The ALDI Back to School Sale’s on this Week and with Leather Shoes at This Price? You’d Better RUN!

It’s the ALDI sale that’s sure to launch a back-to-school stampede! The discount chain is selling leather school shoes tomorrow for under $20!

Yes, we said LEATHER school shoes! And YES, only $14.99! The OMG affordable shoes are part of ALDI’s special back to school buys this Wednesday (10 January).

But wait, there’s more. ALDI is also selling kids’ sneakers for a bargain $8.99. Yup, not even joking. The hook and loop Basic Joggers, in sizes 11 to 4, come in three colours. Even better, they’ll do the job in the playground without stinging your hip pocket.

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A shoe-in for school

Pair the ALDI sneakers with the leather shoes and you have the year’s school footwear sorted for less than $24!

The Crane brand leather school shoes come in a girl’s Mary Jane style and in lace-up or Velcro designs for boys. All shoes have an insert to adjust the width, so they’re comfy for both narrow and chunkier feet. Because shoes aren’t a bargain, whatever the price, if the kids won’t wear them!

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Grab a Back to School bargain

Now, a warning. These ALDI back to school goodies are expected to sell out quick sticks so we recommend you hotfoot it in there with the kids to nab a footwear bargain as soon as the doors open. And don’t forget to grab some school socks – five pairs for $3.99. That’s 80 cents a pair. BARGAIN! At that price, grab two sets.

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In fact, while you’re there we recommend stocking up on some other school supplies too, including exercise books from 47 cents, and 24 coloured markers or containers to hold sandwiches and wraps for a super affordable $1.49 each. In fact, better grab two of these as well so you have a spare when the first doesn’t make it home!

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