CAKE HACK: Mum Creates Epic KFC Cake and Pepsi Pinata!


Prepare to have your mind blown folks, this is KFC and a Pepsi side like you’ve never seen it – it’s the ultimate cake hack!

This self-taught cake decorator has taken cake hacks to a whole new finger-licking-good level. She created this deceiving dinner meal which is actually a cake for her KFC-loving husband’s 40th birthday.

There’s chocolate moulding, pinata making, cake shaped to look like our fave KFC Hot and Spicy drumsticks – the LOT. And no baking. Nada.

Guys, I’m calling it. I’m bowing down and waving my party hat at this talented mum!

The KFC cake hack to end all cake hacks!

First things first. You’re going to need cake. And a fair bit of it for this epic cake hack. Elle’s finished cake took six supermarket mudcakes in total. It’s money well spent because let’s face it, no one really has the time to bake six mud cakes, least of all Elle. She fit the cake creation in around work and family life, staying up until after 1am to get it done!

How to make a KFC bucket..

Elle says she created the KFC bucket by moulding chocolate around the inside of a (clean) KFC bucket. The white chocolate was coloured red (which can be tricky, Elle recommends you check out this colouring technique) and smoothed out to cover the bucket lining. Once set, Elle carefully ripped the paper away.

As for the colonel Sanders details? Elle says:

I printed the colonel Sanders off the computer and covered it both sides in clear contact then using icing I stuck it to the cake (hopefully I remember to remove it before consuming)

Genius. And SO EASY.

mum central
Carefully stack store-bought mudcakes inside and top with icing. Source: Supplied

So that’s the chicken bucket shape done. Next, Elle used four chocolate mudcakes to fill the chocolate bucket up to create the bulk of the cake.

I preferred doing it this way because I didn’t have to cut or shape the cake just simply plop them in and fill gaps with icing. I’m not good at cutting even or level so I’d rather not even stress myself with it at all!

Which makes sense. Who’s going to know? NO ONE.

Chicken pieces, coming right up

It’s one thing to have a bucket, it’s another to have the chicken. The KFC pieces are made much like a cake pop. Elle used two crumbled caramel mudcakes and shaped the mixture into chicken drumsticks. Blitz the entire cakes in a food processor to crumbs and get shaping!

KFC cake hack
Crumbled caramel mudcake shaped into drumsticks, OF COURSE. Source: Supplied

Then they were coated in crushed Kellog’s Cornflakes cereal to get that signature KFC look.

TIP: Elle says she had a bit of trouble getting her cereal crumbs to stick to the cake drumsticks. Making a really thin icing mixture (just icing sugar and water) made for a fantastic glue. Brush the icing on, then crumb. YUM.

KFC cake hack
Cake drumsticks covered in Cornflake crumbs. Deeeeelicious. Source: Supplied.

Once everything has set, gently pile them in place on top of the cake. You can use skewers or toothpicks to help anchor them too!

mum central
It’s a chicken cake Jenga. Place the chicken on top, use skewers to stick them to the cake! Source: Supplied

And I’ll have a Pepsi too, thanks…

As if the cake hack itself weren’t epic enough, Elle SMASHED IT OUT OF THE PARK with a chocolate pinata Pepsi bottle.

Elle says she made the Pepsi bottle with melted dark chocolate inside a plastic Pepsi bottle (cut in half). To ensure it didn’t break, she did three layers of chocolate, using a block for each layer.

KFC cake hack
Use a Pepsi bottle cut in half for moulds. Source: Supplied

Once set, cut away the plastic, fill with lollies, seal the two halves together with a little melted chocolate and whack the label back on. Presto, Pepsi pinata!

mum central
Fill the two halves with lollies! Source: Supplied

When it’s time to smash it, remove the label and place it in a plastic container to catch the Pepsi pinata loot!

mum central
Use a plastic container (no one wants a shattered plate!) to whack open the Pepsi pinata! Source: Supplied


Of the final cake, Elle commented on her Facebook post:

So happy with the result! This is an epic cake!! I can’t wait to show hubby at his party today!!

mum central
The cake hack master delivers a KFC bucket and Pepsi side to the birthday party! Source: Supplied

Elle, you’re an absolute SUPERSTAR! Who else is going to give Elle’s cake hack a go? My teenager LOVES the crunchy chicken, I think I might have to have a go myself for his birthday. Wish me luck!

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