FREE ‘Cool Kids Taking Control Program’ Helping Families Take a Stand Against Bullying

If your child is being bullied at school, help is at hand. This FREE online program could be perfect for you. It provides ALL the tools you (and your kid) need!

When your child is the victim of bullying the hurt doesn’t stop with them, it can really fracture the family unit.

Cool Kids – Taking Control is a FREE program to help kids who are being bullied AND their families. This amazing online course is designed to help children, providing strategies to manage that all crippling, bullying-related anxiety.

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Who is this awesome program for?

There are some prerequisites for this particular program. However, if your child meets the following criteria, you’re in with a good chance to participate. The study is looking for children:

  • aged between 7 and 11 years of age
  • who are being bullied by other children at school AND anxiety is significantly affecting their daily life
  • that are not accessing other psychological treatment (except stable medication)
  • who are proficient in English

To make sure the fit is right, there’s an initial assessment to undertake. It determines if the program is likely to be suitable and beneficial for each child.

Note: The program is not suitable for children who are autistic or suffer with autism-related disorders, significant unmanaged behavioural issues, unmanaged psychotic symptoms or are considered at risk.

So what exactly is Cool Kids – Taking Control?

Cool Kids – Taking Control is an online self-help program! It’s designed to help children aged between 7 and 11 years-old who have been targets of bullying and as a result, have high levels of anxiety. An Australian-wide study, the program is based on the well known Cool Kids anxiety program developed at Macquarie University in Sydney. Therefore you can rest assured they know their stuff!

This study, funded by the Rotary Health grant, is currently recruiting around 150 children across Australia and their parents (or parent) to take part.

What’s the program all about?

Parents can work through the Cool Kids – Taking Control program with their child from the safety and comfort of home.

The program teaches children tools to manage their worries, gain confidence, and learn how to cope with bullying, as well as respond to bullies. Plus, the program aims to boost kids’ assertiveness and confidence, giving them back their self-esteem and can-do attitude. Cool Kids – Taking Control teaches kids:

  • about bullying and anxiety
  • how to be confident in social situations
  • how to better manage their fears
  • helpful ways to act if they are bullied
  • how to cope with bullying

Remember, we as parents are our kids’ best cheerleaders AND coaches! In other words, we really are all in this together. Parents will learn strategies to help support and encourage children in managing anxiety and working through bullying.

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A course delivered all online!

All hail the beauty of the world wide web! Cool Kids – Taking Control is accessed from your own home, via the internet. So there’s no visiting a stranger in a clinical office or any of that malarky. Through the interactive 10-week program, families are offered the opportunity to engage in discussion, games and role-play to demonstrate the new skills as they learn them.

Support is at hand for YOU, the parents

Additionally, participating families receive a brief weekly phone call from an appointed therapist. The weekly call assists in understanding program content, supporting families in problem-solving and answering any niggling questions related to the course. It’s an outstanding source of help to have at hand!

What does Cool Kids – Taking Control cost?

In a roundabout fashion, it ends up being FREE.

There is an initial fee of $100 for your child’s assessment and treatment in the Cool Kids – Taking Control study (which would typically cost $290 or more for an initial clinical assessment), so that’s quite the saving. Upon completion of the final assessment, you’ll receive $100 as a thank you for participating in the Cool Kids – Taking Control program. See, practically free!

How do I join up?

Are you keen to take advantage of this opportunity and give your child all the skills they need to cope with bullying and anxiety? To have your child assessed for the Cool Kids – Taking Control study, complete the online registration form. The good folks at Cool Kids Taking Control will contact you to set up an assessment, easy!

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