14 Unbelievably Amazing Bunk Beds Kids (and Adults) Will Love

If you’re in the market for a bunk bed, or just dreaming of a little more room in your child’s room, we’ve scoured the web and pulled together some really amazing bunk beds to try!

From low bunks for the littlest dreamers to loft bunks for DIYers, these amazing bunk beds are sure to inspire sweet dreams.

Bunk beds to buy

First time bunk buddies

If you’re searching for a bunk bed for a toddler or preschooler, then this cabin bunk bed ($599) is worth a double look. Compact and contemporary, the bunk is a great space saver too. Plus, the bottom bunk is low to the ground, offering a secure and safe space for your little one to crawl in and out of.  Imagine the decorating possibilities…

cabin bunk bed fantastic furniture

Set sail for sleepy time

Ahoy! It’s a nautical dream come true for any doting sailor in the house. This Sailor Bunk Bed ($1,847) comes with its own storage area and staircase to the top bunk.

sailor bunk bed fantastic furniture

Low riser

An awesome option for the littlest tandem sleepers, this low-to-the-ground bunk bed ($899) makes for a perfect transition from cot to big bed. Both the top and the bottom bunks come with that ‘cubby house’ feel for extra cosiness and comfort.

saturn bunk bed forty winks

Brighten up bedtime

Another good low bed is this adorable My Place bunk bed. In addition to the sleek design, these amazing bunk beds come in a number of funky colours, from orange and lilac to mint and charcoal, perfect for little ones who love a splash of colour.

bunk bed snooze

The bedtime bus

How cute is this double-decker bus bunk bed ($699)? Complete with windows, wheels and a draw-it-yourself license plate, kids can hop on board for a new travel adventure every night.

bunk bed bus

Scandi sleeper

If you’re searching for something a little less mobile and a little more modern, then this Oeuf perch bunk bed ($2299) might be more your style. It doesn’t come with wheels, but it sure looks purty! Plus, it’s got that sleek Scandinavian design that we absolutely love!

oeuf bunk beds

Room for one more

Add another dimension to your bunk beds with this clever Calypso bunk bed ($1099). Sure, it may look like an ordinary bunk bed, but it also comes with a trundle bed, making sleepovers a breeze. Or, providing you with a perfect place to rest your head when your child refuses to fall asleep unless you’re lying next to him.

calypso bunk bed

Bunk beds to build yourself 

House of dreams

Buying a bed is the easy option. If you’re looking for a challenge and you’ve got that DIY gene built in, then why not craft a tree house bed for your sleeping sweethearts? Sure, it’s a bit tricky. But, hey, it could be doable…just check out this amazing bunk bed that really takes the cake!

tree house bunk bed
Image via Oliver Hayden

Tandem tractor

For the farming enthusiasts in the house, we couldn’t look past this classic John Deere bunk bed. That’s one way to load them into bed!

tractor bunk bed
Image via The Rucker Rendezvous

Drift off to LEGO Land

Or, you may want to release their love for LEGO with this brick-inspired built-in bunk bed quattro.

lego bunk bed
Image via Harry Lim

Aqua oasis

Of course, if you like the look of built-in bunk beds, then these four ocean-inspired pods are sure to add a bit of adventure to their nights. You may need to call in the architect for this one though.

bunk beds
Image via House of Turquoise

Hanging around

Three kids. One room. Easily done with these cute hammock-like bunk beds. Technically they are not straight on top of one another, but hey, they overlap slightly. So they count.

mum central

Image via The Bumper Crop

Three of a kind

If you are a fan of the simple design, these three-to-a-room wooden beds are also worth replicating. Add a little shelf on the wall next to each bunk and you’ve got the perfect little reading nook too.

three boys hanging
Image via Richelexo

Yacht to be sleeping

We’ll end with this divine specimen of a bunk bed, which also doubles as your own personal yacht.

Sail into sweet dreams, indeed.

nautical bunk bed
Image via Tradewinds Southern Beauty

Well, that about wraps up our trip down bunk bed lane. For more bedtime inspiration, have a look at our favourite cots and bassinets. 

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