7 Novelty Kmart Kitchen Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

If you’re in the market for some kitchen fun over the silly season. Kmart are delivering ALL the kitchen goods this year guys. I mean, ALL. THE. GOODS. There’s a whole lot of novelty fun to be had with these Kmart kitchen appliances!

OK, sure – they lean more to the ‘novelty’ side than the “must-have” (hello pie maker, air fryer and sandwich maker), but at Kmart’s super low price point, it has us all wondering how we can possibly go on into 2020 without a churros maker.

So without further ado, let’s take a squiz at what Kmart kitchen appliances are on offer, what’s inevitably going to end up in your trolley and what you absolutely will (or won’t) use more than a handful of times before shoving it to the back of a very dark kitchen cupboard.

1. Kmart Frozen Drink Maker

Price: $40
Good for: Easy-peasy ice-based drinks and sneaky margaritas.

Remember the awesomeness of snow cones and slushies as a kid?  The fact that Kmart themselves use the two words margaritas and daiquiris in the Frozen Drink Maker product description, has me yelling SOLD! #shutupandtakemymoney

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Frozen Drink Machine. Photo: Kmart

2. Kmart Chocolate Fountain

Price: $20
Good for: Chocolate enthusiasts

If you like your chocolate at a drinking/dunking consistency, the Kmart Chocolate Fountain is a must. I admit we have one of these and we DO love to get it out at Easter, dunking skewers of fresh fruit in and out of it. Because no one actually wants to TASTE their fruit do they?

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Chocolate Fountain. Photo: Kmart

3. Kmart Double Waffle Bowl Maker

Price: $25
Good for: Anyone trying to cut down on the dishes.

An edible bowl? SIGN ME UP. There’s no need to do the dishes when you can just eat them. This Kmart kitchen appliance – a Double Waffle Bowl Maker –  is brilliant for ice cream parties (amp up that sundae!) or as an accessory to the aforementioned Kmart Chocolate Fountain. #getinmybelly

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Double Waffle Bowl Maker. Photo: Kmart

4. Kmart Popcorn Maker

Price: $15
Good for: Practically instant, healthy snacks

Sure, popcorn is relatively easy to make in a saucepan but it can burn. And there’s shaking of the saucepan. And fiery hot plates. So while it’s easy, it’s a little fraught with danger. NOT SO with a Kmart Popcorn Maker. Nup, whack in the popcorn kernels, turn it on and watch the fluffy popcorn emerge in just minutes. Too easy!

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Popcorn Maker. Photo: Kmart

5. Kmart Theatre Popcorn Maker

Price: $60
Good for: Fancy pants popcorn eaters

The Theatre Popcorn Maker is for those wanting to show off a little. And at $60, frankly, you can afford to. Sure it’s a little bit gimmicky but if your huz has been banging on about a new-beaut theatre room – this could be the ultimate accessory. Also a brilliant (and delicious) feature for parties of young and young-at-heart.

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Theatre Popcorn Maker. Photo: Kmart

6. Kmart Cotton Candy Maker

Price: $40
Good for: Ugh. Jury’s out.

I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to be dishing out cotton candy (fairy floss) at home, it’s the work of the devil. A sticky, sugary devil. BUT, if you’re a mum who regularly signs up for bake stall duties or the like, this is one Kmart kitchen appliance which is potentially a real money-spinner. Kmart Cotton Candy Maker for the bake stall win.

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Cotton Candy Maker. Photo: Kmart

7. Kmart Churros Maker

Price: $20
Good for: A cheat’s dunkin’ doughnut

Again, the Kmart Churros Maker is a mighty fine partner for the Kmart Chocolate Fountain. Save a small fortune on going out for churros when you can make your own at home, be as generous as you like with the cinnamon sugar and dunk them to your heart’s desire in melted chocolate. Like doughnuts only better. #addstocart

Kmart kitchen appliances
Kmart Churros Maker. Photo: Kmart

There you have it, seven brilliantly fun, novelty Kmart kitchen appliance to appease your snack-loving-heart. Shop them all in-store at Kmart or hit them up online for an even easier shopping experience. Winning!

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South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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    Gaelia HuntReply

    Hi Lexi
    Wondering if you have actually used the Theater Pop corn maker & can comment on if you can make popcorn in it WITHOUT using oil as the instructions say?
    Much appreciated.

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