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Adelaide Twins ‘Twincredible’ Birth Coincidence


Twins Katelyn Gil and Marie Leicester have gone through all of life’s major milestones together, including motherhood.

Incredibly, the twins, both from Adelaide, both welcomed daughters in the same room at the same hospital with the same midwife by their sides, just hours apart.

Even crazier? Both babies weighed the same and measured the same height.

adelaide twins birth story
Seeing double! Ariella and Elliana are certainly two peas in. a pod. Source: Facebook

Baby Ariella was born on 30 March 2023 while baby Elliana was born on 31 March 2023, both at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“It was amazing, it was very surreal and such an exciting and beautiful experience,” Katelyn told ABC News.

‘Not something that you could ever plan’ 

The girls were more than surprised to find out that they were both expecting babies around the same time, with Katelyn slightly ahead in dates. Both girls didn’t think it would be possible to have children because they both have a medical condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome which can make it hard to conceive.

“It was not something that you could ever plan. This was just a miracle I’d say and it’s such a beautiful experience to do it with your sister,” Marie said. “I’m just in shock still I guess.”

Adelaide twins. Marie and Ariella
Marie with baby Ariella. Source: Facebook

‘Thought it was a prank’

Both girls experienced very similar pregnancy symptoms too including heartburn, itchy feet, and swelling. They also admit it was incredibly fun to reveal the baby news to their families.

“It was amazing, it was so fun … everyone was in shock and thought it was a prank and didn’t believe us,” Katelyn said.

Cousins born just hours apart 

Marie and her husband, Hardy, welcomed Ariella on 30 March 2023 after being induced the same day. Amazingly, Katelyn was also scheduled for an induction the same day but hers was moved to the day after.

Katelyn did get to congratulate her sister and see her new baby niece before heading to the same delivery room as Marie. Marie also shared some vital advice before it was her sister’s turn.

“‘You have to listen to me,’ I said, ‘You want the epidural, when you go in there, that’s the first thing you’re asking for’. I said ‘Yes, it’s your birth, you can have whatever you like, but please take my advice’.”

Katelyn and her partner, Luke Gil, welcomed their baby girl, Elliana on 31 March 2023.

“It feels like I’m living a dream, I just can’t believe it, I’m still trying to take it all in I guess you could say. It’s so fun I feel like I’ve had twins, pretty much,” Marie said.

Marie and Katelyn have both settled back home with their babies and are enjoying the wonders of being both mums and aunties to two very special and loved little girls.

Twin sister’s ‘twin delivery’ 

As crazy as this twin birth sounds, it’s not the first time we’ve shared a story about twins having babies at the same time.  Mums Amber and Autum also welcomed their two babies at the same time, in the same hospital, and on the same day.

Autum’s daughter, Charleston arrived first. 90 minutes later, Amber’s daughter Blakely was born.

Now, are you ready for the kicker? Amber, Autum, Charleston and Blakely ALL share the same birthdate.

Yep – Amber and Autum delivered their daughters on their own 33rd birthday – October 29th.

Twinsane, right? Read their full story here. 

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