Polly Waffle is BACK and We Have Zero Time For Any Other Chocolate Bar. Ever.

No beating around the confectionery aisle, this is serious news. The world’s greatest chocolate bar, the Polly Waffle is making a comeback. I know, get excited people. It’s REALLY happening.

And as a South Aussie, I’m proud as punch that it’s my state that’s making this chocolate covered, marshmallow filled wafer log goodness happen again.

As it turns out, once something is gone, it’s not ALWAYS gone forever. Just as well, I’d hate for my kids to miss out on experiencing the Polly Waffle for themselves.

After a 10 year hiatus, the legendary chocolate bar of my youth is making its way back on to supermarket shelves. And it’s all thanks to South Australian company, Menz (the company responsible for just as delicious Fruchocs that also recently brought back the Violet Crumble).

If you don’t live in SA, you probably don’t know Fruchocs. They’re chocolate-covered peach and apricot balls that are HUGELY popular with us SA mob. And here’s something you might not know about the Polly Waffle. They first rolled out of the Melbourne Hoadley Chocolate factory and into Aussie mouths back in 1947.

Mmmm, Crunch, Aah!

The marshmallowy chocolate bar is back using the original recipe that Nestle shelved back in 2009. They’re even using baby boomers as taste testers to make sure it tastes the same. And you’ll be able to find it at supermarkets, servos and milk bars very soon. Yippee!

Robern Menz says “There are kids and even young adults out there who don’t really know what a Polly Waffle is and haven’t tasted it before, but there are also many devoted fans who have been campaigning hard for its return”. Which frankly, just goes to show the power of the people who are passionate about their chocolate snacks.

Anything dressed in a purple wrapper gets top marks from me. I can’t wait to see both Polly Waffle AND the very handy bag of bite-size Violet Crumble bars in a supermarket this year. Brilliant work Robern Menz!

There’s no debate. The ultimate 3pm pick me up is a Polly Waffle washed down with a can of Tab. Who’s with me in rallying for that delicious fizz to come back?

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