Run, Don’t Walk – Big W are Giving Away Almost 4 Million FREE Books for Kids!

If you needed another reason to love Big W, the offer of FREE books for kids has to be it. Yes you read that right, FREE!

Could there be a greater, easier, cheaper way to get your kids reading at home? We think not.

A first for the retailer giant, Big W is launching their Free Books For Kids trial program today, Thursday 21st February, 2019.

The innovative program will see 12 different book titles (and a whopping 3.7 million books) given away to children across a 12-week period.

mum centralThe selected titles are perfect for reading out loud, and will appeal to children aged from six months to six-years-old. A new title will be given away each week, kicking off with the much loved ‘Hush Little Possum‘, followed by ‘10 Silly Wombats‘ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It‘.

Meredith Drake, Big W’s Category Manager for Books says:

The connection between access to books and the child’s future success and wellbeing is very well established. Research indicates that just 10 minutes of reading time a day can expose a young child to over 600,000 words in just one year, positively impacting childhood literacy.

big-w-free-books-for-kids-2The power of storytime is deeper than you think

Next time you’re skipping pages during the bedtime book, remember this upcoming statistic:

Publishers of the 12-book titles, Scholastic Australia, reveal in its 2015 Australian Kids & Family Reading Report that 86% of Australian kids enjoy being read to, with the main reason being that it’s a special time shared with parents. So no more skipping! 

big-w-free-books-instructionsThe awesome initiative was announced on the Big W Facebook page yesterday, thrilling their page followers with the news. You can be sure there will be a whole lot of us squeezing a Big W visit into our week over the next few months. Thanks for making the joy of reading accessible to all families Big W!

Collect all 12 books instore, with no purchase necessary, while stocks last. Available nationally.

mum central

So there you go, how incredible is that! Hands up if you’ll be heading down to your local Big W and getting your hands on some of these amazing titles.  Bravo Big W!

Speaking of books, how about this … although this one’s for you, mum! The only parenting manual you’ll ever need! Hilarious! 

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    Shripha BartholomewReply

    What if you don’t live near a big W or close enough to make a weekly trip ?

  2. Avatar of Bec

    Are only parents able to collect? I babysit and have also just graduated as a teacher and would love to add these books to my collection.

  3. Avatar of John tjepkema
    John tjepkemaReply

    How can I obtain these books for my granddaughter

  4. Avatar of Dora

    Hi I missed book number 3 If youre happy and you know it could you please let me know how I can gwt rhis book to complete the set … many thanks

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