ALDI Is Giving Away FREE Groceries for 3 Years (That’s a Lot of Food!)


They had me at free groceries… Here’s what you need to know about ALDI’s epic Free Groceries Competition that launched today. 

Grocery prices are through the roof. Even after swapping to home brand, rationing the school snacks and buying only ugly-looking fruit with weird baubles coming out of them, we are still spending hundreds more a year than we ever have before. 

It’s across all grocery stories too – Coles, Woolies, even ALDI! But today ALDI announced their biggest competition to date that will dramatically reduce the costs of groceries for six lucky families. And by ‘dramatically reduce’, we mean it will reduce your grocery bill to ZERO. 

Win Free Groceries for Three Years

ALDI is giving away THREE years’ worth of free groceries to ONE ALDI shopper with five additional runner-up winners securing one year’s worth of groceries. The catch? You need to be a true blue ALDI fan! 

ALDI free groceries competition
Showcase your love for ALDI to win. Source: Supplied

How #ALDIcore are You?

The competition is all about finding the most #ALDIcore Aussie shopper. If you love a good ALDI bargain and know the inside of your local store like the back of your hand, then this competition has your name all over it!

The person deemed the truest ALDIcore fan will win the grand prize – $300 worth of groceries for an incredible 156 weeks! 

How to enter

Entry is via socials. All you need to do is showcase your love of all things ALDI via social media, whether it’s a twist to an ALDI recipe, a Special Buy you can’t live without or tip, trick or hack you think everyone needs to know.

Go hardcore. Go ALDIcore. Write a song. Do a dance. Make a sign. Host an ALDI-themed birthday party. Run a marathon in ALDI attire. Get an ALDI tattoo. Showcase your Good Different energy. Live your best ALDI Life. 

ALDI free groceries
An ALDI-themed party could be your ticket to free groceries for three years. Source: Supplied

Simon Padovani-Ginies, Group Director, ALDI Australia, “We can’t wait to hear what people will share with us, that makes them truly #ALDIcore – after all if you want to know if someone shops with ALDI? Don’t worry they will tell you!”  

If entering via social media: Tag @ALDI.Australia and use hashtag #ALDIcore on TikTok or @ALDIAustralia on Insta and Facebook.  If entering on Facebook or Instagram make sure your entry is a feed post, not a story, and your profile is set to public to ensure it doesn’t get missed. 

If entering via the website: Here’s the link –> Show us How #ALDICore you are. Full details can be found here.

The competition is open to Australian residents 18+ (excluding NT & TAS), ends: 11:59pm AEST on 27/7/24. Read full Terms and Conditions here.

ALDI free groceries
Source: Supplied

Win nearly $50k worth of groceries 

According to Finder, the average Aussie family spends around $258 per week on groceries so receiving $300 per week for the next 3 years sounds like a dream come true! I’ve put on my math hat and determined that the winner will receive $46,800 of groceries over the 156 weeks. How amazing is that?? 

The five runner-ups will all receive $15,600 worth of groceries for the year. Again, incredible! 

We predict this is going to be an epic competition with #ALDIcore taking over our socials and we are here for it! Free groceries for three years sounds like a dream come true, and, if I have to get an ALDI tattoo to make it happen, I’m in! What about you? 

ALDI tattoo - free groceries for three years
Source: Supplied

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