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99 Year Old Grandmother Arrested & Jailed: She Couldn’t Be Happier!

99-year-old Dutch woman Annie is living hard, including being arrested and jailed! While most people might lament being in the slammer, Annie was delighted. Her motive? It’s all for the sake of ticking off her bucket list! 

The twist to this tale is that Annie’s granddaughter arranged the experience for her with local police, she didn’t need to rob a bank, get drunk in public or pick a fight to make her dream a reality!

According to an official Facebook statement from the Nijmegen-Zuid police station, Annie was “briefly allowed” to sit in a cell with fastened handcuffs after officers picked her up from her home. Citizens who haven’t committed a crime are usually not permitted in cells, but a rare exception was made for Annie.


You’d have to think that daring Annie is the happiest person to ever be behind bars, her wide grin certainly confirming that she loved every minute of the experience!

The pictures were shared on the Nijmegen-Zuid police station facebook page and people have shared in Annie’s joy and applauded her conviction to live fully!

Over 5000 people have now commented and shared in Annie’s adventure! From posts like; ‘The cutest and sweetest prisoner in history‘ by Timothy Crayon to ‘A great bravo to the police for this moment, 90 years old, she already lived more than anyone of us. THAT’S HAPPINESS!‘ from Lino Riberio it seems Annie’s experience has brought fun to the entire internet.

Annie, however, isn’t the only grandma with the desire to spend a little time behind bars. In October, 102-year-old Missouri woman Edie Simms fulfilled her bucket list as well when she was cuffed and taken for a ride in the back of a police cruiser.

Sisters in bucket-list-crime. 102 year old Edie Simms. Image via Daily Mail.
Sisters in bucket-list-crime. 102 year old Edie Simms. Image via Daily Mail.
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