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It’s a Rainbow Bedroom Makeover for Miss 4, Complete with EPIC Mural!

In a time where heavily styled decors have spilled into children’s spaces, making them more adult-refined and less childish, it’s refreshing to see a fun presented room which a child will immediately love. Complete with a rainbow. Because what kid doesn’t want that?

One mum Lauren set about performing the ultimate weekend activity – a room makeover for her 4-year-old rainbow loving daughter. And the results are PURE JOY. There’s a house-like bed, clouds, pink rugs and cute cushions to boot. AND AN EPIC RAINBOW MURAL.

Lauren says: “We wanted a space that was calming for Miss 4 to wind down in and sleep. Less is more for this space, she has an ultimate craft/playroom where she can do all the energetic activities in!”

rainbow room
Source: Lauren Priddle
rainbow room
Source: Lauren Priddle
rainbow room
Source: Lauren Priddle

Wait, I want to know more about that spectacular rainbow!

I knew you would, and so I asked.

Lauren says: “It took a Saturday afternoon to paint the rainbow. LOTS of masking tape, measuring, levels and more measurements.

… all up, it was only $70 for the rainbow, paint samples and cheap rollers”.


rainbow room
Before, midway and after the mural is complete. Happy days! Source: Lauren Priddle

WATCH Lauren create the magic in this awesome timelapse below!

Did you have to spend ALL of the money for this makeover? Spoiler alert: No.

While it cost $70 for the rainbow mural, the rest of the bedroom bits and pieces Lauren had slowly been collecting. Lauren is the talent behind Mrs P & B Creations and so she created the name wall hangings to suit her daughter’s space. How special! Scroll down for stockist information.

rainbow room
Name and unicorn art made by mum! Source: Lauren Priddle

Here’s where Lauren collected her daughter’s furniture and decor from:

Well done Lauren, we’re sure your daughter is going to love her new rainbow bedroom for MANY years to come!

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