How Cute, Clever and Easy is this Baby Milestone Photo Idea?


Forget the milestone cards!

The Kmart DIY letter board is all you need to showcase your baby’s monthly progress and keep track of just how much she’s grown.

Adelaide mum Alison Hall shared her 12-month photo series of her bundle of sweetness – Elsie Kate on popular Facebook page, Kmart Mums Australia. And we are just lapping up the absolute adorableness of it!

In every photo, Elsie poses for the camera beside the $12 Kmart DIY Letter Board. She uses the same background for every pic, but Elsie dons a different outfit. Swaddle, onesies, rompers, dresses – Elsie wears them all!

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Look at Your Grow! 

Every month Alison changed the message on the board to showcase her daughter’s age and monthly progress. She includes things like her likes, dislikes, weight and height as well as what milestones she’s mastered in the past month.

It’s incredible to see just how much she’s grown in 12 short months! From a squishy newborn to a cheeky toddler, Elsie Kate is a picture of sweetness at every age and stage.

And the DIY Kmart Board makes the perfect size tracker!

Kmart letter board baby milestone photo idea

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baby milestone photo ideas

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What we especially love about this clever idea is how easy it is to perfect! Even for people who have very little photographic experience, like myself. And it’s not just us who love it. The post has received hundreds of comments, thousands of likes and heaps of praise.

Alison tells Mum Central, “Oh my God I’m so overwhelmed by the response on FB,” and shares an awesome little tip for any of us mums planning to do something similar:

“Prep the board before going in so you don’t have to do much once bub is born.”

A massive thank you to Alison for letting us share her next level Kmart hack (and her sweet little girl). As a mum expecting a newborn ANY DAY now, this is definitely on my list of things to do during that first year.

Is There Anything the DIY Letter Board Doesn’t Do? 

How else are mums using the DIY letter board? This product is one of my all time favourite Kmart buys. From adding an extra element of surprise to a birthday gift or Mother’s Day present to displaying a special Christmas message, the DIY letter board does it all.

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