9 Reasons Why Coffee Is a Mum’s Best Friend. Enter to Win a Nespresso Creatista Machine

A dog may be man’s best friends. And diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. But a mum’s best friend?  

No contest. Coffee wins. All. Day. Long. 

If you prefer to fuel up on caffeinated beverages before attempting to adult, then please join me as we delve into the reasons why raising little humans is bitterly impossible to do without a hefty hit of coffee first.

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Coffee is a mum’s best friend … and here’s 9 reasons why …

1. Because little humans wake up at stupid-o-clock.

Nothing wakes you up at the crack of dawn quite like a soothing hot cup of coffee. Except a toddler jumping on your head (wearing a urine-soaked nappy that has gone past its pee-limit).

2. Because children love to push your buttons, especially in the morning.

To a child, especially a fussy eater, requesting you make three different breakfasts (after refusing the first two) can be the norm.  And melting down because you:  A. cut the toast wrong; B. used the wrong cup; or C. took too long to make his three different breakfasts, usually follows suit.

Sometimes you might get hit with A,B AND C – the triple tantrum. Trust us, only a double espresso can help that shizzle.

3. Because kids don’t stop. EVER.

The energy levels of little kids are insane. No matter what you do, they just keep going. Coffee is simply a way to even out the playing field when trying to keep up with the kids.

4. Because messes don’t clean themselves. 

Children make messes – in their nappies, on their clothes, all over the house. It’s what they do best. And, as parents, it’s up to us to clean up after them until they are ready and able to take on this task themselves.

Coffee keeps your energy levels up so you can get through the housework. Not to mention extra patience to let your toddler “help” you clean the floor.

Plus, a cup of coffee is way cheaper than a cleaner!

5. Because tiredness can strike at any time.

When you’re running errands, buying groceries or doing the school pick-up, having that little pick-me-up can ensure you get through the afternoon without falling asleep on the couch and waking up to find permanent pen all over the walls.


6. Because children like to remind us about a school project the night before it’s due.

It’s not just school assignments. Oh no. School bake sales, costume events, pretty much anything that requires us to cook, create, sew or make a mad dash to Spotlight is included on this last-minute list.

7. Because kids also enjoy tag teaming, especially at night. 

Have more than one? Then you double (or triple) your chances of being woken up at night.

Sometimes, on those extra lucky nights, you may find that the kids take turns waking you up. As soon as Number One is back to sleep, Number Two wakes up. As you walk your way back to bed, Number One reappears in the hallway.

When you hear the birds chirping and realise you haven’t been to bed yet, it’s time to give up on sleep and make a cuppa.

8. Because, no matter how tired your body is, your brain NEVER SHUTS UP. 

Making to-do lists at 3am is perfectly acceptable to your brain.

9. Because children get sick (and usually during the night). 

The morning after an all night bout of gastro is pretty much the worst morning ever. We’re talking buckets of spew. Blankets of spew. Towels of spew. And a house full of spew germs that have overstayed their welcome.

Coffee won’t clean your house or nurse your kids back to health. But it will make the morning after a little easier to deal with.

First, we drink the coffee… then we do the things

Investing in a decent coffee machine is a must if you’re a busy mum. Whether you’ve been up half the night comforting a little one who just won’t sleep or glueing together a solar system, being able to make your own morning mug of coffee can help reset your body and your brain for another day.

Plenty of stores sell coffee machines but Harvey Norman has one or more real baristas in every store, ready to not only help you make the right buying decision, but make you a cup of coffee from the various machines to see just how they taste.

That’s right – the sales staff MAKE you a coffee while you shop. It’s kind of like “try before you buy” but better. Because it’s coffee.

Plus, they can talk to you about topics like getting the temperature of the milk right, how to tamp and grind your coffee and much more. So you can enjoy a quality mug of coffee every morning, you know, to go with those three breakfasts your kids have refused to eat.


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mum central

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Good luck mums! And have an extra mug for me.

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This is a sponsored article for Harvey Norman.

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