6 Cool Construction Cakes Your Kids Will Love!

Is your little (or big one) dump truck and excavator MAD? Have they requested a construction cake for their birthday? We hear you! Check out these fantastic construction cakes for kids, PLUS find out how you can turn any cake into a construction site.

We recently asked our Facebook community to show us your birthday cakes, and you all certainly delivered – what a brilliantly talented bunch of birthday cake enthusiasts you are!

want to be inspired before your next construction-themed party? Scroll down below to see a handful of construction cakes we’re showing off.

Construction cakes are a smash hit!

If there’s one thing kids love, either for a short time or a long time, it’s construction. The noise, the trucks, the dirt – they love the rowdiness. We’ve plucked our favourite construction cakes from the mix to inspire anyone to have a go at creating their own. We also have some super clever hints and tips to help out!

6 cool construction cakes every kid will love

1. The Costco cake hack win

Who doesn’t LOVE the convenience of a Costco (or any supermarket) slab cake when feeding a crowd? Diggers and Malteaser quickly create boulders are aplenty!

construction cakes
Work smarter, not harder in the cake department! Source: Emma Smith

2. Tonka truck turns to construction cake

At first glance, I thought this clever mum had actually filled a Tonka toy truck with cupcakes (which is a delicious and clever load) but upon closer inspection, this truck IS ACTUALLY CAKE. Consider my mind blown.

construction cakes
Cake-carrying cake! Source: Gabbi Williams

3. Construction cakes get cute!

I love that sneaky crane hook lifting that letter E, so clever. Happy birthday Eden!

construction cakes
When excavation gets CUTE. Source: Lily Matas

4. Construction cake with unearthed Smarties

The ultimate treasure to dig up, Smarties! The smarties give a nice pop of colour to Matty’s sweet second birthday construction cake, LOVE!

construction cakes
Coloured Smartie rubble and treasure – I’m here for it! Source: Sarah Lill

5. Danger: Exit this way!

A construction cake with an entry and exit ramp – safety first!

construction cakes
It’s all hands on deck with this birthday cake! Source: Misst Wheelhouse

6. The coolest number cake ever

This mum met her son’s brief of a “chocolate cake with sprinkles” and put a superbly clever construction theme spin on it. An INVERTED number cake, if you will. So cool!

construction cake
A dug-out number 3 cake – so cool! Source: Laura Versace-Shields

Construction cake hints and tips

  • Don’t be afraid to rough up your cake – after all, half the fun of this theme is about the mess. If a third of the cake gets left behind in the tin, don’t worry about it, it hits the brief! Just make a pile of cake-crumb dirt. Voila!
  • Stores like Big W, Kmart, Target and discount stores almost always have little tip trucks and excavation vehicles in their toy section. They’re perfect for turning any cake into an instant construction cake. This 5-pack Construction Vehicles Set (RRP$5.50) from Kmart is a steal.
  • Hit up the confectionery aisle for construction-like edible accessories.
  • If you’re making a layered cake you could do layers of chocolate mud cake sandwiched with yellow-coloured buttercream icing to be on a classic construction tape theme.
  • Really low on time? Print some construction vehicles onto stiff paper or card using your home printer, cut them out and tape a skewer to the back of them to poke into your cake. The easiest of DIY cake toppers to get you out of a bind.

There you have it, five cool construction cakes for any wannabe builder or digger driver. Do you have any construction cake tips or tricks to add? Drop them below, we’d love to hear them and add them to the list!

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