7 Valuable Parenting Apps Making Mum Life Easier

Looking for a little parenting support you can tuck safely in your pocket? There are apps for keeping track of when your baby feeds, reminders to school bags and not forgetting the library bag (again), and how to juggle co-parenting and manage cyber security for kids.  There really are parenting apps for almost everything! Here are some of our favourites below.

7 parenting apps giving parent support from your pocket

1. Medela Family

PRICE: Free to download
USE IT FOR: tracking baby’s feeds, nappy changes, sleep and more.

If you’re a new mum, chances are your brain a lot of the time feels like a bowl of porridge. Maybe you can’t remember exactly what time the last feed was or if your baby finished on the left or right breast. The Medela family parenting app is here to do the personalised tracking work for you so you don’t have to remember all of the things, all of the time. Just record the time and relax.

Medela Family App - parenting apps
Could Medela be your very first parenting apps? Source: App Store / Medela

2. The Wonder Weeks

PRICE: $7.99
USE IT FOR: Keeping track of your baby’s development.

The Wonder Weeks app is one of the perfect parenting apps for keeping track of your baby’s development and knowing when leaps start and end with personalised leap charts, so you can understand your baby better. It’s also loaded with play tips and games to help your child develop new skills. Awesome!

The Wonder Weeks App - best parentings apps
Keep an eye on what’s coming up with this parenting app. Source: App Store / The Wonder Weeks

3. Bark

PRICE: From USD$5 a month
USE IT FOR: Cyber safety and managing screen time

If your children have screen time, you’re going to want to be across this app! The Bark app monitors the most popular apps and filters out any cyberbullying and other typical cyberspace hazards we don’t want our kids exposed to. You can control your kids’ screen time allowance as well as regulate their access to websites with Bark, making the internet a safer place to be.

Bark - best parentings apps
Cyber security matters, let Bark do the patrolling! Source: App Store / Bark

4. S’moresUp

PRICE: Free to download
USE IT FOR: Delegating family chores and responsibilities

Constantly reminding your kids about their chores or earning pocket money? You need the S’moresUp app to be the bad cop of the family. From advanced scheduling to advanced management options like approval or even photo proof, S’moresUp does it all. Customise a list for each child in your family, young or old, and let them start earning their pocket money.

S'mores Up - best parentings apps
A parenting app for the whole family. Chores for all! Source: App Store / S’moresUp

5. Our Family Wizard

PRICE: Free for 30 days then from $12 a month
USE IT FOR: Managing co-parenting between two homes

For separated couples who are co-parenting, keeping on top of all the moving parts of co-parenting, a shared schedule and adequate communication can be tricky. Our Family Wizard is an excellent platform for both parents to use together for transparency between homes. Set up a colour-coded shared calendar to see who has the kids and when, documented messaging, see expense responsibility and tracking, plus important information such as allergies and emergency contacts.

Our Family Wizard - best parentings apps
An easy way to see who is where and when. Source: App Store / Our Family Wizard

6. Morganise

PRICE: Free to download
USE IT FOR: School morning organisation

Forgot to pack the school sports uniform, the library bag or the reader this morning? You’re not alone. Packing school bags for one or more children every morning can be a LOT to remember, especially when they all have different things on at school that day. The Morganise app helps organise your morning. Simply download the app, add your children and what they need to take on each day of the week for the term by sending you notifications to remind you. Easy!

Morganise App - best parentings apps
The parenting app that stops you from forgetting the hat! Source: App Store / Morganise

7. Red Cross First Aid

USE IT FOR: First aid advice in your pocket

Kids can be hurt in just seconds – be it a fall from a trampoline, a splinter, a bee sting or a broken bone and it’s important that you remain calm and know what to do in that very moment. While not one of your typical parenting apps, the Red Cross First Aid app gives you critical and up-to-date first-aid information at your fingertips, when you need it the most, anytime and anywhere.

Red Cross First Aid App - best parentings apps
One of the parenting apps EVERYONE needs, first aid at your fingertips. Source: App Store / Red Cross

There you have it, folks, seven parenting apps to make your mum life that little bit more manageable. Do you have parenting apps you swear by? We’d love to hear it – drop it in the comments below so we can add it to the list!

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