Adorable Couple Brings Hope to Mums Who’ve Had Miscarriages

You spent years on birth control, trying to avoid getting pregnant. And then the day came when you were finally ready to be a mum!

But, as it turns out, life it’s always as predictable as we’d like and miscarriage is a common reality for many couples.

When Nathan and Angela decided to conceive they found out the hard way that getting (and staying) pregnant isn’t always easy. It took three miscarriages before this couple could finally see their baby dreams come to reality.

Roughly 1 out of every 5 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, according to the Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

Nathan and Angela experienced their first miscarriage soon after telling just about everyone they knew about the pregnancy.

 During their first ultrasound, the couple was told that the baby inside had no heartbeat. What should have been one of the happiest times of this couple’s life turned into a surgical procedure. Following the ultrasound, the mum-to-be was told she’d need a D&C (dissection and curettage—to remove the foetus and remaining tissue).

After healing, she got pregnant—again. And, yet again she had a miscarriage. Then the couple found out for a third time that they were pregnant. Again, Angela miscarried. At this point they began wondering if they would ever be parents.

They were so disappointed and saddened by the pregnancy process (and three miscarriages), that they decided to stop trying. Two days later Angela found out that she was pregnant. Not wanting to get anyone’s hopes up, they kept the pregnancy a secret. It wasn’t until they saw the heartbeat, had genetic testing and actually got to watch their growing baby girl moving around inside of mum’s belly that they told their parents.

miscarriageThe couple set up video chats with the unsuspected soon-to-be grandparents. As they raised the screen (and camera) on their laptop, they revealed an, “It’s a girl” sign.

miscarriage and why you need to speak upThe happy couple is (as of the time they made the video) 18 ½ weeks pregnant—and counting! If you’re struggling with miscarriage or fertility issues, this cute couple’s story shows that it can work out. You aren’t alone, and you’re not the only woman who is struggling. It may feel like it, but in reality there’s a caring community of mums who share your pain, sadness and eventual joy! Just watch the video and see for yourself.


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