea and ham soup

45. Ham and egg breakfast cups

46. Hawaiian bread sticks

47. Baked ham and asparagus

48. Overnight eggs Benedict casserole

49. Ham and cheese tortellini

50. Ham and mushroom vol-au-vents

ham and mushroom vol-au-vents

May all of your leftover ham cuisine dreams come true! Have a fridge full of Christmas day remnants to deal with? Check out our 9 clever ways to serve leftovers.

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