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Twin Sisters ‘Twin’ Delivery: Amber and Autum’s Crazy Coincidental Birth Story

They say twins share a pretty incredible bond and this is certainly the case for Autum Shaw and Amber Tramontana.

The 35-year-old twin sisters have always done everything together. They graduated from college together. They became registered nurses together. Then later they qualified to become nurse practitioners together.

In 2018, they also both welcomed babies – both boys, and only 10 weeks apart. Autum’s son was born in August and Amber’s in October. Crazily enough, the boys had identical weights and lengths at birth too.

twin sisters
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The powers of the twin force

The twin force gets even crazier in 2020 when the sisters discovered they were, once again, pregnant at the same time.

Autum initially fell pregnant first but suffered a miscarriage which broke her heart. However, she became pregnant shortly after and found out that Amber was also pregnant.

And get this – same due date! How is this even possible?? TWIN FORCE IS CRAZY!

Fast forward a few months and Amber went into labour. Autum started labouring shortly after. The girls were in adjacent rooms at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee with Dr. George VIck coaching both the girls through their labours.

twin sisters twin delivery
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Autum’s daughter, Charleston arrived first. 90 minutes later, Amber’s daughter Blakely was born. And, immediately the cousins bonded.

They took to one another like they’d already spent nine months in the womb together,” Autum said.

Now, are you ready for the kicker? Amber, Autumn, Charleston and Blakely ALL share the same birthdate. Yep – Amber and Autumn delivered their daughters on their own 33rd birthday – October 29th.

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center shared the news on their Facebook page, writing,

Double the sweetness and double the love! ❤️❤️ It was a special day here this week at Fort Sanders Regional when identical twin sisters Autum and Amber delivered their baby girls, Charleston and Blakely, within 90 minutes of each other. To top it all off, it was Autum and Amber’s birthday! 🎂

Delivered by Dr. George Vick, baby Charleston arrived first, weighing in at 9 lbs., 4 oz, followed by baby Blakely at 7 lbs., 2 oz. Congratulations to both beautiful families!”

So crazy right?! It’s so sweet how Amber and Autum’s beautiful twin sisters bond will be passed down to their daughters.

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And imagine the excitement every year on October 29th!

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