If you’re like me and noticing a few more ‘smile lines’ on your face than you had 10 years ago, let me introduce you to NEWA, a revolutionary new skincare system unlike any other.

Unlike most expensive lotions and creams, who promise to banish the wrinkles and provide you with youthful skin, the NEWA Skincare Rejuvenation System by Homedics actually gets to the core of the issue, by delivering energy 3 layers deep into your skin and reactivating the natural collagen producing process – where it really matters.

Nothing else can do this – no cream can reach these cells and fillers and chemicals canʼt achieve this.

Newa is a clinically proven skin rejuvenation system that reduces wrinkles by an average of 36% and up to 45%. Plus, it’s non invasive!

Treatment is comfortable, safe, pain-free and as relaxing as a warm facial massage. It can be used on all skin colours and skin types and if you’ve got wrinkles, lines, sagging skin or want to be proactive about the future of your skin, then Newa is right for you.


Proven collagen reactivation

As we age our skin begins to lose collagen, which is what gives the skin its shape. This is the cause of fine lines, deep wrinkles and sagging skin.

Newa is clinically proven to reactivate your skinʼs natural ability to produce collagen. More natural collagen means your skin is lifted and plumped up, so Newa naturally reduces wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, face and neck.

Proven by dermatologists

Newa is powered by 3DEEP Technology, proven to be safe and effective by leading dermatological clinics around the world. And it’s now available for home use.

Clinically proven results

Newa has been clinically tested with proven immediate and long-lasting results.



Simply apply the specially formulated Newa activator gel onto the device, and treat your skin on the selected area in an easy circular motion. Newa should be used 5 times a week for a 4 week boosting period and just twice a week for the most effective results. A Newa treatment is a very pleasant, painless experience. It feels like a warm facial massage.





* Based on an independent US clinical study of 45 users, including objective expert clinical grading, instrumental evaluation and image analysis assessments. ** Based on independent dermatologists’ assessment in clinical study of 60 users, according to the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle and Elastosis scale.

If you’re keen to get your hands on one of these fab new sets, head on over to The Shaver Shop or for more information visit HoMedics Australia.

Here’s a more indepth look at how it works if you’re keen to learn more:

To celebrate what we think is a pretty awesome new product, we’ve got one to give to one reader who’d like to TRIAL AND REVIEW the Newa Skin Rejuvinating System.

Simply complete the form below and comment telling us where you’d like to see an improvement and you could be the lucky reader to trial the Newa System and keep it for free afterwards!

Trial and Review the NEWA Skin Rejuvenating System


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  1. I would like to improve the eye and mouth area, the older I get the more wrinkles I notice there.

  2. My skin is dry, wrinkling and would love to try this product to refresh and lift my skin for a much youthful look.

  3. I am 42 and have terrible lines and wrinkles in part due to not caring for my skin and as I have a husband younger than me it would be nice NOT to be mistaken for his mother…

  4. I’m 48 years and I’d love to see my skin a little younger. I think I need a miracle! 🙂

  5. i have been informed by the dermatologist that i need to be taking care of my skin now I am mature aged (40) – i would love to keep a clear, wrinkle free complexion!

  6. I am 51, and my skin is losing elasticity and suffering from some sun damage – I would love to give this a go!

  7. Deborah Osborne Reply

    Maturing skin ,few Aging signs ,would be perfect to trial.

  8. I’m a FTM and am just so overwhelmed with this new experience. I have not got a chance to have me time so this would really be a nice

  9. Since the birth of my first child my skin has taken a battering as my facial régime is almost nonexistent. I’d love to regain more youthful looking skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  10. this would be great to help lift the lines that i have and hopefully to help prevent some new ones

  11. Crows feet, frown lines, smile creases, any thing to help end the ageing, and this product sounds way too good to be true!

  12. Since loosing 18kg and hitting 35 I have noticed lines under my eyes and crows feet to the sides. I was talking to a friend about this the other day as years ago during a nursing wound care lecture the lecturer said creams don’t help with wrinkles. My friend mentioned about a new machine on the market by Homedics which she has been using with good results. I’m not a vain type normally but these wrinkles seem to have appeared over night and being slightly hypochondriac I have images of looking 70 in another 5 years time. I’d love to try the Newa but unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price range.

  13. In my 50s and starting to really notice ageing. Menopause is a terrible time for any woman, but if only my skin was healthy and glowing, I could fake it!

  14. Wendy Goss Reply

    At 57 I’ve been lines sneakily creeping into my face and neck and I don’t like it. Please HELP!

  15. I’ve got some pretty severe (!) smile lines that could do with a seeing to – even though obviously they’re better than frown lines!

  16. I’m 41yrs old and the youngest of seven children but my older siblings look my age or younger and I’d like to change that if possible.

  17. Kat Rogers Reply

    Living in the tropics the heat and the humidity certainly contribute to the process of aging skin. Im getting to the point i need all the help i can get as my only other option is to stand on my head so the wrinkles drop out

  18. I might be an older mum but my kids don’t see me as old. I’d like to look closer to how they see me… Sprightly and youthful!

  19. sars_angelchik Reply

    I have real concern about my eyes- I have dark lines under them and I am starting to get the crows feet- I would love to be able to reverse things as much as possible!

  20. I’m fanatical about taking care of my skin and the products I use on it. I want my skin to be the best it can be for as long as possible. To many years growing up under the Aussie sun without protection is starting to show, fine lines around my eyes, crows feet, smile lines and frown lines. I’d love to try the NEWA Skin Rejuvenation System and give an honest review.

  21. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    I’d like to see an improvement in the area under my eyes and also a reduction in smile and wrinkles around my mouth.

  22. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    My concern is fine lines around my eye area , I have taken good care of my skin my whole life and I am now 47 I am finding the products I have always used just don’t seem to suit anymore , the crows feet are beginning and I would love to trial as I will be having our first child getting married next year and I want to look like rejuvenated for the Wedding !

  23. Bec D'owney Reply

    Love to have a go on my forehead. Now’s the right time (39) to try and keep those wrinkles as far at bay as possible!

  24. Kylie Embury Reply

    My 45 year old skin could use some rejuvenation, and reactivating natural collagen to give me NEWA fresher skin sounds fantastic!

  25. This tired mummy needs to get her glow back! I would love to be able to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of some of my wrinkles and fine lines and this product looks like it could do that. Would love to review it and share the results.

  26. Kylie Embury Reply

    My older skin could use some rejuvenation, and reactivating natural collagen to give me NEWA fresher skin – especially on my neck – sounds fantastic!

  27. There are bits that droop and others sag, while under the eyes there’s the odd bag. With wrinkles and crinkles that aren’t fashionably in, then there is the hanging flesh under my chin. I could tighten and firm with Newa magic , removing all the signs of ageing tragic. For my face and neck, the fountain of youth, I really need it and that is the truth. Newa Skin Rejuvenation is a must , Homedics is a company I can trust.

  28. I am looking pretty good for 61 and I want to try and stay that way know I need little help have been investigating and feel Newa has the right stuff and testing seems beleivable

  29. Would love to give it a go! Would love to have tighter skin with a healthy glow!

  30. Pauline Rimmer Stacey Reply

    As i am approaching 50 i see lots of lines that need diminishing

  31. Wendy Traill Reply

    This Mum business has left my poor, old skin uncared for, dry and lined. I would love to try this awesome sounding product to give me a bit of a lift

  32. (N)ever thought I would age
    (E)veryone can now gauge
    (W)hat damage the smiles have done
    (A) go at this will make the lines gone!

    (S)miling has given me fine lines
    (K)eep saying I am like fine wines
    (I) would love them to disappear
    (N)ow around my eyes would be clear!

  33. Karina Lee Reply

    I would like to try something wonderful to iron out the creases on my face.

  34. I need to try cause as i type this is is 11.37 and 4 hours 37 minutes into trying to get my son to sleep… he has decided it is party time while i gain extra wrinkles from fatigue and pull my hair oUt!

  35. This would give me back the confidence I need, my skin is looking dull and every month a new wrinkle appears, the bags sag a little lower… and the Collagen packs it’s bag and says Goodbye! =(

  36. Nerys Lewis Reply

    To feel newa and fresher that would be sensational
    Since having the kids I haven’t looked after myself like I should and to feel tighter skin around my face would be rejuvenating I think.

  37. Alexa Sheehan Reply

    I want ageless newa skin too, let it begin hear with me…pretty please without wrinkles on top

  38. Karen Treloar Reply

    Not far off 50 and well the crows feet are kicking in so would love just to have my skin clear and smooth again like a childs skin

  39. Kristie Cubbin Reply

    I’ve never been taught how to look after my skin and don’t know where to begin. This product looks easy to use and something someone like me might be interested in as a result.

  40. Dianne Oconnor Reply

    I’d love to trial Newa System, as my skin is starting to age and I’d like to get something Fabulous to take every where I go to use..

  41. Suzie Gkekas Reply

    The past few years I have been noticing that o matter what I seem to do or try it only worsens and mak s my skin look even more haggered an,do tired than before. I would love to give this a try cow it just be the answer to my prayers.

  42. Around my eyes needs transforming because since hitting 40 a few years back my eyelid
    tissue and surrounding area has lost its firmness and the ability to hold back the increased weight
    of the eyelid skin tissue. This would be a wonderful product to trial!

  43. I will be turning 40 next year and I would like to look and feel younger and have the smooth and healthy skin to show off

  44. Mummy Ariane Reply

    This product would do so much more than any cream ever could or will, and I have tried so many creams. This device would help with my wrinkles on my forehead and around my nose area. I am prepared to use it properly for the full amount of time required and am very happy to write in depth reviews.

  45. As I’m starting to age I am noticing my crows feet and my laugh lines, I don’t plan on giving up smiling so any help to improve my skin is a huge bonus.

  46. nuttyaussie Reply

    ive just hit the big 50 so before i get too wrinkly I would love to trial this!

  47. Johanne Stone Reply

    Being in my Mid 40’s plus the QLD weather has played havoc on my skin. Crows feet at the corners of my eyes and the look of tiredness on my upper lids. Also the horror that my cheeks left on a extended holiday down “South” without permission. Really need to plump and lift my cheeks, jawline and Chin and help my skin head North Again where those people have youthful appearances and the confidence when in public. We also need to let those “crows” know that they have to move on as they are not welcome anymore !!

  48. I would love to trial and review newa system, i have hit the big 50 and my skin is showing it. I have been told by my hubby that I would need a lot of bog to fix me…i would love to prove him wrong

  49. iv always cared for my skin and dont look to bad for 58,no matter how much care you take wrinkles will appear sooner or later and i would rather it be later,thats why i would love to try this to see if it is true to its promise

  50. Lara Hainsworth Reply

    Put the twinkle back in my eyes and help those wrinkles say bye and then die!!

  51. Claire H Simmons Reply

    my skin has been lacking my attention, i need to love the skin im in and give it a rejuvination

  52. Nicolle De Morton Hollis Reply

    I would like it for all the benefits listed and to improve my appearance

  53. Pamela Singleton Reply

    i would love to trial this Miracle product to get a new me look, I am so tired of looking tired and washed out, Bring it on, my arms are open wide!

  54. Tina Clausen Reply

    At 47 the fine lines around my eyes are starting to become more noticeable and a bit of rejuvination and good ongoing preventative skin care would be great to explore.

  55. Having past 50 I’m looking for new ways to get my youthful glow back.

  56. I love being a part of product trials and knowing my feedback will make a difference. I also like sharing my product experiences with others. Besides I finish Mat leave with 2 under too soon, so I’d like t Io look less hagged when starting back at work.

  57. Linda Brett Reply

    I really need all the help I can get, I have been on some very harsh medications over the last 5 years and it’s taken its toll on my poor skin, I just tired 50 in February, but my sister who is turning 54 in April looks so much younger than me now, so I would really love to test this wonderful product of yours, just to get some moisture and banish the fine lines I now have, I have always been very sun wise especially in Queensland. It would be nice just to have something special to use just on myself as its been a very tough 5 years. Thank you for the opportunity to trial your product.

  58. TanyaCrerar Reply

    I’m turning 40 this year and although I don’t feel old, it is becoming clear that I am no longer a spring chicken. The sudden and rapid onset of grey hair took me completely by surprise but I am enjoying the chance it has given me to experiment with various shades of colour. My skin however is a little more difficult to camouflage especially as I’m not proficient at applying make up. My husband has always maintained that I didn’t need to wear any make up because -his words not mine – I’m a natural beauty (can you see why I married him?) but I’m afraid that over the last 20 years, late nights and excess caffeine consumption caused by the arrival of three children have all taken their toll on my appearance. I would love the chance to trial NEWA and erase the fine lines and wrinkles that are currently taking a sledgehammer to my self confidence.

  59. Angie Dincer Reply

    As a busy mum of 4 children, with twin girls who have just turned 1, I barely have any down time where I am able to visit a hairdresser, let alone a beauty salon. When I do have a spare moment here and there, I feel guilty pampering myself and end up doing something for the kids instead – CRAZY!, I know.
    This is why it would be great to trial the Homedics Newa Skin Rejuvenating System.
    There are so many fad “treat yourself at home” products on the market, targeting time poor women, promising results that are too good to be true, that i have lost faith in these types of at home beauty regimes. Homedics however , a trusted worldwide brand has been known to create products that really work, so I am really keen on trialling this product.
    Time has slipped away from me after the birth of my twins and I feel like my face has gone with it – with the appearance of wrinkles that I thought I would never have, in my mid thirties.
    I’d love to really show off what this product has to give and provide an honest review to help other Mums in the same predicament at me, find relief in product that truly works, in the comfort of our own homes.

  60. Sandi Giles Reply

    Being a 44 year old paid carer, has taken it’s toll on my skin which I’ve been neglecting

  61. As I get older I am noticing those wrinkles, not only that but everyone around me are as well and they aren’t afraid of telling me how much older I look.

  62. Debra Black Reply

    When I look in the mirror now I see my mother …. Scary hey !! . Same lines around the mouth and the corners of the eyes !! .. Could be a photo of her at the same age !! I would love to just soften my face a little and no look so hard . Years of squinting because I won’t wear my glasses hasn’t helped !!

  63. As a child, I always thought my Nan looked like KFC chicken … I live in fear. The fear is real. Please don’t let me be KFC.

    Plus … 40 this year. Hold me.

  64. Narelle Rock Reply

    I am now in a job role which requires a lot of face to face contact with people, I would love to make sure that I look my absolute best every day

  65. Being a slightly older mum, I want to be one of the younger looking mums when I do the school pickups. This sounds like the perfect product to help me achieved that.

  66. I would love to look like I’ve had some sleep when I really haven’t!

  67. At the stage where I have tried a few different creams and oils, from low to mid cost. (I would need a massive guarantee to spend big bucks on a cream). I have got some results, this would be something I would love to try and review. I do believe something has to work before I start sticking needles in my face!!!

  68. Between hormones,pigmentation and sun blemishes I believe this new invention will finally give me the younger and fresher look ..

  69. mum2midget_terrorists Reply

    I have never used products on my face before, at 33 a mum of 5 year old twins and a 2.5 year old, and a nurse, I am starting to show signs of wear and tear! I would love to rejuvenate and freshen up my skin to make me look more youthful and less grumpy if that’s possible! lose the stress frown marks!

  70. Vija Leitis Reply

    I have that type of skin that will get sagging. It would be great to stop it before it gets troublesome

  71. stressless Reply

    having been blessed by not looking my age, it is finally catching up with me at 57…..would love to try something a little different that sounds as if it will make my skin look amazing

  72. Therese Roby Reply

    my skin is starting to feel and look very tired due to age, it is in desperate need of freshening up, Newa will definitely help with this.

  73. Ruth Laker Reply

    Trying to get healthier and fitter this would help with self confidence .. for me and my partner

  74. After 3 beautiful children and almost 10 years of marriage (let’s be honest the DH can add just as much stress

  75. I am over looking tired, haggered and like I have spent a day in the bath soaking!

  76. NEWA System sounds perfect. Recently turned 41 and the wrinkles just keep coming. The NEWA System looks easy to use and to have skin that looks & feels lifted, tighter along with removal of wrinkles is a dream.

  77. Antonietta Farrugia Reply

    One can never look too good at any age, as women we try to better ourselves always at everything.

  78. Annette Andreasen Reply

    After losing over 22 kilograms of weight and recently turning 40 my skin on my face has become loose, wrinkled and I feel i look older than I am. Anything that will help me look the way I feel, fit and healthy will be a bonus.

  79. Belinda Smith Reply

    After having bub, the sleepless nights combined with lack of time and money to look after myself means that my eyes have aged 10 years in 10 months. They are in need of rejuvenation!

  80. Lizzy Archer Reply

    I have always been a beauty product fiend. I find it really fun to try out all different skin, hair, and makeup products to see how they make me feel, and I’m constantly on a search for that one miracle product that will change my life (ha!!)… this could very well be the answer!!!!!!

  81. I have never really looked after my skin and now at 43 am starting to pay the consequences, would love to find that miracle cure to help lift my self esteem and give me more confidence. I hate looking like the grandma when I drop my kids off to school!

  82. I would love to improve the texture of my skin and control those sneaky laugh lines!

  83. I am an older mum who enjoyed the sun too much when I was younger and I don’t want to look like a hagged old lady when my daughter is 10! She’s 5 and already been asked a few times if I am her nana. HELP!

  84. Being a farmer & spending hours out in the wind & sun has caught up with me & turning 50 has seen me try various things to ‘rejuvenate’ my skin-this sounds perfect!

  85. I am currently looking for work – so any boost to my confidence at the moment would be an amazing help!!

  86. Annela Christie Reply

    Lordy lordy lordy….the Newa Skin Rejuvenation System is just what my tired and ageing skin has been searching for. My eyes. I want the twinkle bought back to them.

  87. I would like to try the system as I am looking for new products, my old product is just not working as well anymore!

  88. I am 32, I have creases around my eyes, on my forehead, between my nose and mouth & near my collar bones. I feel like these arrived suddenly & that I’m too young to have them lol.

  89. Trish Leonard Reply

    I am now in my forties (shock horror) and I want to age gracefully not quickly, lol.

  90. Paige Yang Reply

    I feel embarrassed when people ask my age because I look older than my age. Hope this system would get confidence back to me.

  91. Valerie Wee Reply

    My skin is getting dull and I need this product to make me look better and youthful. Let me try it!

  92. I have tried so many products at home and in salon. Nothing has really made a difference. I would be interested to see if this system really works.

  93. I’ve lost a little weight, which is great, but it’s left a slight sag under the chin. Love to fix that plus work on my fine lines (which aren’t so fine anymore!)

  94. I have a few Homedics products (foot massager, Neck massager, Back massager etc) and they work GREAT!! I love them, and I’d love to try the Newa Skin Rejuvenation System.

  95. Tania-Lee Davis Reply

    I have wrinkles on my chest, neck and around my eyes. OMG where are they coming from?? Hate them soo much!! I need this product to help me!!!

  96. Sounds like an avenue I want to venture down something to make my skin amazing

  97. Kerrie McDermid Reply

    Would love for my skin to look and feel younger, especially those fine lines that came out of no where

  98. Kirsten Goebel Reply

    Help! Please pick me! I have so many ‘not so fine’ lines around my eyes. I love to laugh and smile but I sure do smile with my eyes and it is taking its toll.

  99. Ive just turned 30 and Im really starting to notice my smile lines, especially when I wear makeup! Its not pretty 🙁

  100. Janelle Coster Reply

    Would love to be able to reduce the signs of ageing and my wrinkles so they don’t stand out as much

  101. Maria Braund Reply

    I have yet to try a cream on my face. As I get older, I feel I need to start somewhere but I don’t know what product to start with.

  102. Loredana Giannaris Reply

    As a busy, time poor and just plain poor mum of two, I’d celebrate having this magic machine to motivate me to love my skin.

  103. Carol Mason Reply

    If you want to see if wrinkles can reduce then I have the wrinkles for you ! plenty of them & I would love them to disappear & give you a honest review.

  104. Louise Patterson Reply

    I can give an honest opinion and use spell checker well. It’s my birthday this week and I don’t need more wrinkles to remind me of the new number that I’ll be.

  105. Stacey Miller Reply

    I have a few character lines, mostly because I’m so happy and smile all the time! I have started to see some deeper lines on my forehead, mostly surprise lines to see the grey hairs that go with the lines I think!

  106. I am told i looker younger than my natural age, but whoa the half century is looming, i need to wind back that clock as nature takes hold, i can just see Newa will become my next best friend to keep everyone guessing!

  107. I’m almost 40 and the lines and wrinkles are starting to form. I don’t want to look like my grandmother when I actually hit the BIG 4 0.

  108. I don’t have a skin routine as I have never been able to find a product I liked and that worked. I would love to give this one a go

  109. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I am so passionate about my skincare and have a routine I stick to, but would love to add another component that would complement my skincare products.

  110. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    It is a great skincare technology to do at the home, I love it.

  111. jane whelan Reply

    i’m 54 and have signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores and dry skin.. l would really love to try this out. l need something that works.

  112. Anna Erceg Reply

    Turning 40 this year & already starting to see fine lines & wrinkles coming up would love to try this out have been using creams but not doing a great job. Always on the look out for something that works Thank you 🙂

  113. Belinda Maher Reply

    Nearly hitting my 40s and my skin is sagging quite a bit around my face and have those nasty wrinkles and clogged pores and having 4 children it’s so hard these days to try and look after my skin with the cost of creams etc so this would be would be a fabulous opportunity to trial the newa skin system thank you and good luck everyone.

  114. Lindy Wellings Reply

    I’m close to 40, 2 years off and already I have too many fine lines around my eyes, saggy skin on my neck, my skin is more patchy in colour and is so dull compared to my 30 year old skin. My skin would adore this Newa skin rejuvenating system to give it back some life.

  115. Being a shift worker and lacking in sleep hasn’t helped the baggy eye look. Something has got to work, that I can bragg about to my friends and convince them that through lack of sleep I can still look great.

  116. I’m in my forties with a 29 year old partner and two young children, after years of working outside and living a full life, my face does not reflect the young person I feel inside.. I would love how I look to reflect how I feel about myself. The first area I would target would have to be the lines and crinkles around my eyes, from 43 years of laughing and smiling!

  117. There’s a big difference between clinically proven and marketing heresay- so I’d like to try this and have visibly NEWA looking skin!

  118. Rebecca Foster Reply

    I am in my 40’s now and I have always tried to look after my skin but alas I do have some wrinkles and more and more fine lines appearing. I would love to try NEWA and see a big difference in my fine lines, especially my laugh lines as I am always smiling.

  119. Elizabeth Agha Reply

    I’m getting old and am starting to see the lines, so i need some help from NEWA.

  120. I have an 11 year old,2 year old and 11 month old and the wrinkles are popping up as quick as the grey hairs lol!Would love a little assistance to help me age a little slower.

  121. I’m 50+ my bathroom cupboard is full of ‘miracle cures’ nothing I’ve used makes any difference. Not expecting to erase all trace of my facial road map, however a visible improvement would be appreciated.

  122. tasha walker Reply

    My skin had just been so lacklustre since turning 40 . I would love to trial this product

  123. vitasave 22 Reply

    my skin is very sensitive . i am using biosil which is good effect on me. these are very benefits

    reduced wrinkles and fine lines
    Thick, strong, healthy hair
    Strong nails
    Increased bone density and flexibility

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