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Apply to Review Tamar Valley Dairy Kids’ Greek Yoghurt with No Sugar Added!

It’s lunchtime and you’ve prepped a totally healthy meal for the kids. Add a yoghurt, and you’re done!

But, wait. Is this little dairy delight really that healthy for your little one? Well, if it’s Tamar Valley Dairy’s new range of Greek yoghurts (which are specially designed for kids), the answer is yes, very!

Really? How come?

That’s right. Tamar Valley Dairy just introduced something that health-conscious mums will adore – a kids’ yoghurt that is crafted with only premium ingredients, the first with no sugar added. Using milk sourced from local farms in the Tamar Valley region, this new yoghurt range is as good for your child as it tastes.

We know, you take care when cooking for your kids. You’re cautious when it comes to sugary sweet treats and tend to lean towards healthy options, such as yoghurt. That said, there are so-called healthy products, and then ones that are actually nutritious.

According to Accredited Practising Dietician Sharon Natoli from Food & Nutrition Australia,

“Latest research suggests that half of kids ages 2-3 years eat too much sugar, with 70-80% of this coming from added sugars, so it’s great to see a no sugar added Greek yoghurt option for kids in this age group.”

Natoli adds, “At this age, kids are still developing their taste preferences and experimenting with different foods, so offering a product with a lower level of sweetness has the potential to set them up for better eating habits later in life by adjusting their taste for sweetness downwards.”

What’s magical (in a totally nutrition-centered way) about Tamar Valley Dairy’s yoghurt is that it fits into the healthy-for-kids category, without sacrificing taste. So many ‘health’ foods taste like – well, health foods. They’re bland. They have odd flavours, or they’re far from anything that your picky, picky preschooler would ever dare to eat. Not so for this one!

Even though Tamar Valley Dairy says a big “NO” to added sugar, they didn’t skimp on the yum factor. With three flavours in the range (strawberry, vanilla and tropical) your choosy child won’t be disappointed and won’t turn her nose up when you offer her a pouch.

A pouch? Wait just a moment there – did we just say pouch? We absolutely did. This yoghurt doesn’t come in a cup. Instead, it comes in a squeezable pouch. #winning


Any mum who’s ever tried packing a cup of yoghurt in her child’s school lunch knows that it’s not exactly a joy-filled situation. Yoghurt cups take up more room than you’d like, they (obviously) don’t bend and you need to include a spoon.

These squeezable pouches easily pack up, making them perfect for lunch-boxes or even your own bag (for an on-the-go treat that your child actually asks for). And bonus, there’s extra blank space on the pouch to write your child’s name. Now Ella’s yoghurt won’t get mixed up with Oliver’s!

The yoghurt comes in 110g pouches and is sold at Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets. “Kids aged 2-3 years need at least 1½ serves of dairy foods daily to provide the nutrition they need to support growth and development, in particular for healthy bones, muscles, teeth and gums,” says Natoli.

“One Tamar Valley kids yoghurt provides half a serve of dairy, giving young kids a good start toward meeting their daily dairy requirements.”

Tamar Valley Dairy just introduced something that health-conscious mums will adore – a kids’ yoghurt that is crafted with only premium ingredients, the first with no sugar added. Let’s just say he loved it and didn’t notice the difference!



To celebrate the launch of these Australian first yoghurts, and because we love to hear what you’ve got to say, we’ve organised for a bunch of our readers to trial and review the range of Tamar Valley Dairy’s kids’ Greek yoghurt pouches and tell us what you think!

Here’s how it works: If you’re lucky enough to be selected, we’ll send you vouchers for Tamar Valley Dairy Kids’ Greek yoghurt. You’ll have 10 days for your kids to try the yoghurt. Snap some pictures of your little one’s eating the pouches and complete a short survey, with your honest and detailed feedback. That’s it! We’ll then compile a follow-up story and include your feedback so we can share it with our readers.

It’s that easy!

To apply, complete the application form below in full and we’ll be in touch if you’re one of the readers selected.

Apply to Review Tamar Valley Yoghurt

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  1. Avatar of rmckay01

    The less sugar my kids eat the better, and so many yogurts these days look heathy but are chock full of sugar 🙁 The flavours look really yummy!

  2. Avatar of Cate

    I used to purchase other fruit yoghurt for my son before I discovered how much sugar was in it. Since then I have purchased Greek yoghurt and added olives or cucumber instead. I would love to introduce fruit yoghurt into my sons diet again by trying Tamar Valley yoghurt-there’s no need for added sugar!!

  3. Avatar of Deborah Bolam
    Deborah Bolam Reply

    We all love yougart espically the kids but many brands have so much sugar in them which is not good

  4. Avatar of Kirsty Tooth
    Kirsty Tooth Reply

    No added sugar means a healthier options for my children. Generally yoghurt has so much added sugar (usually the same as a chocolate custard style cup)

  5. Avatar of Zuzi

    I love yogurt and I love fruit and mixing the two is just perfect, there is no need to mask the naturally delicious and sweet taste with added sugar.

  6. Avatar of Bianca A

    We all know the effect sugar can have on our kids. I’ve tried to make my own yoghurt before but the kids would not eat it. I love the idea of being able to grab a yoghurt off the shelf as a quick snack that isn’t full of sugar!

  7. Avatar of megan vuzem
    megan vuzem Reply

    Anything that is a healthier option will always be the first choice

  8. Avatar of Umi Ayyildiz Keskin
    Umi Ayyildiz Keskin Reply

    With all the nasties out there these days, a no sugar alternative is amazing to have, especially with all the known side affects of sugar consumption

  9. Avatar of Kim Morgan
    Kim Morgan Reply

    Monitoring sugar intake for my kids is getting more and more difficult. They find plain Greek yoghurt quite unpalatable, so to have a NSA fruit yoghurt available would provide so many wins in the lunchbox and general dietary intake stakes!

  10. Avatar of Phoebe Patsikatheodorou
    Phoebe Patsikatheodorou Reply

    To be able to offer a genuine healthy snack is great piece of mind

  11. Avatar of Eliebull

    I worry about the amount of sugar in convenience foods that kids eat, so a no sugar added yoghurt pouch sounds great.

  12. Avatar of sue perry

    Starting my little man on less sugar when he’s younger will help him with making healthier choices when he’s older

  13. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda Luczak Reply

    My children generally aren’t keen on Greek yoghurt unless it’s sweetened with a dollop of honey…even though Greek yoghurt is the healthier option. To see Tamar Valley Greek yoghurt with no added sugar in exciting flavours is enticing and exciting. Cute pouches for little children’s hands…too easy!

  14. Avatar of cat

    I love that they are in a squeezy pouch which seems to make them more fun. It will also make my kids more likely to try them. They will be having so much fun squeezing that they won’t notice that they are eating something healthy. I will also not feel so guilty about them eating it.

  15. Avatar of Maria.E

    The convenience of the pouches aswell as the fact that they are actually a healthy snack that I don’t have to be worried about giving my kids

  16. Avatar of amy gormley
    amy gormley Reply

    my kids love yoghurt but i hate that there is so much added sugar. Id love to be able to have something ready to go when im time poor (and what mum isnt) instead of getting plain yoghurt and adding my own fruit to it

  17. Avatar of Paul Taylor-Byrne
    Paul Taylor-Byrne Reply

    No added sugar. Gotta love that. Too much sugar in kids diet and it shows in behaviors.

  18. Avatar of MP

    There is sugar in just about everythign so it is nice to see a tasty snack without it.

  19. Avatar of Debbie

    I love that this yoghurt doesn’t contain any added sugar. One less thing I have to worry about when I’m shopping for them.

  20. Avatar of Rachel Ch'ng
    Rachel Ch'ng Reply

    Most yoghurt brands that market themselves for kids have so much sugar and artificial flavoring in them that is not needed by kids. No added sugar gives us parents more confidence that giving our children yoghurt as a snack is a good option. This will not be another one of those brands that “tricks” us into thinking that the yoghurt we are giving is healthy and not laden with sugar and artificial flavorings.

  21. Avatar of Sophia Vlake
    Sophia Vlake Reply

    It’s so rare to find a yoghurt marketed to kids that isn’t full of sugar. Can’t wait to try these!

  22. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    Be a good change for miss 6 if she likes it, something less sugary

  23. Avatar of joni

    I’d love to try an sugar free yoghurt and one made with premium Australian ingredients!

  24. Avatar of Aly Giannitto
    Aly Giannitto Reply

    No added sugar should be for all kids foods but sometimes it’s so hard to find convenient easy options without the additives. The pouches are always the must in our household so to finally have a sugar free option is fantastic!

  25. Avatar of Tennille

    that sugar free option will have me fling through the dairy section come shopping day!

  26. Avatar of Alisha

    It’s great to see a snack without sugar in it. My girls love yoghurts I can’t wait to try these.

  27. Avatar of Mandi Hodshon
    Mandi Hodshon Reply

    There is way too much sugar in our foods these days. As a parent of a child with ADHD, I am very strict on her diet as I have discovered this has a HUGE impact on her behaviour. No added sugar is great, she can enjoy a fantastic dairy snack without overloading her system. It’s great to see more products with no added sugar!

  28. Avatar of Kylie Servante
    Kylie Servante Reply

    Sugar Free Yoghurt is best as there are no added nasties. We get plenty of sugar through fruit (good sugar) but added sugars are just not necessary especially for our little mini me’s.

  29. Avatar of Paula

    Sugar free is amazing. It’s hard to find children’s snack products in the supermarket that aren’t packed with sugar.

  30. Avatar of Leanne Baker
    Leanne Baker Reply

    I love a healthy lunch box and breakfast for my daughter so yoghurt is always on the menu. I am really glad that I can offer her a no added sugar version of a product she loves. Win win!

  31. Avatar of Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones Reply

    My boys love yogurt. If I could find a no sugar added variety that they liked it would be fantastic.

  32. Avatar of Chont

    Great idea that a yoghurt company is finally not adding more sugar. That’s the very reason why I don’t buy kid’s yoghurt for them

  33. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    Currently my children only eat plain yoghurt with fresh berries as I don’t want them having any added sugars

  34. Avatar of Olivia

    I often place Greek yoghurt into my own reusable pouches but sometimes I just don’t have the time. It would be great to be able to buy them pre-done and still not have to worry about the sugar. Great to keep the kids quiet while doing the groceries I’ll bet!

  35. Avatar of Toni Armstrong
    Toni Armstrong Reply

    So much easier than making your own, no sugar will be one less food I have to worry about how much sugar is going to their little bodies

  36. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H Simmons Reply

    Yogurt thats yogurt, no added sugar- so you know that it tastes sweet without the not so much extra sugar treat

  37. Avatar of Lara Haynes Stewart
    Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    Yoghurt that has no added sugar is a bonus for me & my kids because I don’t have to worry about the sugar content with Tamar valley yoghurt ill take that over ones loaded with sugar

  38. Avatar of ElkeH

    So many things!!!! The time it wouod save from having to portion out regular sized tubs of sugar free yoghurt. The other squeezy packs have so many additives and sugars in them!

  39. Avatar of Rana Robertson
    Rana Robertson Reply

    There are so many products out there without kids health in mind id love to try and support a company that so

  40. Avatar of mandz_84

    Amanda Giffard. I love the fact I can quickly pack a healthier snack in my little girls lunch boxes that they will absolutely love to eat, all the while saving me precious time in the morning (and worry about high sugar levels, and unhealthy teeth) as I won’t have to scoop snack sized portions out of a large tub and mix it with fresh fruit! Love the simplicity and the flavours sound enticing too!

  41. Avatar of sars_angelchik
    sars_angelchik Reply

    I love the fact that these yoghurts mean that a healthy snack can still feel like something sweet/a treat without having all the unhealthiness of lots of sugar. I will feel good about giving it to my kids.

  42. Avatar of Catherine Howard
    Catherine Howard Reply

    no sugar in these yoghuts will make me feel less guilty giving it to my kid

  43. Avatar of Rebecca Young
    Rebecca Young Reply

    These sound really good, Love that they crafted with only premium ingredients and is a healthy option.

  44. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    The no added sugar is a massive incentive for me to buy this product, as I try to limit the amount of sugar my children have.

  45. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    What’s not to love. Our kids have only ever really had natural yoghurt so these are a great addition and will be fabulous for lunchboxes or outings.

  46. Avatar of Savannah Paul
    Savannah Paul Reply

    Finally a yoghurt pouch that isnt packed with artificial sugar. About time.

  47. Avatar of Gina Decapia
    Gina Decapia Reply

    Love that someone is actually marketing a product that kids would love without being loaded with sugar!

  48. Avatar of Chris

    It is great to know my children can enjoy yoghurt that is sugar free.

  49. Avatar of imeia

    We are trying to livesugar free lifestyle. With sugarfree yogurt i can rest assure my kids are having the benefit of yogurt without the negativity of sugar.

  50. Avatar of Nina Prior
    Nina Prior Reply

    I love that something can be marketed for children, as a treat and contain no added sugar. I feel like parents deal with so much guilt, feeding your child shouldn’t be part of that.

  51. Avatar of Lyndall Crisp
    Lyndall Crisp Reply

    I love that this is sugar free, I am always looking for foods for my children that contain ‘no or less’ sugar. Thanks 🙂

  52. Avatar of Toni Rowland
    Toni Rowland Reply

    I love the fact that yoghurt has become an even healthier treat/meal option for my child with no sugar.

  53. Avatar of xeike

    I love the fact that Tamar Valley’s Yoghurt Pouches have no added sugar. One less thing to worry about. Thanks.

  54. Avatar of Michelle Goslin
    Michelle Goslin Reply

    Love the fact there is no added sugar in this yoghurt. Can’t wait for my daughter to try this.

  55. Avatar of Amanda

    I love that I would be giving my kids something healthy, we love the convenience of yoghurt pouches but most of them have quite a bit of sugar in them.

  56. Avatar of Rachelle Seabridge
    Rachelle Seabridge Reply

    My kids love their “sucky yoghurts” and it’s great seeing a no added sugar option

  57. Avatar of Deborah Glorie
    Deborah Glorie Reply

    I think children get enough sugar hidden in their snacks so this is a great healthier alternative.

  58. Avatar of Ruth

    Always looking for sugar free snacks for my toddler, tooth decay in children is a real & scary thing!

  59. Avatar of Natina

    My son has now started acting out with certain foods depending on their sugar content, he also has problems digesting some dairies, so trialling him with another yoghurt that he may be able to finally eat would be fantastic so i could add something new to his limited selection of dairy and especially yoghurts.

  60. Avatar of Mel Hennessy
    Mel Hennessy Reply

    I love that it gives us the opportunity to feed our children something tasty and locally made, without worrying about added sugar. It’s difficult to find yoghurt or dairy products that are aimed at children (packaging etc) that don’t have extras in them that really aren’t necessary.

  61. Avatar of Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan Reply

    I love that it’s sugar free because sugar shouldn’t be in a child’s diet, these yoghurts sound amazing!

  62. Avatar of Melissa Maxine
    Melissa Maxine Reply

    With a baby and two school kids all with healthy appetites. I like to know as well as wholesome, filling food I’m giving them, but no added sugar is a bonus with all of the processed foods these days. Especially when still introducing new foods to a baby.

  63. Avatar of Emmaluff

    I have four kids and try to serve them only nutrional food, but with 4 kids i need some convience too! We already love Tamar products!

  64. Avatar of joburkey

    No added sugar is fantastic so we can keep healthier and being aussie made is such a bonus

  65. Avatar of Michelle Pratt
    Michelle Pratt Reply

    Knowing its low sugar & no added sugar is a big TICK yes, i like that its Aussie made & the potential to freeze them & eat them as a healthier dessert options versus ice cream is a big plus for us!!!

  66. Avatar of Vanessa

    Um… Durr no added sugar! Kids are pumped full of hidden sugar all day… Nice work Tamar Valley Yoghurt for making one meal easy 😉

  67. Avatar of Tamara

    No added sugar is amazing – yoghurts can be such a “healthy” trap!

  68. Avatar of julia

    It’s locally made. No sugar or low sugar is something I always try to give my kids. It’s sounds perfect for my kids.

  69. Avatar of carly

    it would be great to give my children this and feel guilt-free 🙂

  70. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie Wee Reply

    Fresh fruits with no sugar. It makes the best and healthy pack for kids to enjoy anytime.

  71. Avatar of catherine helbig
    catherine helbig Reply

    Its great as nearly all yoghurts designed for kids are packed with sugars especially added sugar. Its great to find a natural yoghurt thats no added sugar and only conatin the natural sugars from the fruits added

  72. Avatar of Katrina McAliece
    Katrina McAliece Reply

    I love that they’re getting their dairy intake without loading up on simple sugars

  73. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    There is more than enough sugar everywhere you look. What a great way to teach kids about healthy, tasty dairy options!

  74. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that there is no added sugar in Tamar Valley Yoghurt as it is just not necessary, the natural sugars from the fruit make it sweet enough for the kids and they are exposed to too many products with added sugar as it is.

  75. Avatar of Danzone

    I love that there is no added sugar, kids don’t need it, there is too much sugar in foods these days just to get kids to eat it.

  76. Avatar of Natalie

    We travel a lot. Minimum 1hr round trip for school, 7hr round trip for a big shop and that’s just the driving. Last thing I need is a sugar filled bunch of kids stuck in the car.

  77. Avatar of Alison OGorman
    Alison OGorman Reply

    Kids get enough sugar from a balanced diet there is no need for added sugar well done Tamar Valley.

  78. Avatar of Diana

    When giving your child something that is good for them like yougurt,what better way then something that has no added sugar!

  79. Avatar of Nicole Michas
    Nicole Michas Reply

    Added sugar is in so many things. Being able to use the convenience of squeeze packs but without being loaded with sugar. Winning!

  80. Avatar of Shell Sarah
    Shell Sarah Reply

    It’s hard enough trying to find “healthy” food for on the go times, instead of feeding our kids “junk” when out and about.
    Finding a yoghurt that’s has no added sugar, other than the contained fruit, and is easy to transport is a huge bonus.
    I also love the fact that this is a home grown product.

  81. Avatar of Claire Marie Hastings
    Claire Marie Hastings Reply

    I always am looking for the healthiest yoghurt so my kids can enjoy eating it more often. They would eat it every meal if i let them

  82. Avatar of Kristy

    I love that this yoghurt is in pouches for little ones to easily eat on the go and it’s so hard to find find premade healthy snacks not all parents can make extra time to make your own snacks and treats

  83. Avatar of Laura Higgins
    Laura Higgins Reply

    More natural taste, and I hope to see that is it not overly sweet like many other brands!

  84. Avatar of Kyzza84

    As a mum it is hard work shopping for healthy snacks for our little cherubs. It is great to know that Tamar Valley kids yoghurt is sugar free. It will definitely save me time in scanning through the ingredients.

  85. Avatar of Leisa Sandles
    Leisa Sandles Reply

    No added sugar is fantastic! I hate how everything these days is loaded with hidden sugars, from canned tomatoes to frozen vegetables, it really is disgusting. I am always trying to find healthy and natural products to put in my twin girls lunch boxes and these sound great!

  86. Avatar of Leanne Pickles
    Leanne Pickles Reply

    Always on the look out for healthy foods for myself and my family, aespecially my 2 year old so it helps that it has not added suger, we get plenty from the fruit alone.

  87. Avatar of Katrina McKee
    Katrina McKee Reply

    Having been raised with a diabetic sister it was amazing to learn just how much sugar is added to everyday products. With so many natural products already having natural sugars to add any extra sugar is unneeded which is why “no added sugar” on products such as this is a great idea.

  88. Avatar of Jennifer Worrall
    Jennifer Worrall Reply

    I love this brand. I eat it with my fruit every morning and now there is one for the kids. A brand I love and trust.

  89. Avatar of Tamara Moore
    Tamara Moore Reply

    That it is a children’s yoghurt in a squeezable pouch with no added sugar.

  90. Avatar of fiona

    An easy way to monitor the daily sugar intake without having to worry about added sugars. Awesome!

  91. Avatar of Rebecca Yangzon
    Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    easier more healthy way for kids to enjoy their fav snack perfect

  92. Avatar of Tina Kraja Was Nul
    Tina Kraja Was Nul Reply

    My Daughters kindy are Against the regular Packs of Yoghurt, too much sugar and not real fruit. My 2 year old also loves to eat many at once and thats probably because of the sugar addiction.

  93. Avatar of Milly Howells
    Milly Howells Reply

    I make my own Greek yoghurt and add blueberries for my kids but it would be lovely if I could buy healthy no added sugar yoghurt convenience packs from time to time when I just haven’t got around to making it!

  94. Avatar of Tracy Wood
    Tracy Wood Reply

    A great way for my kids to enjoy yogurt without having unnecessary sugar

  95. Avatar of marypreston
    marypreston Reply

    There is no need to add sugar to yoghurt, so I applaud Tamar Valley. There is sugar is so much these days. I know what yoghurt I will be buying in future.

  96. Avatar of Penny Wo

    I love that Tamar Valley had still thought about taste and attractiveness to the kiddies! While thinking about their health needs!

  97. Avatar of Julia Morton
    Julia Morton Reply

    I love that with no added sugar the range of flavours will still be a hit for my kids tastebuds

  98. Avatar of Samantha Cachia
    Samantha Cachia Reply

    I try to find the time to make my own yoghurt but with two kids it gets hard. I love the idea of a Greek yogurt with no added sugar so I can feel confident that I am giving my kids something yummy, healthy & easy for them to eat.

  99. Avatar of Tanya Berglund
    Tanya Berglund Reply

    Love a healthy kids snack that has no added sugar. It’s one less thing I have to worry about as I’m sure they’ll get sugar from somewhere else… My three kids are very much into clean living and are aware even at age 8 of what the sugar content is in products. My Miss 8 is constantly reading labels to check the ingredients and sugar content. Perfect for their lunch boxes or a snack on the run.

  100. Avatar of Rhiannon Lee Neate
    Rhiannon Lee Neate Reply

    We ove Tamar Valley yoghurt. My family are health concious and it’s so hard to find sugar free yoghurt!! It’s very exciting to have an Australia brand use a squeezy pouch. I look forward to giving the new range a go!

  101. Avatar of Paula Harris
    Paula Harris Reply

    This one definitely keeps us Mums happy, knowing there is no added sugar…..and the kids still love it for the taste

  102. Avatar of Pinar Krajcik
    Pinar Krajcik Reply

    I love tbat I can provide my daughter with yogurt that she loves that is more natural and healthier than other sugar filled brands.

  103. Avatar of Laura Powers
    Laura Powers Reply

    I always hate reading how much sugar in is my kids yoghurt this sound like a great product

  104. Avatar of Caroline Lissaman
    Caroline Lissaman Reply

    I love that I can indulge my son without dosing him with unnecessary sugar.

  105. Avatar of Mel

    I believe that natural sugar from fruit is all my little one needs!

  106. Avatar of Yvonne C

    So nice to have a healthy treat that doesn’t contain added sugar

  107. Avatar of Lisa Pang

    love a treat without added sugar, kids would think these a treat too

  108. Avatar of Lauren G

    I really like that they could have a treat without me feeling so guilty!

  109. Avatar of Katie Sara Winderlich
    Katie Sara Winderlich Reply

    No added sugar is what everyone wants in foods now days. Sugar is such a worry, so as a mother, this would be the perfect snack for my daughter! 🙂

  110. Avatar of Alicia Bardsley
    Alicia Bardsley Reply

    As a nation, we are all eating far too much sugar. Well done Tamar Valley

  111. Avatar of melinda nardella
    melinda nardella Reply

    I love that I can eat to the whole tub of Greek Style No Added Sugar Mixed Berry Yoghurt without feeling guilty! (That’s the large 700g tub! – Don’t tell anyone!)

  112. Avatar of Cinnamon May
    Cinnamon May Reply

    My daughter is a squad gymnast and is not allowed to bring any processed foods or sweet treats or foods containing sugar and other nasties for her snack… this would be perfect and would have her coaches approval! 😉

  113. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love the idea of no added sugar because it means my kids arent getting extra additives they dont need, and no terrible crazy sugar high!

  114. Avatar of Mon Hardy

    There is enough artificial additives in foods and i strongly believe that yoghurt should be as natural as possible.

  115. Avatar of Williams Mel
    Williams Mel Reply

    I would love to try as my kiddies are best at telling me what’s yum or not

  116. Avatar of merlest

    I’d love my son to try a healthy, tasty alternative that will fit well in his lunchbox as well as being a delicious dessert.

  117. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    NO SUGAR ADDED, wow don’t tell the kids as they enjoy this yummy dessert

  118. Avatar of g

    no sugar added is always a good thing if you ask me…now i need to ask the kids.

  119. Avatar of sharon

    I love the no sugar way as I would encourage my kids to eat less sugar foods and to stay healthy with their choices

  120. Avatar of Nicole

    I’ve learnt over the years to thoroughly read labels because there can be a lot of hidden nasties. I love that this yoghurt not only has no added sugar, but Tamar Valley haven’t added anything that I would not feed my son or myself.

  121. Avatar of Lisa N Littlies
    Lisa N Littlies Reply

    I love that having no sugar means NY kids can have a healthy snack anytime they want and I know it won’t cause tooth problems, and its good for them. I don’t like my kids having sugar, not just for their teeth but for other health issues that could occur like hyperactivity or weight issues

  122. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina Ainscough Reply

    I love that I can finally prove to my children that not everything yummy has to have sugar in it!

  123. Avatar of Bayside Mum
    Bayside Mum Reply

    I like to give my kids a healthy treat that I don’t have to feel guilty about and that won’t compromise their health. They love yogurt, so got this one!

  124. Avatar of Brooke

    I can feed these yogurts as part of a really balanced and healthy diet without kidding myself or my children!

  125. Avatar of Kate Marconi
    Kate Marconi Reply

    No added sugar yoghurt is perfect for my daughter as I want her to have healthy enjoyable snacks.

  126. Avatar of Naomi

    It means my little one can enjoy yoghurt and I don’t have to worry about the sugar content.

  127. Avatar of Calisto Brady
    Calisto Brady Reply

    Yes Please! No added sugar with an awesome taste is the new food revolution 🙂

  128. Avatar of Angela Rutherford
    Angela Rutherford Reply

    I just think it makes sense that kids and adults have a sugar & sweetener free option with fruit rather than just plain.

  129. Avatar of Luize

    We have too much added sugar in our diets. Reducing the amount will make us healthy and happier.

  130. Avatar of Emma Clark
    Emma Clark Reply

    My girls love strawberry yoghurt, so the no added sugar option sounds great. It’s very hard these days to find foods that are convenient and yet still healthy.

  131. Avatar of amandagorton
    amandagorton Reply

    I love that Tamar Valley yoghurt keeps kids active without sending them HYPERactive!

  132. Avatar of Belinda

    What’s not to love about a healthy snack with no added sugar?!

  133. Avatar of Reesy Dempsey
    Reesy Dempsey Reply

    Two boys who’s insanity levels spike at the thought of sugar, and a teenage girl who is very health aware this sounds like it will help keep the kids added sugar levels down


  134. Avatar of Kim

    Always on the look out for low/no sugar snacks that the kids like and will eat

  135. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    No added sugar
    means less tooth decay for her
    Fresh flavours that create the taste
    means healthier family without the waste
    Fruit and dairy in a pouch
    No mess and no sugar high Grouch

  136. Avatar of Liz Wylie

    There is enough sugar in our diets that I’d love to be able to give my family a product with no added sugar that still tastes great 🙂

  137. Avatar of Tayw

    I don’t have to think twice about feeding my children Healthy sugar free food.

  138. Avatar of Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess
    Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    Real fruit flavour in a great tasting yoghurt with no nasty excess sugar. All that a mum can ask for.

  139. Avatar of Mel Hill

    Kids get enough sugar these days, they dont need anymore. My kids think yoghurt is a special treat, it would be even better without sugar

  140. Avatar of Shaleah Campbell
    Shaleah Campbell Reply

    We all love our natural healthy, no added sugar yoghurt and are very excited to finally have an easy convenient option for the little ones!

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