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This Mother & Daughter Take Disney Dress Ups to a Whole New Level!

What little girl doesn’t want to indulge in a little Disney dress ups?  This 7-year-old is getting the chance to dress up all her favourite characters right alongside her mum! 

Two years ago photographer Camilla Courts and her daughter Layla went to Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. The mum bought her daughter a princess dress – and that is where this adorable story begins!

Being a photographer, Courts snapped a few pictures of Layla in the dress and posted one online. The pics got such an amazing response from friends and family that Courts decided to keep right on going. The mother-daughter duo turned their love of Disney into cosplay fun. They continued dressing up (Courts dresses up too) and taking photos.

What mum doesn’t love to document her child growing up? Courts has the opportunity to do this, but in an extra-interesting way. The mum notes that her daughter is a shy child. Even though she isn’t an ‘in the spotlight’ type of kiddo, the pics have helped her to come out of her shell and gain confidence.

The mum no longer buys the cute costumes from stores. Instead, she makes some of them and has a local seamstress make the rest. Not only does Layla like to play the roles of some of Disney’s famous favourite princesses, but she also dresses up like Star Wars’ Princess Leia, Rowena Ravenclaw from Harry Potter and other characters.

Of course, Layla isn’t the only one getting costumed out. Courts also dresses up for the camera. The mum doesn’t go along with the princess theme – she prefers the villains (such as Maleficent, The Evil Queen from Snow White and The Little Mermaid’s Ursula)!

The photos are gaining massive popularity on social media. Courts posts a new princess every month on her @disneyinspiredphoto Instagram page. With the attention these pics are getting, Courts’ IG followers have grown to more than 34,200 recently!


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