Thought Australia’s favourite iconic Arnott’s biscuits couldn’t get any better? NEWS FLASH: They just did.

This is not a drill folks! Just when I thought I was content scoffing the kids’ Easter eggs, Arnott’s come and blow me out of the water with their brand new chocolate blocks encasing my all-time favourite biscuits.

Yep, you got me GOOD Arnott’s with this new twist on the classics.

Famous for their drool-worthy biscuits, Arnott’s have launched their very own chocolate range. YES, CHOCOLATE!

Let The Supermarket Stalking Commence

The release is garnering a whole lot of tasty excitement, but we do have a teeny tiny wait. It’s set to hit supermarket shelves next week so I’m all set to continue this week’s chocolate-fest into next week. Awesome.

What’s Your Flavour?

The all new Arnott’s chocolate range kicks off with FIVE delicious varieties of a 170g ‘family sized’ chocolate blocks. All the favourites are here … from Wagon Wheel to Ginger Nut, they’ll keep both kids and grandparents happy. That said, I’m hoping none of my kids will be partial to the Jatz block, saving me from having to share. Yummm.

Here’s the low down on the flavours (just so you can plan your tasting board, y’know). WE’VE GOT YOU BOO.

  • Iced Vovo Milk Chocolate Block – milk chocolate with crunchy biscuit, coconut and dotted throughout with raspberry jellies.
  • Scotch Finger Milk Chocolate Block – the all time favourite buttery, crunchy Scotch Finger biscuits covered in milk chocolate.
  • Wagon Wheel Milk Chocolate Block – marshmallow, raspberry-flavoured lollies and biscuits in a chocolate block. YES PLEASE.
  • Ginger Nut Dark Chocolate Block – delicious nutty, spiced ginger biscuits smothered in decadent dark chocolate.
  • Jatz Milk Chocolate Block – classic savoury cracker pieces combined with milk chocolate. Think chocolate covered pretzels-ish.

If you think you’d like a more portion controlled approach (who are we kidding) to the introduction of this taste sensation, Arnott’s also have 45g chocolate bars available as well as the larger blocks.

I for one am sincerely hoping these chocolate blocks aren’t some kind of limited edition sorcery and will remain on supermarket shelves as a permanent line. I’m going to take my sweet time sampling all flavours. I jest. We all know I’ll be buying ALL flavours at once, just in case I miss out. #FOMO

Arnott’s aren’t the only ones rocking the chocolate world, the scrumptious purple wrapped hero, the Polly Waffle is making a comeback! Furthermore, we have a STACK of desserts you can make using chocolate bars. Give it a crack!


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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