7 Easy & Nutritious Kids’ Breakfast Ideas

Why does the meal that’s touted as the “most important meal of the day” have to be such a morning bug-bear? Skip the sugar-laden cereal, here are 7 easy and healthy kids’ breakfast ideas!

It’s a tough gig getting kids to eat something new or different. No matter our age, we all eat with our eyes first. Therefore, to sell it (and convince them to eat it) breakfast for kids has to look… well, good enough to eat.

Here’s a bunch of easy and nutritious kids’ breakfast ideas – one for every day of the week!

1. Kids breakfast smoothie

If you have an anti-chewer in the morning or a kid who just can’t sit still to eat, a smoothie is the way to go. It’s also an awesomely quick brekkie to enjoy on the run, so there’s no excuse not to fuel the body up in the morning! The greenie smoothie sneaks a little extra veg in too!

kids breakfast smoothie, child drinking

2. Porridge and overnight oats

Choose a prepare-in-advance vanilla overnight oats bowl or this rather scrummy bunny porridge. Either way, oats for breakfast is an excellent choice. Add dates, fresh fruit and nuts to fill bodies up, fuelling them ’til lunchtime!

kids breakfast oats

3. Breakfast popsicles

A great one for those lucky enough to be living in warm weather areas all year round, breakfast pops are a breakfast winner! An iceblock mould, yoghurt and your kids’ favourite fruit are all you need to start cranking these gems out!

breakfast pops, kids breakfast

4. Savoury vegetable muffins

If you need a kids’ breakfast which transports well, savoury vegetable muffins could be the answer. They’re delicious for breakfast or lunch AND they freeze well. A great source of veggies (use up the week’s odds and ends), they’re tasty both warm and cold.

savoury muffins, kids hand, kids breakfast

5. Wise owl toasted muffins

Bonus points for amazing presentation, the fuss is all in getting the toasting level just right on this one. For a protein-packed and cute-to-boot kids breakfast, create epic owl wholemeal muffins. Muffins, a natural peanut butter, fruit and you’ve got yourself (and the kids!) an easy and nutritious breakfast.

cute owl toast, kids breakfast

6. Egg-in-a-hole

Is this dish of my youth no longer called toad in a hole? An easy breakfast for any day of the week, bacon, cheese and egg make this protein-packed brekkie a hit. Choose a wholegrain bread for a further nutritional boost, taking this egg-filled toast to the next level of YUM.

kids breakfast, egg and toast

7. Banana oat pikelets

Banana oat pikelets are spectacular as a kids’ breakfast idea AND for snacks (so make sure you make extra!). Just like a pancake, only with added oats and protein-rich banana, this mix also makes a pretty delicious waffle if you have a waffle press.

pikelets, kids breakfast

Of course, if it’s a fussy eater you have, something is always better than nothing when it comes to eating breakfast. If all you can get into them is a banana, then so be it. Try again tomorrow! #pickyourbattles

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