Oh. Em. Gee. Our My Little Pony dreams have just come true!

Adairs Kids has launched a brand new collection of bedding and bedroom accessories featuring none other than our favourite ponies. Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy – welcome to our homes and our kids’ bedrooms!

My Little Pony collection Adairs Kids
So much adorableness in one bedroom! Source: Supplied

Your very own Equestria

If you’ve got My Little Pony fans, or simply want to relive your 80s childhood, then this collection has your name all over it.

You can literally dress their bedroom in head-to-toe Pony with bedding, decor and accessories. There are six pieces to the collection including a quilt cover, pillowcase, wall art, basket, night light and flip out sofa.

The flip out sofa, night light, wall art and basket are part of the My Little Pony collection. Source: Supplied

Adairs Kids pillow

Bedding My LIttle Pony Adairs Kids
Loving this nostalgic linen. So sweet! Source: Supplied

We wanted to create something really magical, and we were inspired by the idea of little one’s scribbling pictures in their notebooks – so we decided to re-draw the characters with pencil and washy watercolour to give a whimsical and dreamlike feel,” Megan, Adairs designer explains.

Adairs Kids My LIttle Pony collection
The entire collection including the sofa, basket, night light, wall art, pillows and quilt cover. All you need are some balloons and a few soft Ponies and you’re set! Source: Supplied

Your very own My Little Pony bedroom 

Well, they certainly delivered the whimsical goods! We love the rainbows, the balloons, the on-trend tie-dye.

My Little Pony arrives in Adairs Kids and selected Adairs stores from TODAY – 24 September 2020. It’s all available online too. Prices start at $24.99 (for pillows) up to $119.99 (for a queen-sized quilt cover).

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