In conjunction with our recent partnership with Howards at Home, we decided to review a few of their most popular kitchen products to see what all the hype is about. 

I love gadgets. I’m a real sucker for them. That said they needs to have purpose – making my life easier and saving me time in the kitchen.

Answer this … how many times do you see products and wonder ‘does that actually work or is it just a gimmick?’  I do.  ALL THE TIME. So here’s the perfect opportunity to pick half a dozen products and put them through their paces.

1. Vibe Cheese Slicer

If you have never used one of these then you have been slicing cheese wrong your whole life. I am a brand new convert! I just love it. Each side has a wire that cuts the cheese at a different thickness and it’s so easy to use that my ten year old can do it. And he does. Often.


2. The Jarkey Jar Opener

I did not realise that I needed one of these until I used it for the first time. It is GENIUS. No more handing over the jar to the husband or worse, waiting for him to GET HOME before opening. This little tool is sensational. Just fit it under the rim and pop the seal. That’s it. Jar opened. Husband no longer required… oh wait, I still need the bins taken out.


3. Expandable Undersink Shelf

I’ve always thought there has to be a better storage solution for under the sink problems. And as it turns out – someone agreed with me. I had actually only recently done a bit of a reorganise under my kitchen sink because it was mental under there but this under sink modular unit still made a difference. It’s super easy to put together and totally adjustable to fit around the configuration of your pipes/dishwasher hoses etc. It comes with two shelves but I just needed the one for my cupboard. I’m going to do the same with my laundry cupboard now!


4.The Contigo Travel Mug

I love coffee. Period. And I’m also on the run A LOT so a good travel mug that won’t spill all over me on the run is mandatory. I’d heard quite a bit of talk about the Contigo mugs so decided to give this a trial run. Let’s just say it lived up to all the hype!  Not only does it automatically seal between sips making this mug 100% spill-proof, it kept my coffee hot a lot longer than my other travel mugs and claims to stay hot for up to 5 hours or cold for 12 hours! Easy to clean and a range of gorgeous colours, this was a real winner. Bravo!


5. The Banana Bag

We eat a lot of bananas in our house, however it’s often a race against the clock to eat them before they start to turn brown! Not anymore! This clever banana bag keeps the oxygen out meaning you can pop the bananas IN THE FRIDGE and they’ll keep for up to 2 weeks!  Apparently the bag provides bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh over-ripeing, while keep the skin warm enough to prevent blackening!

Amazingly, the fruit will stay just as it should be for around a fortnight – twice its normal lifespan!


6. The Garlic Rocker

I love cooking with garlic. I do it almost daily.  So when I saw the Garlic Rocker I had to give it a go.  It’s so easy to use too.  By using downward pressure and a ‘rocking’ motion, the rocker breaks up garlic cloves quickly and easily, forcing the pieces up through the array of small holes in its base.  It’s pretty easy to then scrape directly into the pan or bowl. Continue rocking for a finer texture.  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, this one’s a winner!



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