Get ready for the BIGGEST show Australia has ever seen! Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular is touring Australia again!

Dinosaurs will once again roam Australian soil when ten species are represented from the entire 200 million year reign of the dinosaurs.  To celebrate, we’re giving away family passes to the show! 


The show includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the terror of the ancient terrain, as well as the Plateosaurus and Liliensternus from the Triassic period, the Stegosaurus and Allosaurus from the Jurassic period and Torosaurus and Utahraptor from the awesome Cretaceous period. The largest of them, the Brachiosaurus, is 36 feet tall and 56 feet from nose to tail. It took a team of 50 – including engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists and painters, and animatronic experts – a year to build the production.

The history of the world is played out with the splitting of the earth’s continents, and the transition from the arid desert of the Triassic period is given over to the lush green prairies and forces of the later Jurassic. Oceans form, volcanoes erupt, a forest catches fire — all leading to the impact of the massive comet, which struck the earth, and forced the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Get to see these 20 Dinosaurs in action with 10 separate species represented!

10 large dinosaurs

  • Plateosaurus – 10 ft tall x 31 ft long
  • Stegosaurus – 18.5 ft tall x 36 ft long
  • Allosaurus – 14.5 ft tall x 43 ft long
  • Brachiosaurus – adult 36 ft tall x 56 ft long and young 29.5 ft tall x 48 ft long
  • Ornithocheirus – Wing Span 38 ft
  • Ankylosaurus – 12 ft tall x 34 ft long
  • Torosaurus (2) – 13 ft tall x 30 ft long
  • Tyrannosaurus rex 23 feet tall x 42 feet long

5 suit dinosaurs

  • 3 Utahraptors – 8 ft tall x 14 ft long
  • 1 Baby T-rex 7 ft tall x 14 long
  • 1 Liliensternus – 7.5 ft tall x 16 ft long

2 baby dinosaur puppets

3 Baby Plateosaurus


National Tour Dates:

  • SYDNEY Allphones Arena – 18th to 22nd March 2015
  • MELBOURNE Hisense Area  – 25th to 29th March 2015
  • BRISBANE Entertainment Centre – 1st to 5th April 2015
  • NEWCASTLE Entertainment Centre – 9th to 12th April 2015
  • PERTH Arena – 17th – 19th April 2015
  • ADELAIDE Entertainment Centre – 23rd to 26th April 2015

Tickets on sale through or 132 849.

Here’s your chance to win a Family Pass to WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – THE ARENA SPECTACULAR!

Simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running. Share with your friends to increase your chances of winning!

To be in the running, simply complete the entry form below, answer as many answers as possible and the tickets could be yours!

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PLEASE NOTE:  We have 4 competitions running for 4 locations.



BRISBANE – Thursday 1st April at 7pm
BRISBANE: Win Tickets to “Walking With The Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular”


NEWCASTLE – Thursday 9th April at 7pm


NEWCASTLE: Win Tickets to “Walking With The Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular”


PERTH – Saturday 18th April at 7pm

PERTH: Win Tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs


ADELAIDE – Thursday 23rd April at 7pm


ADELAIDE: Win Tickets to “Walking With The Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular”


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  1. Sarah Phillips Reply

    My favourite dinosaur is a stegosaurus. I would love to take my kids to see this amazing show – the are huge dinosaur fans!

  2. Ilonka Bruce Reply

    Love the stegosaurus and pterodactyls and would love to take my husband and daughter who loves dinosaurs

  3. Anna Erceg Reply

    Love the baby T-rex! Would love to take my husband & daughter we love dinosaurs this would be amazing to see 🙂 Thank you for this great chance to win 🙂

  4. melissa Sharland Reply

    T-rex (my sons favorite) and I would have to take my son, he loves dinosaurs.

  5. we love the bracchiasaurus and i would love to take my two dino mad sons!

  6. I love the TRex, that big boy has such a presence and I’d love to see my daughters face when she encounters him for the first time.

  7. I love T-rex, his height and fierceness astounds me! I’d take my nana because she loves dinosaurs, she’d love to see this spectacular.

  8. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    Trex, is my favourite possibly the gentlest of all the Dinosaurs.

  9. Melanie A Welcoming Hearth Reply

    I like the Stegosaurus! I have two dinosaur mad little boys, who I would love to take. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Kia Winbank Reply

    Brachiosaurus!!! ever since my youngest sister was born she has loved the Brachiosaurus, we use to sit and learn everything there is to possibly know about all dinosaurs!! 🙂
    I would take my mummy, my daughter and my amazing sister!.. between my daughter and my sister their faces would be smile I could never forget <3

  11. Tina Clausen Reply

    I would love to take my friend Alec and his 9 year old son Devon. Devon has Cerebral Palsy and Alec has cared for him on his own since Devon’s mum died from breast cancer when he was just a few months old. My favourite is the huge and peaceful Brachiosaurus, though 9 year old Devon loves Tyrannosaurus Rex, lol

  12. Tina Clausen Reply

    Oops, accidentally did some entries for Adelaide too when I was scrolling back up. Only want entries for Brisbane Show. Not sure how to delete the Adelaide ones.

  13. Michelle Green Reply

    I love the Ornithocheirus. Flying dinosaurs are amazing! I’d take my husband and 2 step sons. They would love it! Right up their alley.

  14. Kristy Winters Reply

    Tyrannosaurus rex , I would take my 4 and 6 year olds and either my mum or my husband.

  15. T-Rex, I’d take my sister and my 2 nephews, they love dinosaurs.

  16. Amanda Casalanguida Reply

    Pteradon – my 8yr old would burst with excitement!

  17. T-Rex…the great -grandkids would be over the moon if they could see this!

  18. Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    Saber Tooth Tiger because I love wild cats like Lions and Tigers so I’ve always been attracted to this dinosaur.

    I would take my best friend with me as we are both big kids and we have been talking about going to this if it comes to Adelaide for years

  19. Sharee Ussher Reply

    The Diplodocus is my personal fav but T-Rex is both my boys favs. I’d be taking them & hubby of course

  20. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Plesiosaurus since I hope “Nessie” is proved to be one! My dino hunters would love to see ‘real’ dinosaurs instead of their bones in museums.

  21. Karen Treloar Reply

    Oh my GOSH saw review on TV looks amazing and something that my boys would just absolutely love and be a once off in a lifetime.

  22. Simone Valentine Reply

    Definitely the mighty T-Rex! My son has been Dino obsessed since he was 2, he would Love this show!

  23. John Halls Reply

    Good old Tyrannosaurus Rex has always been my favourite Dinosaur. I would like to take along my daughter and granddaughter, my son and his fiance and my ex-wife. Sometimes I feel as old as a T-Rex, so it would be great to see one up close and personal.

  24. Gemma Westacott Blair Reply

    My son’s like a baby T-Rex, cute so you can’t help but love them but their also mini-dictators, able to roar about what they want in an alarming loud way! So of course, I’d love to take him to see his alter ego.

  25. Nicole Woods Reply

    I’ve always been a fan of the Diplodocus. It’s something about their long and graceful bodies/necks. I’d take my nephew, who adores dinosaurs.

  26. Leanne White Reply

    Love all dinosaurs no matter what shape and size. Most of them I can’t even pronounce their names!! Master 9 would freak if we won tickets!

  27. Helen Hamilton Reply

    I think T-Rex although they are all fascinating, I would love to go to this have heard amazing things about it. I would take my daughter and my girlfriends little boy they would be blown away.

  28. Triceratops has always been a favorite of our 11 year old daughter, they all have their own traits along with being HUGE! We would take our daughter and her huge fascination with dinosaurs too.. What an awesome show it would be!

  29. hannah Gleeson Reply

    T-Rex is my boys favourite Dinosaur, the king of them all. They pretend to him, chasing each other around and scaring eachother when they roar!

  30. Rebel Wylie Reply

    I would love to take my son to see the Triceratops – it would be lovely for him to see that his mum is not always oldest vegetarian in the room!

  31. Mandy Spiero Reply

    TRex and I would take both my youngest children. These shows are so expensive so usually miss out!

  32. Just love to take my obsessed with dinosaurs 4 yr old son. He has ASD so this would really make his week!!!

  33. kathy clark Reply

    Herbisaurus, as my daughters dont eat meat either, so of course would take them

  34. Lisa Frankel Reply

    my son love Tyrannosaurus Rex – he calls them Sharp Teeth as he adores The Land Before Time

  35. Monique Shaw Reply

    My favourite dinosaur is a Tyrannosaurus Rex – king of the dinosaurs. I’d love to take my partner and 7 year old son, they’d have a ball!

  36. Pamela Singleton Reply

    T Rex I would love this for my daughter to take my grandsons, they would really love it.

  37. Belinda Mouk Reply

    The Brachiosaurus because of it’s sheer size weighing around 80 tonnes. I’d love to take my nephews aged 7 and 9.

  38. The velocoraptor, because it was one of the first feathery animals. My kids, 5 and 7 would love this as they already saw, and loved, the Erth dinosaur production

  39. Brachiosaurus as it’s sheer size is just incredible. Would be amazing to see on stage. Would take my inquisitive 5 year old daughter

  40. Narelle Rock Reply

    the Tyrannasaurus Rex, my little man loves this dinosaur because he is so big and dominant over the others.

  41. Kathryn Monaghan Reply

    T-Rex! Because he has silly little arms…. My 5 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son (if he could stay awake that late!) would love this.

  42. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’d take my son! My favourite dinosaur is the Velociraptor which was the size of a turkey and thought to have feathers!

  43. Debbie Moody Reply

    T- Rex is my grandson and my favourite Dinosaur and we are both hoping to see the show together because he’s such a good grandson to his nanny.

  44. Effie Diacos Reply

    My favourite dinosaur is the Ornithocheirus, because it was one of the largest flying creatures ever. I would be big, strong and able to fly! I would definitely take my two dinosaur mad boys who are aged 5yrs and 3yrs. Thankyou

  45. My boys love the T Rex! Would love to send them to this as they have both been so good while I have been in hospital for the past few months. They deserve a treat 🙂

  46. Rebecca Foster Reply

    The Brontosaurus is my favourite dinosaur and I would love to take my three grandchildren to the show

  47. Johanne Stone Reply

    I love the Tyrannosaurus Rex and so do my 2 rugrats. My miss 5 is obssessed with Dinosaurs at the moment. She has a huge collection of large Dinosaurs…Amazing – Would absolutely love to take my kids to the Brisbane Show

  48. Kim Morgan Reply

    I look up to the (Tyrannosaurus Rex) as he is ginormous, if I was lucky enough to win I’d take my friend & his son, to say (Thanks) for taking us to the Dinosaur exhibition at the WA Museum. (Roarrrrrrrrrrrr!)

  49. Jess Claes Reply

    I’ve loved the Stegosaurus ever since I was a child and got into dinosaurs! I collected all the figurines and fact sheet pages to put into my book 🙂

  50. I have always loved the sauropods (the long necks) – placid and gentle and they could see the world 🙂 my 2.5 yo son would squeal with delight through the whole show (he’s not speaking yet but he’s got a mighty good roar!)

  51. I would take my 7 year old daughter to the Perth show. Her favorite dinosaur is the pterodactyl because they fly like fairies.

  52. Nicole Leedham Reply

    Take the whole family, of course. TO see the pterodactyl

  53. Sarah Williams Reply

    I have always liked the brontosaurus, large and gentle. I would take my husband and two sons.

  54. Tyrannosaurus rex. I would love to take my son and nephew, they both love dinosaurs.

  55. My 3 year old answered enthusiastically with,”Grandma!!” Don’t think I’ll be telling grandma about that!!

  56. Jody Taylor Reply

    The baby Plateosaurus is our favourite and I would love to take my kids and husband, we rarely get to treat ourselves so this would be fun

  57. T Rex of course!! Taking my two grandchildren & husband to see creatures that
    are no longer walking this earth would be a tremendous learning experience for us all.

  58. Wendy Goss Reply

    Plateosaurus My husband and two sons would love to see these creatures in the flesh.

  59. They are all amazing! To think they once walked where we walk today. I would take my husband, daughter and one of her friends with me if I won

  60. Lynndell Richards Reply

    T-Rex and i would love to take my 9yr old Son as he has always loved Dinosaurs since he was a baby.

  61. Joanne French Reply

    The Brachiosaurus always was my fave 🙂 My son will love them!!

  62. The Ornithocheirus as my son doesn’t think that dinosaurs can fly

  63. My favourite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus and I’d take my son.

  64. My grandson is fascinated by dinosaurs, his favourite being the T rex

  65. Jen Longshaw Reply

    Brachiosaurus is my favourite! I’d take my brother, we’ve both loved dinosaurs since we were kids, especially watching Land Before Time.

  66. Nicole D'Agostino Reply

    My twin sons have always loved dinosaurs. I’d love to take them to see Stegosaurus because he has the fiercest body armour and spikes.

  67. Kate Marshall Reply

    My Grandson loves dinosaurs, he would love to see a T Rex….rooooooarrrrrr

  68. Alesha Green Reply

    My 5 yo son who loves T-Rex! He’s big and has sharp teeth.

  69. Allosaurous looks perfectly villanous and would thoroughly thrill my twoyearoldasaurous

  70. Louise Dyson Reply

    Our favourite dinosaur is Triceratops. We would take our almost 4 year old daughter who has liked dinosaurs as long as we can remember

  71. Definitely the tyrannosaurus rex! My son’s favourite toy dinosaur is his t-rex

  72. Claire Thrower Reply

    The Apatosaurus seems like the most friendly and mild mannered and not a meat eater, one you could pet at a dinosaur zoo. Would take my 2 beautiful kids and hubby would be fantastic day out.

  73. Wow dinosaurs galore, two very happy three year olds not to mention Grandma and Papa

  74. Brachiosaurus, still remember the iconic scene in Jurassic Park. I would definitely take my nephew and his friend who are dinosaur crazy at the moment.

  75. Triceratops is my favourite. I will deffinately be taking my hubby for a night away for just us two. No kids

  76. Id take my family, all of us would love to watch our favourite Triceratops – we loved them when they had the display at the WA Museum last year.

  77. Dreadnoughtus the largest dinosaur equivalent to 7 Tyrannosaurus Rex . I would take my 2 boys to immerse them into a world unknown and a world that once existed.

  78. Tyrannosaurus rex has always been a favourite. I would take my husband and two daughters as we all love dinosaurs and it would be wonderful to do something special together.

  79. T-Rex all the way for my kids- who I’d be taking. Seems mean to leave them at home as it’s family pass.

  80. Hels Leahy Reply

    My son loves Brachiosaurus , actually he loves them all! We would go as a family. My husband loves coming to all the shows!

  81. I love the Stegosaurus!! I would take my four year old son, he loves dinosaurs, this would be an amazing day out for him!! x

  82. Dorothy the Dinosaur of course! And I’d take my 9 year old step son and a friend of his choice

  83. Tyrannosaurus Rex. I would send my son with his grandparents. Way too scary for me.

  84. Brachiosaurus. I would take my husband and my two girls. They have loved the dinosaur exhibit at the WA museum and they would be so excited to see this one too. (so would the husband)

  85. Jo Kennedy Reply

    Brachiosaurus, what a jaw dropping sight at 36 ft tall and 56 ft long, I cant even imagne.I would take My husband and son,and his best friend from school.

  86. Caryn Turner Reply

    Triceratops is my favourite. I would take my son and his friend who just love dinosaurs!

  87. Quetzalcoatlus – we have a model of ‘Swoopy’ at home … largest flying animal in history … It would be amazing to see him in full-size, but we’d be happy with any pterodactyloids or pteranodons.

  88. The Velociraptors are our Favourite; they are sneaky little predators…small and deadly, and very cute! My Sons LOVE Dinosaurs

  89. Brachiosaurus, the giraffe of the dinosaur world! Would love to take my grandson, we both love dinosaurs

  90. Jenny Bartel Reply

    TRex’s is the one and only grandson as he loves dinosaurs

  91. Tyrannosaurus rex is just Awesome in so many ways and I would take Sam as I think it would be amazing tho see these guys on the stage.

  92. Our little one eats, sleeps and dreams dinosaurs. A T-rex it has to be (a not quite 3 y.o. abbreviation)

  93. Christy Parker Reply

    I love a T-rex just because it has such little arms and I get a real good giggle imagining all the things it can’t do! I’d love to take my 7yo step son. We have found it hard to bond and he’s in that stage when girls are yukky so this would be a real chance to show that I can be really fun too

  94. Marnie Phillips Reply

    I would love to see the Brachiosaurus, the gentle giant of the dinosaurs. I would (and I know my girls would too) be in awe of it’s immense size and it would be an unforgettable experience to see these “creatures” in action. I’d love to take the whole family (six of us) but if that was too many I’d take at least our youngest two girls, Sophie and Brianna.

  95. Tamara Moore Reply

    Brachiosaurus is my favourite and I’d take my family to see them.

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