Since becoming a mum, actress Alyssa Milano has been a loud and proud breastfeeding advocate. And we all love her for it.

So you can imagine her, and our, surprise when she was challenged by American talk show host, Wendy Williams, about her attitude to shamelessly breastfeed her child wherever and whenever she sees fit.

The topic came up on Williams’ show after Milano posted a photo on Instagram of her breastfeeding her 16-month-old daughter, Elizabella. “It’s been one of the greatest joys in my life to breastfeed my babies,” she wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding. The picture received more than 38,000 likes, but still caused controversy, with some people saying she went too far.

Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding

Alyssa responded to Wendy’s questioning with “It was kind of shocking that [people] were so opinionated about something that’s supposed to be so incredibly natural.”

To which Wendy, who refers to breasts as “fun bags” says “I don’t need to see that — I just don’t want to.”

Check out the ludicrous interview here:

Ummm… what did we just watch? And WHO is Wendy Williams?


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