Arnott’s Pizza Shapes Announces a Return and the Crowd Goes Wild!

Let’s face it. You’re a shapes lover – be it BBQ, Pizza, Cheese and Bacon or Cheddar – you (and your kids) absolutely loved them. That was, until they changed the damn recipe!

New and improved you say?  What the?!

arnotts shapes new and improvedNoooooooooo! You couldn’t believe it. Poof, just like that they were replaced with the new recipe that just either didn’t cut the mustard or were deleted altogether (as was Pizza Shapes fate!)  You were outraged. And, so it seemed was just about everyone else.

Okay, so it’s not like all of the biscuits were pulled. Only the original pizza flavour. Other flavours, such as BBQ, Savoury and Chicken Crimpy stayed put but had a ‘new and improved recipe’. So did a new range of flavours, including Cheddar, Cheese and Bacon, Roast Chicken and Nacho Cheese.

They did however change some recipes and consumers were outraged!  Did this equate to the bottom line … let’s see.

Global communications manager for Arnott’s, Nicky Thomson, told, “While we have seen small declines on some flavours, by and large, most Aussies are happily buying the new Shapes range.”

Even so, the company is bringing the Original Pizza flavour back. After discontinuing it back in April (Thomson sites customer feedback wanting more flavour as a reason), Arnott’s is now announcing that the much-loved Pizza Shapes flavour will make a return. So, does this mean that they’re abandoning all of the new choices? Not necessarily. But, there’s always the possibility that it could happen.

Thomson says, “It’s up to the retailer, but absolutely. What we have on the shelf is dictated by what people buy.”

Now you’re wondering, “Just how soon can I get my hands on the Original Pizza Shapes?”

The Arnott’s fave flavour is coming back this week! Before you break out your happy dance (and in the process, totally embarrass your kids), some stores may not stock up the treats right away. According to Arnott’s website, it may take a month (or possibly more) for the product to be distributed nationally.

When the discontinuation of the favourite flavour exploded all over the media, many happy customers were suddenly stricken with an unexpected sense of snacking sadness. Obviously, the re-introduction of the Original Pizza flavour turned all of their frowns around. But, some thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt. Pulling, then quickly bring back, a beloved biscuit? Could it possibly be not so on-the-level? The company insists that there’s no stunt here.

Sales spiked as the company announced their new range. Even though sales of Original BBQ went down by 34%, sales of the other old varieties and the new range (in total) went up by 24%. Despite the decline in Original BBQ sales, when it was rumoured that the flavour would have a major overhaul, customers began stockpiling them. Not only did they nab up box after box, but they also began selling them on eBay.

Boxes of the Original BBQ were listed for as much as $1,000 on eBay!

arnotts bbq shapes ebayLikewise, boxes of the Original Pizza were auctioned off on eBay – but, not for the same super-crazy-high prices. Some were listed for $25, and others for $50.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to browse online or pay ridiculous prices to get a taste of your (and your child’s) favourite treat. Just go to your local grocery store! That is, unless the company pulls them again. But, we don’t really think that will happen. At least, not now.

So that brings me to the next point, when are you bringing back the ORIGINAL BBQ SHAPES?

Who’s with me here?!

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