The a-PAW-rable (see what we did there) pups we all know as the PAW Patrol are back and ready for action/on a roll/on the case.

Score your family tickets to the must-see show and surprise your pre-schooler! We’ve got seven family passes up for grabs for fans across Australia.

Arriving on stage this month, the Paw Patrol team have a brand-new,  action-packed and music-filled production – PAW Patrol Live! ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’. And they’re coming to a city near you! 


Catch Paw Patrol in your Local Area

PAW Patrol Live! ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’ makes its Aussie debut in Sydney, on Saturday, 19 May, 2018 before finishing in Brisbane on 17 June 2018.

Tickets are on sale now through Ticketek for all cities. Or, simply scroll down for your chance to win a family pass (4 tickets) to the event in your local area.

  • Sydney, NSW ICC Sydney Theatre, International Convention Centre | Sunday 20 May 1.00pm
  • Newcastle, NSW Newcastle Entertainment Centre | Wednesday 23 May 1.30pm
  • Adelaide, SA AEC Theatre | Monday 28 May 1.30pm
  • Perth, WA Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre | Sunday 3 June 1.30pm
  • Geelong, VIC Geelong Arena | Thursday 7 June 1.30pm
  • Melbourne, VIC Margaret Court Arena | Monday 11 June 1.00pm
  • Brisbane, QLD Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre | Sunday 17 June 1.30pm

Still image from PAW Patrol Great Pirate Adventure 2
An all new adventure

This new adventure sees Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky and Zuma back on the beat. This time they’re racing to save the highly accident prone (and slightly eccentric) Cap’n Turbot, who has fallen into a dark and mysterious cavern during preparations for the Adventure Bay Pirate Day.


After rescuing the captain, the pups discover a secret pirate treasure map which leads them on an epic adventure. They’re not the only ones after the gold though. Sneaky Mayor Humdinger is also on the hunt to try and bring fame and fortune to poor old Foggy Bottom.

The show is designed for preschooler attention spans, so it’s an easy-to-sit-through length and there’s an intermission in the middle to refuel the kids and take a toilet break! So important!


Want to go? Here’s your chance!

Simply fill out the form below and you’re in the running to win one family pass (four tickets, valued at $149 per pass) to see PAW Patrol Live! ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’ at your local venue.

Fill out my online form.

Visit the PAW Patrol Live website for more information and exclusive ticket pre-sale details for your city. And make sure to follow Mum Central on Facebook to keep up with all the fun shows and events for kids.


Naomi is 3/4 latte drinking, peanut butter obsessed former magazine girl who now does stuff with words for a living while juggling 2.5 kids, 2 cats, 1 rabbit, husband and an unhealthy obsession with slow cooking.


  1. I’m a stay at home Mum and my WHOLE DAY is filled with Paw Patrol. My 3 year old would have the time of his life if we went to this show

    • My son can barely talk but has learnt to say “paaorrtttrol” and finish off the line “chase is on the” CASE. He runs to any child wearing paw patrol gear and says”paaorrtttrol” it’s the cutest thing. He also looks down at his chase clothes and pats himself saying “paaorrtttrol”. Last weekend I made him a Chase vest with the badge, tail, backpack, ears and cap & he hasn’t taken it off. He is paw patron’s smallest number one fan!

      • Barbara Fehmel Reply

        I am a great
        grandmother of a 3 year old boy who is completely consumed with “pAW PATROL” this is all he talks about when I see him. e will sit entranced while that is on the Television it is the only time in the day that he is still and silent. Do hope I win the tickets for him.

    • My 4 year old son loves Paw Patrol, it is great for him as he has speech delays.

    • My four year old daughter loves watching Paw Patrol and playing with her Paw Patrol pups. She would love seeing the show even more.

    • My 4 year old and 6 year old son love paw patrol and this would be an amazing surprise for them.

    • Amanda-Jane Snell Reply

      My little men would love if I was lucky enough to win this prize as they are all Paw Patrol obessed <3

    • My 6 yr old daughter loves paw patrol. Before she started school it was all she would watch. Her favourite character is Skye and Everest.

    • Isabelle S Reply

      My girls are in love with Skye and the paw patrol team and would love to see them in action live.

    • Katharin Jenei-Pinter Reply

      Wow ! Our Son would LOVE this awesomely tremendous opportunity to learn, have fun & enjoy this super exciting adventure. Thanks so very much

  2. I would love to take my partner, son and niece to this. We are Paw Patrol family (at the very strict instruction of our son)

  3. Christie Cottren Reply

    My kids are paw patrol mad and this would really make there year and to win this for my kids would be so amazing.

  4. Danielle Patel Reply

    Would love to take my 3 year old son who is obsessed with paw patrol!

  5. My daughter is obsessed so get us on a roll to paw patrol!! Def need to get there on the double then we will be ok lol xxx

  6. Pup-tastic time we would have, together as a family watching skye fly high.
    To see Ryder and the paw patrol pups in action would be suPUPerb!

  7. Natalie Lucas Reply

    I have 2 paw patrol obsessed sons! 3.5 & 2 years. They would absolutely lose their minds if we were able to go!

  8. Rebecca Knott Reply

    I think this would be the perfect way to introduce my kids to live theatre! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  9. Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    I have a very obsessed two year old who’s first word was troll as in paw patrol. It came before mummy and daddy

  10. Joel small
    My kids love paw patrol and they would love to see the show!

  11. Tiarna Stafford Reply

    Well this would just be the thing that makes my sons year! We live in a tiny rural town about 7 hours from Sydney. We never get any opportunities to see kids shows out this way and have to travel 3 hours to get to the nearest kids show. I would absolutely love to win this and take my family of two little Paw Patrol obsessed boys and my husband and I to Sydney to see this show. Not only would it allow my boys to see a big bustling city like Sydney but they would able to finally see their favourite characters up close and personal!

  12. I can hear my son now oh I love it Mum I just love it. He is 2 with the biggest heart and is always so thankful for everything

  13. I would love the tickets for my neighbor. I am taking my girls already. But its my neighbors sons birthday end of June,and it would be great for our families to have a day out together celebrating.

  14. Kara osullivan kiely Reply

    My kids live paw patrol and would love this amazing opportunity to see their favourite characters live. This would make their dremas come true.

  15. Elizabeth Denholm Reply

    My little girl Ella (3years) is not named Ella anymore, her new name is Chase. She can word for word tell you the story line for 4-5 episodes. Which is pretty amazing in my book considering she is only allowed to watch one episode per day. Seeing the real Chase would blow her mind and be beyond incredible for this Paw Patrol pup in training.

  16. Would love to win for my 3yr old daughter she absolutely loves Paw Patrol but unfortunately we cannot afford the tickets this would just make her year to win these tickets

  17. Bianca Bonakey Reply

    Miss 6 loves Skye .. so she would go bananas to see this live show .. it’s such a great show

  18. I would love tickets to take my daughter and a friend of her choice. We missed out on the wiggles show much to her devastation as I was sick (twins on board). We would LOVE tickets to see paw patrol as they are her FAV and she so deserves to go.

  19. We would love to see our favourite Paw Patrol pups in action along with their newest recruit Tracker who will be perfect to help find X barks the Spot! Paws crossed for everyone x

  20. Kathy Ostapenko Reply

    My little nephew adores Marshall. Everything he possesses is red because that’s Marshal’s colour. He is so gorgeous and I love to win tickets for Gina and his little sister th see Paw Patrol

  21. I have 2 amazing boys that I babysit for who would love to see Paw Patrol live, this would definitely be a dream come true for them! And I must say I am a big fan of them as well after all the episodes I have watch! Lol

  22. My 3.5yr old is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol and this would absolutely make his year!! He has never been to anything like this before so it would be a real treat! ❤

  23. My boys absolutely LOVE Paw Patrol,
    Their excitement they wouldn’t be able to control!
    A puptastic show with a-paw-rable pups,
    A great pirate adventure would get their thumbs up!
    We’d be their on the double,
    Without it we’d have trouble!!

  24. NeeNee Cherry Reply

    Would love to take my grandson and granddaughter, they think Paw Patrol is ‘simply the best’ They continuously watch their DVD’s. Must nearly have worn them out

    • julia pastuhovs Reply

      Yes please!! would love to take my paw patrol mad son and his little cousin who have been paw patrol obssessed the last few years ♡

  25. Kate Marconi Reply

    I would love too win this as a surprise for my daughter who loves paw patrol so she can h a special treat for being a great big sister (new baby arriving next week)

  26. My daughter loves paw patrol, and it is the only show my just turned one year old watches! We would love to win tickets to the show!

  27. Kate Marconi Reply

    I would love to win this prize to give my daughter a special treat for being a great new big sister – a new baby arrives next week and it will be a big adjustment for her and I would love her to have a special day out.

  28. Our Chase is on our case,
    To get down to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre at alarming pace.
    His heroes on stage is a dream come true,
    Missing out would leave him feeling ever so blue!

  29. Elizabeth Basadur Reply

    I would love to win the tickets for my three boys. We’ve had a tough time with losing my husband recently and this would be lovely to cheer them up.

  30. My daughter would absolutely love to see Paw Patrol and it would bring the biggest smile to her face.

  31. Rena briggs Reply

    I would love to win theses tickets and take my 2 and a half year old daughter to her first show. She is obsessed with everything paw patrol and can recite every characters catch phrases

  32. My little ones are Paw Patrol crazy. They make up games with the pups every day and have so much fun together and with their pawsome mates. They miss seeing the pups on telly each morning and I know they would simply adore to go, however we couldn’t afford tickets when they were released.

  33. Felicity Attkins Reply

    My 2 year old son loves everything Paw Patrol – he has even convinced my Mum that it’s the best show, so much so that she wants to take him to the concert. I’d love to give them that opportunity.

  34. Amy Kitney Reply

    My son would love to see the show and be able to interact rather than on a screen!

  35. I would love to win this for my 2 babies. My 4yr old has started kindy this year and she and my 2.5yr old son now miss each other terribly on kindy/daycare days as they now are a separate locations. This would make their day and allow them to have a greatvtime together to make great lifetime memories.

  36. Sarah Mullen Reply

    My little boy turns 4 in June and this would make an awesome birthday present for him. He loves watching Paw Patrol and his favourite is Marshall because he drives a firetruck ☺

  37. My 3 year old son and hubby watch paw patrol together on Sunday mornings, it’s his favourite show. I have just had a brand new baby and he is feeling a bit down missing out on mum time and I know it would make him so happy to see his hero Chase on stage.

  38. sandie west Reply

    my little boy is almost 4 and LOVES paw patrol ! this would be the best present for him!!

  39. Natasha clake Reply

    My nearly 3 year old daughter loves paw patrol. She would really love some time away from her new baby brother to enjoy her favourite show live on stage.

  40. DanielleTiarne Reply

    My daughter has began to love paw patrol since meeting my partner and his Son 2months ago. They bought my daughter her first Skye plush toy, now she can’t get enough! Paw patrol everything, loves her Skye. When we do things together even going for a drive along the beach her and my partners son bring their plush toys Skye and Chase along, it really is the cutest thing they don’t go anywhere without them this would make their whole year! Would be amazing to do our first little trip away together to see Paw Patrol as a little family

  41. My little boy is paw patrol mad! He loves Marshall the most, he has a toy he sleeps with every night and he would sooo love to see him in real life with his ‘cute little fluffy white tail’! To see his face while he watched the show would just be the best!

  42. I would love to take my son to see Paw Patrol. He is such a wonderful brother to his sister (who had a disability) and understands that quite often the attention needs to be on her. It would be great to win this experience and give him the attention he deserves.

  43. Vanessa Lee Reply

    My youngest birthday is a few days before this event and she would absolutely go crazy for this show!

  44. We would love to take our son Layton for his 4th birthday in June he is absolutely obsessed with paw patrol we are a family of 4 and would not be able to afford this. what an absolute dream day this would be for us.

  45. I work from home and have a 2 year old, if it weren’t for Paw Patrol I’d never get any work done. These guys are my sanity!

  46. Jo mcneill Reply

    My 2 and 3 yr old foster children woyld sooo love this. Only 4hing to calm tbe 2 yr boy is watching paw patrol.. and singing the theme song….

  47. Deanna Gardner Reply

    My daughters would absolutely love to see Paw Patrol live!!!

  48. I have 2 beautiful grandaughters who i would love to treat. I cant give them material things but they get lots of love. This would be super special. To see their favourite characters would be amazing.

  49. Being a ‘dog family’ our two boys are huge PAW Patrol Fans and are always using our
    two Dalmatians missions to complete.

  50. Taryn Green Reply

    I’d love to take my daughter and son. My daughter has been a huge fan for the last few years.

  51. My son walks around like he’s sponsored by paw patrol! He has become such a big fan in the last 6 months! All of his clothes, thongs and he even has their toys! Both my kids would love to go to a show!! What a treat it would be.

  52. My little man loves Paw Patrol, he would be so excited if we won. He has been counting down the days for the new paw patrol on foxtell that came out today, can’t imagine how he would be if he went to see them in concert.

  53. Krystal Ind Reply

    My almost 4 year old is OBSESSED with Oaw Patrol. She would LOVE to go to the show!!!

  54. My 2.5 and 4 year old are Paw Patrol mad. They would love more than anything to get the chance to see this show!

  55. I have a year old who is mad for Paw Patrol! Would be such a treat to win this for him and his little brother.

  56. I would love to win this family pass to take my daughter as she has been a massive fan since she was about 1 and on June the 10th its her birthday so would love it to be one of her birthday presents .

  57. Kelli Feeney Reply

    I would love to take my four year old girl she loves paw patrol so much

  58. My 3 year old son would love to win this as he has not been to a stage show yet and Paw Patrol are his favourite.

  59. My daughter is Paw Patrol obsessed, and her little brother now loves them too! She has recently gone through a traumatic event when she was bitten on the face by our former family dog, resulting in surgery. She is now petrified of dogs but her love for the paw patrol characters is as strong as ever. It would be wonderful to be able to take her and her brother to see the live show!

  60. Jayme-Lee Boyd Reply

    My daughter is obsessed and has watched every episode at least 10 times each this would make her year.

  61. I would love to be able to have my son and my niece to see paw patrol. They both love it so much. My niece has recently got her tonsils out and is feeling a bit down and sore. She will be nearly healed up by the time the show arrives in Adelaide and this will cheer her up so much. My niece and her best friend (my son) would be able to experience this amazing opportunity together. Their bond is stronger then anything in this world ♥️
    They have clothes, bedding, toys and so many shows of paw patrol. My son and niece will be the happiest little people ever! My fingers and toes are crossed for them

  62. Thank you for this opportunity. Each year, the weekend after mother’s day, we celebrate daughters day. After all, I wouldn’t be a mum without her. This would make a great surprise for her ❤️

  63. My 3 and 6 year old boys absoluty loves them. To see their eyes light up from the live show will be amazing and will be a great birthday present! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  64. Kelly Marie Slater Reply

    My 3 year old would absolutely love to go to the show. She has loved all the pups since she was six months old and watches the show every – single – day! She also collects the pup figurines and toys. Her absolute favourite show. It would be amazing to win this opportunity.

  65. My 3yo son is just Paw Patrol mad and he would be over the moon to see his favourite characters in real life.

  66. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and 4 year old grandson absolutely love Paw Patrol. My granddaughter Ruby had a paw patrol birthday party and loves Skye. She is able to name all the pups and it is all see ever asks to watch when the TV is on. Both children would be so excited to see the Paw Patrol show.

  67. I would love the opportunity to take my 2 kids long. My 4yo daughter is Paw Patrol mad and would be in absolute awe to see her favourite characters live on the stage

  68. Claire Johnson Reply

    My 3 youngest kids have all been crazy paw patrol fans. My 2 & 3 year old are still obsessed. We watch several episodes daily and birthdays/ Christmas are always filled with paw patrol presents. They would love this ☺☺

  69. Our kids (miss 2 and mr 4) are absolutely Paw Patrol mad!! We would have loved to take them to the show but we can’t afford tickets. To win a pass to see them would mean the world to us 🙂

  70. My boys are obsessed with paw patrol they love watching the show!
    They also love playing Paw Patrol every chance they have.

  71. The smile on my son’s face if we could actually take him would be priceless! He absolutely loves Paw Patrol but I couldn’t quite juggle the finances to make it happen this time…

  72. I took my daughter to the paw patrol live show last year and she missed the first half as she got really upset when the lights went out and it started quite loud so I had to take her outside. I’d love to win so she could see the whole show this time!!

  73. With Daddy having just come home after a 6.5 month deployment it would be perfect to win a family pass for our first family outing with both the new baby, 2yr old and Daddy finally home. My son loves Marshall annue this would make his (aaaand daddies) day!!!

  74. My granddaughter loves paw patrol. She makes us watch it over and over . We have all the dvds and she even has a paw patrol potty . We would love to take her but fiancés won’t allow this time .

  75. My 8 year old son would love to go and see paw patrol he doesn’t even care that its for preschoolers. To take him would be an amazing experience that he would always remember. I would also take my other middle child who is 6 and also loves paw patrol

  76. Both my sons love paw patrol its the 1 thing i can put on tv and they dont argue.

  77. I would love to win this for my paw patrol obsessed 2 year old daughter. We can’t leave the house unless she is wearing something paw patrol, she has a number of paw patrol quilt covers, hundreds of books, pjs, socks, hats, shoes, slippers, toys, drink bottles, lunchboxes, plates, cutlery. You name it my 2 year old has it. She can also spot paw patrol from a mile away while out at the shops, the tiniest sign and she will find it .
    She would lose her mind if she could go to this show

  78. My 3.5 year old is paw patrol mad!! He loves them all and would be amazed to see this show

  79. Love to win to have an amazing family day out with the whole family. The boys love paw patrol and would watch it anytime any day. To see a live stage show they would be absolutely mesmerised!

  80. Jennalee Ratley Reply

    I would love to take my son to see Paw Patrol live.
    We love watching the pups and Ryder save the day! They makes us laugh whilst teaching him positive life values and lessons.
    This would be a wonderful day out for our family

  81. Meike Bellett Reply

    Arrrr me mateys – would be a great birthday surprise for my girls!!!

  82. Kara Reynolds Reply

    With the next Bub due at the end of July I would love to take my 2 yr old as a fun thing to do before his whole world will be turned upseide down 🙂

  83. Georgina Rowland Reply

    My son would love to see Paw Patrol it would be a lovely surprise for him .

  84. I would love to win tickets for my son as this would be his first live show and to see his excitement on his face will be priceless.

  85. My almost 4 year old is obsessed with paw Patrol. It would be amazing to take him to the show!

  86. My family would love to win this as Paw Patrol is played non stop in our household so it would be great to go see them live outside the house as a family.

  87. Renea Brouwer Reply

    My 2yr old daughtvloves paw patrol! Every time it comes on if she’s not in the room but hears the music she runs in yelling and starts dancing!

  88. Rachael kw Reply

    My daughters 2nd birthday is May 25th and she is getting all paw patrol stuff because she is so obsessed! This would just totally top it off

  89. Courtney Mossop Reply

    This would be a super great early 4th birthday present for our son’s birthday on 7th July, I’m almost positive he’d turn himself inside out with excitement 🙂 xx good luck everyone!

  90. I would love to win this for my 4 year old daughter, she absolutely loves all the pups and this would make her year and bring the biggest smile to her face. Even her big sister would adore to see them live. It would’ve such a special day out for my two little girls and myself.

    This would blow my sons and his best friends minds. They’re in love with the pups!

  92. Michelle Romano Reply

    We would love tickets as we don’t get to do much as a family and this was the first show my son loved.

  93. Ellisha Hobden Reply

    My paw patrol obsessed toddler would love this! What a great prize!!

  94. Lynette Smith Reply

    Grandson Finn (2 years 8 months) has just moved to Brisbane so would love to surprise him with these Paw Patrol tickets.

  95. Sara Allbury Reply

    My Miss 3 just loves PP!! She wants to take her best friend Cooper with her

  96. Brianna Taylor Reply

    My song singing the Paw patrol theme song at the top of his lungs all day everyday absolutely melts my heart. He adores Paw Patrol SO much, so to take him to this would make his entire year!

  97. I would love to take my 2 girls to see Paw patrol. Both are super obsessed with the show and would think it is the best thing ever! It also falls on one of my girls birthdays so would be a great present to be able to take them

  98. Angela Ruhland Reply

    My six year old daughter loves live shows and this would be Pawfect for her!

  99. Caroline Shanks Reply

    My 3.5 year old is obsessed with Paw Patrol. Skye is his fave pup.
    Every minute I’m not at work he asks to watch his show.
    He loves Paw Patrol.
    It’d be a blast for the whole family.

  100. Kerry beattie Reply

    Both of my children are obsessed with paw patrol and would love to see the live show

  101. Leeani Vano Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves Paw Patrol. She’s not much into television but this is the one show where she won’t take her eyes off the screen. So I’d love to see her face light up when she actually sees them live.

  102. Emilie Eldershaw Reply

    My kids, but especially my son is Paw Patrol mad! I really wanted to take him to the last show but sold out so fast and unfortunately as a single mum I couldn’t afford tickets. It would be amazing for them to experience this and would feel so nice to he able to take them they would be so happy and excited to see their faces light up 🙂

  103. My two punks are in love with Paw Patrol. Thecwould go nuts if they saw this.

  104. First my 3 year old was a major fan and now her 15 month old brother is following in her footsteps absolutely loving Paw Patrol. All of us being able to watch the live show together would be such a great experience to share with them

  105. Ellen Bailey Reply

    I’m a single mum of 2 and my eldest has special needs. My youngest misses out on a lot and something like this would mean the world to us

  106. Jess Cunningham Reply

    My son would love this pawtastic adventure! He will be nearly 1 but is so in love with paw patrol nothing else exists when it is on!!!

  107. Jade Terese Reply

    My 3 yr old is obsessed. Watches at least 10 episodes a day, wears Paw Patrol jocks, has a Paw Patrol lunch box and knows every character. He reads
    His jumbo Paw Patrol book in bed every night.

  108. Mr 3 would like to change his name to Marshall, his brother to chase and is requesting a sister to name chickoletta… I think he is a little obsessed with paw patrol.

  109. Kylee Walker Reply

    My little girl is going to become a big sister soon and this would be such a wonderful thing to do with her before baby comes, she absolutely loves Paw Patrol!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Mumma Kylee x

  110. My 3 year old loves paw patrol. Her cousins are coming over from qld that weekend and she wants to take them with her!

  111. Its my sons birthday the end of May and he is Paw patrol obsessed. Would be amazing to tqke him for his birthday!

  112. Aliecia Attwood Reply

    My son loves paw patrol and his favourite is chase. He has a policeman dress up shirt and hat and will not leave the house unless he is dressed as chase. I would love to take him to the live show so he can experience things that I never had as a child.

  113. My daughter is 4 in July and has been in love with Paw Patrol since I can remember!
    She sees the ad on tv and jumps up with excitment every time it comes on. She would love nothing more than to be able to go.

  114. April norman Kampes Reply

    Wow! My kids would love to go to this!!! My eldest saw the promo and begged for tickets!!!

  115. My kids love paw patrol and would love the chance to go see them live.

  116. Have a new baby and a toddler would love to take my toddler and his young cousin so they both get some one on one time with their Mummies and their Daddies can stay home and get some one on one time with the babies.

  117. Michelle D Reply

    It would be magical to bring my sons favourite TV characters to life. This will be a perfect Mother’s Day present as there la nothing better than seeing my boys full of excitement

  118. My niece & nephew are Paw Patrol mad! They would love this prize sick! Best Aunty EVER!!

  119. My son loves paw patrol so much. And it will be his birthday when the puppies are in Geelong. Would love to take him there.

  120. Jodie Dorricott Reply

    Oh my!!! What a big part of our lives Paw Patrol has been for the last 6 years. Our little guy LOVES them and all his paw patrol toys have been a big help for him, while his daddy has been sick and also his own health problems. They have been his security, to see them live would make all his dreams come true.

  121. My daughter would think it would be pawtastic and love every second and I would love to see her happy face

  122. My twin girls are obsessed with paw patrol and won’t answer to their names but will to Sky and Chase. They pinky promised me they will pick up all their toys and keep their room tidy if they can go to see them.

  123. My 20 month old absolutely loves Paw Patrol! Every time she see’s a dog she shouts out “paw paw”!!

  124. Amanda Sutton Reply

    I would love to win these tickets for my sister and her family. My niece Kaylee is turning 5 on Sunday and she LOVES Paw Patrol (I even got her a Paw Patrol beanie boo for her birthday). She has a disability (chromosone 22) and money is very tight for them as my sister is her carer. I would love for them to be able to go as they would never normally be able to go to something like this and to see the look on my niece’s face would be amazing! So I’m entering to win these tickets not for me, but for my sister. Thank you!

  125. I would love to take my little girls for their birthday this month they are obsessed with paw patrol

  126. Fiona Newman Reply

    We’ve just had a new baby (4 wks old today) and I’d like to spoil my two older big boys who have been so good at coping with the changes. They love their new little brother so much so it’d be nice to treat them.

  127. Mumma Kilf Reply

    Miss Indigo is turning 5 on the 15th June and would LOVE to see Paw Patrol Live. Along with her sister and brother they love tuning in to each episode to catch up on what adventures the gang will go on. Seeing them up and close in action would bring such big smiles to their faces!

  128. Kristy Rodrigues Reply

    The only time my 2 and 3yo are quiet and never fighting is when Paw Patrol is on the TV. I would LOVE to see their faces light up seeing the crew in reality!!

  129. Aimee Thomas Reply

    My son would absolutely love this. He will become a big brother in August so this would be so good to spend some quality time with him before his sibling arrives. He loves paw patrol and always runs around saying ‘paw patrol is on a roll’ and ‘rubble on the double!’ Rubble is his favourite.

  130. Lorna Morgan Reply

    This would be amazing for my lil miss 6! She is paw patrol obsessed!

  131. Would absolutely love to win this family pass. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and to win something like this to take my little princess who loves paw patrol would be amazing. Goodluck to everyone who has entered.

  132. AshleyWeeding Reply

    Would love to take my 3yr old to a live Paw Patrol show.. we have just welcomed our 2nd child into the world and he is feeling a little left out.. he also doesnt stop telling me all the characters name and he often yells out.. “Chase on the case, Rubble on the double ”

  133. Emma Heath Reply

    My son knows all the character and runs around the house with his chase saying “chase is on the case”. He would just love to see them live and i would love to see his excitement

  134. Both my children love watching Paw Patrol together. Since my eldest is 14 and my youngest will turn 3 the day BEFORE the Brisbane show I’d love to take them both to celebrate the little ones birthday!

  135. My son Kacper loves Paw Patrol. When his cousin Noah comes for a visit thats the only show they want to watch. It would be lovely if they could see the show live.

  136. Leanne white Reply

    Aunty of the year here If I go visiting the nieces and nephews with tickets!
    Their Mum is suffering depression and it would be a lovely outing for them to have some normal time!

  137. My 4 year old son loves Paw Patrol, we watch it every day! 🙂

  138. My son loves the Paw Patrol! They’re his best friends he tells me so they’ll definitely want to see him while they’re in town lol

  139. Sarah gilbert Reply

    My boys are 6 and 2, my 6yo doesn’t have good speech but he loves telling us when something goes wrong that the paw patrol will come and help! He saw a chase character at an open day 4 months ago and constantly asks when he’s going to see him again so it’d be amazing to go

  140. Would love to win passes to take our family as our 3 year old LOVES Paw Patrol! We looked at buying passes but they were just out of our budget

  141. I’d love the opportunity to take 3 of my little ones to see the show, unfortunately they’ve never been to a live concert! (There’s 6 munchkins altogether) Would love to see their little faces light up especially seeing it’s paw patrol. Would be an awesome surprise for them, we don’t get out much

  142. Nadia Emilia Reply

    I would absolutely love to take my 3yr old to see Paw Patrol live ! She’s one of their biggest fans and not a day goes buy that she’s not wearing something with paw patrol or taking to bed one of their toys !

  143. My kids 5 and 3 are paw patrol mad!! We are always pretend playing paw patrol!

  144. The Melbourne show is on my (paw patrol mad) son’s 3rd birthday and would make a memorable gift and fun last family day out for him and his 4 year old sister (who is also paw patrol mad) before their new baby sibling arrives.

  145. As a Grandmother to Miss 4, who sits and watches (and purchases all the lovely) Paw Patrol stuff.
    Who doesn’t love those cute little pups with Ryder? I would love to be able to take her and her cousins to see the show. She had her second birthday Paw Patrol themed, I made the cake, “dog” cookies and sandwiches shaped like dog bones.
    She sleeps with her “skye” from Build a bear every night. She (and her cousins… also 4) would all totally love this prize.

  146. We have a 3yo that is has been wearing his Chase costume all week! Is completely obsessed

  147. Sarah fairhurst Reply

    My little girl absolutely loves paw patrol!! She would love to see this, she sleeps with a Skye and Everest toy every night x

  148. I would love to win this prize for my grandson who absolutely adores Paw Patrol he watches them everyday and does his Paw Patrol Puzzles and then he runs around singing the Paw Patrol song.

  149. Amanda Giffard Reply

    This would be a really fun family outing as we’ve never been to a live show all together, being paw patrol will make it even more exciting for my little girls as they would love to see Skye in real “fur”! Would be such a treat!

  150. Brie innocenzi Reply

    Would love love love to win this for Master 3 – Harrison! He is absolutely law patrol obsessed – he runs around yelling “paw patrol is on its way”! Being on mat leave we can’t afford to attend so this would be amazing!! Xx

  151. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    My family would be so excited to watch this show, especially my 3 year old who is mad about Paw Patrol and PIRATES!!

  152. I’d love Chase to be on the case, and Rocky to say green means go so I can win and as I always say, I can “Zuma round the room-A” to the concert with my son and yelp for help for his Nanny and Poppy to come too!

  153. Kim Friend Reply

    My son is so ‘in love’ with Paw Patrol. He asks me 100 time a day ‘Can I watch Paw Patrol now mummy’. He dances and pretend plays that he is one of them. This show would be the ultimate day out for my little man 🙂

  154. Candice mackie Reply

    My little man loves paw Patrol , and so dose this mumma bear . Helping people and also having fun wile they do it ! Great job paw patrol . Good luck all

  155. I would love to win tickets for my little girls. Interactive live shows like this are great, instead of sitting in watching tv all the time.

  156. Stacey Davidson Reply

    My daughter would absolutely love this. She has loved paw patrol from the first time she saw it. She loves it so much that she calls the characters her friends

  157. Lisa McNulty Willis Reply

    I would love to win tickets for my four year old because she has loved them sonce birth and I believe they are paw-fect role models.

  158. Kristie King Reply

    My 3 year old would absolutely love to see this. He eats, breathes and sleeps Paw Patrol, including asking tho be given treats like a puppy dog!

  159. Mum central, mum central,
    We’ll be there on the double.
    Whenever there’s a problem
    Paw patrol can fix it.
    Just turn the tv on,
    And pop the kids in front of it.
    No jobs too big,
    No kids to small,
    When there on a roll.
    Mum central, oh oh oh!

  160. Belinda Belinda Reply

    My nephew adores Paw Patrol! Would be a magical experience for the both of us!

  161. StephDavies Reply

    My Paw Patrol obsessed 3 year old would love this, Seeing her favourite characters live on stage would bring her so much joy.

  162. I would love to take Eva and cristela for a weekend away, they are paw patrol obsessed and would love to see this.

  163. Danielle Laing Reply

    My 2 sons are obsessed with Paw Patrol! Marshall is there favourite as their Daddy is a fireman

  164. Caitlin Davies Reply

    My five year old son loves Paw Patrol and would love to see them on stage

  165. Would love to win these for my little man Oliver. He has had such a big year so far giving up dummies, bottles, toilet training, starting daycare. He deserves a treat

  166. My two daughters (2 & 4 year olds) would think I was PAW-some if I could win tickets to this show! ‘Let’s take to the Sky!’

  167. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My 3 year old niece and nephews ( 2 and 4 years) love Paw Patrol. They have never been to a live show before. I’d love to surprise them with a fun day out.

  168. My kids would love 2 win this ‘PAW-some’ prize. Good luck 2 all X

  169. Mikayla who’s five,
    Leilani who’s three,
    Would love to win a family pass,
    To see Paw Patrol for free!

    Mikayla loves the concept of treasure and Leilani loves Skye!! So with a pirate theme, it caters to both my kids!!

  170. Although my 4yo and 8yo would love this,
    I would love to give this to my sister and twin nieces who absolutely LOVE PAW PATROl . Fingers crossed

  171. Big fan of paw patrol. Fingers crossed we get to see the live show.

  172. renwalkerden Reply

    I would love to win these tickets to say thank you to our 2 children for being so good over a really stressful 6 months for our family. They’ve been so patient and taken it all in their stride with minimum fuss

  173. Josie Nunn Reply

    We would loooooove this!
    I have a 4 year old who is paw patrol obsessed and would love to have the memories of going to this great show before he gets too old and potentially moves onto something else.
    Not many shows and characters offer live shows like this one, so great job you guys, keeping smiles on our kiddo’s faces!

  174. Melissa Mcclymans Reply

    My 2 and 5 year old are obsessed with paw patrol and would be over the moon if we won the tickets!

  175. Kylie-Marie Clark Reply

    My kids would be over the moon if we won tickets to see paw patrol. My youngest watches it every night before bed and is his go to show when he is feeling yucky.

  176. Rachael Hinze Reply

    My family had to relocate to NSW from tropical North Queensland this year. We’re currently freezing our tootsies off and I’d love to show them that Sydney does have its perks – like great entertainment and shows.
    They’ve never seen anything like this and would love it so much!

  177. My son Jack is an avid Paw Patrol fan, thereby the whole family is !!! He would absolutely love to see his favourites Marshall and Rubble, and my wife and I would love to take home and his best friend, the joy on their faces would be priceless.

  178. Karen Brigh Reply

    Both my children love paw patrol my son is 5 and daughter 2.5, we watch it daily at home and I would love to take them to something like this but as with most people money is tight and I just can’t afford it which does sadden me as they never ask for anything other than chocolate!!

  179. Nicole Strachan Reply

    I have a 3yo who is absolutely mad for Paw Patrol. He would be over the moon to see the show live on stage.

  180. Rebecca Newell Reply

    I have 2 children an 8 year old daughter and a 2 year old son Braxtyn. Due to financial hardships over the last few years I feel like my son has missed out on alot of things that my Daughter was lucky to have. I would love to take hime to paw patrol. His favourite dog is Marshall who he has renamed Copper as that is our pet dalmation name. Good luck to everyone who’s entered.

  181. Asha Stanley Reply

    Paw Patrol is a favourite for sure, all the pups the kids do adore!
    Many places we’d like to go, but most of all to the Paw Patrol show!

  182. Stacey Smith Reply

    Paw patrol, paw patrol !
    We want to be there on the double!
    Paw patrol, Paw patrol!
    No mums too old, no kids too small!
    Paw patrol we want to roll!!

  183. My kids love Skye and Rocky!! Love to take my kids to this Pawsome show.

  184. Paw patrol is our favourite show
    To Margaret Court we shall go
    To see Chase and Marshall and Rubbles a fav
    And the other pups our town to save

    If you award us the tickets deep down I know
    My kids will be grateful and smiles they will show
    So come on mum central give us a chance
    We promise to Pup pup boogie it’s our fav dance

  185. Simone Lewis Reply

    We ❤️ Paw Patrol! Such a great kids show teaching them teamwork and helping people

  186. Raquel Lawrence Reply

    My 3 year old son Ryder is paw patrol crazy. Would be so amazing if we could take him to see the show, we don’t often get to take him to do things he loves having 2 older brothers

  187. Melanie Pearn Reply

    My four kids have all loved paw patrol, but now it is the youngest two. My 3 yr old is crazy for it. He wont sleep without Chase by his side and loves pretending he’s a dog saving people and toys

  188. KetrinaNPaul Stowers Reply

    My 3yr old Elam is obsessed and loves Paw Patrol! He would love the show ❤️❤️❤️

  189. Melanie Hurley Reply

    My daughter is turning 4 in July so this would be a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday.

  190. My twin boys love Paw Patrol so much that every time it comes on everything stops. They could be a fair way from the TV and hear it and they come running. Mummy actually like Paw Patrol too.

  191. I would love for my daughter to go she will be having her 3rd open heart surgery next year and loves paw patrol

  192. Emily Wilson Reply

    Would make the perfect bday present for my nearly 4yr old son. Big Paw Patrol fans!

  193. Jessica Paton Reply

    My daughter is absolutely obsessed with paw patrol. I pay the monthly subscription for STAN just so she can continue to watch it. It was our plan to get tickets and take her down but unfortunately life got in the way. We would love to win

  194. Christina Rugg Reply

    This would be her first live show. My daughter and her cousin love Paw Patrol so i would love to take them both as a special day out together.

  195. I want to win the ticjets for a friend in nsw because he boy to sick in hospital the day thecabverra show was on and they couldbt go

  196. I’ve got 4 year boy/girl old twins who have just recently got in to paw patrol. But now everyday they pretend to be chase and Skye and save the day. They would absolutely love the opportunity to see them on stage.

  197. Elissa Dinnison Reply

    When your 2 year old needs a jumper on but tantrums for over an hour as his paw patrol jumper is at nannas and wont put another one on, you know hes obsessed.
    So you can just imagine his excitement if we were to be able to go to a paw patrol show

  198. Mel Greene Reply

    We are a paw patrol family, we watch it when we get up, when we get home from pre school and have toys and clothing
    Please can we go see it live??

  199. My 2yr old daughter is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol!! And I love that her favourite is Chase…she wears a boys Chase T-shirt and cape to kindy everyday and tells everyone she’s superhero Chase! She makes her 1yr old brother get up and dance with her eveytime an episode starts and her favourite episode is the Pups save a ghost! She would be the happiest girl in the world if we could take her to see Paw Patrol!!

  200. When you have 2 little ones that are absolutely obsessed with paw patrol, their faces would be an absolute delight to see if they saw them on stage.

  201. Renee Rogers Reply

    My two pups would be there on the double they adore the show and it would be such an amazing experience for them

  202. We would love to travel to Brisbane from remote NT to give our kids a live show experience! Crossing fingers and toes! Winning tickets would make it viable!

  203. Anne Renee Dirks Reply

    I’d love to take my son to the Brisbane show. His birthday is on the 18th so it would be a great birthday treat.

  204. My two boys are paw patrol obsessed! My youngest had been calling it Double for ages and they both sing along to theme song

  205. Sarah Willott Reply

    My 5 and 3 year old would love to see Paw Patrol live! This would be a lovely family day out, being able to treat the kids to something like this isn’t always affordable for a single Mum like myself so towin tickets would be amazing!

  206. Karen Field Reply

    My son would love to go to the paw patrol show. He is obsessed with everything paw patrol and would love the chance to see them live

  207. Rachel Linden Reply

    I would love to take my 2 1/2 year old nephew to the show in Sydney. It would be the perfect way to make him feel special after the recent arrival of his little brother, it will allow his mum (my sister) a well deserved toddler break – and I get to be world’s best Aunty for a day! It’s a win win all round!! X

  208. We would love the chance to watch the paw patrol gang on a mission to save the day!
    Go Marshal, chase, rocky, Skye, Zuma, rubble and Ryder!!

  209. Mumsgottatravel Reply

    I haven’t had the chance to do as much with my 2.5 yo as I did with my first, would love to start taking her to more things now my eldest is at school 🙂

  210. I’d absolutely love to take my 2 year old to the Paw Patrol The Great PIrate Adventure live show! We have seen them live before and my son was completely mesmerised! Fingers crossed for us that we can pup-pup-boogie with the Paw Patrol crew again this time!

  211. I would love to win some tickets to give to a friend of mine who is currently fighting bowel cancer. It would be a lovely day out for her and her little ones.

  212. My daughter is just starting to enjoy watching the episodes on tv and this would be her first live show!

  213. My son loves paw patrol, and this would be the most perfect way to spend some family time with him and my partner!

  214. My kids spend half their days as Marshal and Skye! They adore them them so much we’d fly to Melbourne from Tas to see them if we win!

  215. This would be Master 3’s first concert if he wins.And being it Paw Patrol he would be so excited (so would I).

  216. My Son absolutely adores Paw patrol, we are forever role playing missions, this would be an amazing experience for him as he hasn’t been to a live show yet.

  217. Lauren hocking Reply

    My little man is paw patrol obsessed he would love seeing paw patrol live

  218. Alison beattie Reply

    My 3 year old is absessed and theres no way we can go to anything like this without winning tickets!

  219. Melissa McGarrity Reply

    My 4yo son is obsessed with Paw Patrol. We had a bulldog called Winston (who recently passed away) but our son would always include Winston in his Paw Patrol play as Rubble. – even down to putting a construction hat on him! This would be an amazing experience for him to see all his Paw Patrol friends on stage

  220. My kids love paw patrol. My daughter loves Skye just because she is pink and my son loves Marshal and Chase as he is addicted to any emergency personnel so that passes down to even the dogs 🙂

  221. Rebecca Anne Reply

    My 2 year old has loved Paw Patrol since conception, often bopping away whilst in utero!! Would be nice to see if he can match the moves on the outside!

  222. Diane White Reply

    I’m a full time Mum so I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my little human watching tv….mother in law tells me he loves Paw Patrol’s Chase….. To win this would be my first experience with my buddy at a live on stage event…..

  223. Paw Patrol is my 2 year old daughters favourite show! She would absolutely love to go and see her favourite pups in real life.

  224. Kelly Macauley Reply

    Wowie, paw patrol in concert would be just perfect for my 4 year old son and my 2 year old nephew! What a great day out!

  225. Because CHASE IS ON THE CASE… and my kids would like to be hot on he’s tail haha (see what I done there)

  226. Danielle Porter Reply

    My first bubs is currently 4 months and unfortunately already has an addiction to the tv par patrol is one of his favorites so far and I would love to take him to see them in person!

  227. I would love to win this as a gift for my granddaughter and her family.

  228. Id love to win this for my 2 kids as its something that we just can’t afford. My kids would absolutely love to see something like this!

  229. My 4 year old son would love to see this show. He loves Paw Patrol. I have taken my 7 year old daughter to a few different shows but he hasn’t been to any yet.

  230. After making a Zuma cake for my girls 2nd birthday and her obsession with watching “puppies” all the time our whole family would love to watch the live show!

  231. Roman Nordio Reply

    I’m 4 years old and I love Paw Patrol. I like Rocky and Chase the best. I like to pretend that I’m also in the Paw Patrol and I save the day. Roman

  232. My ASD nearly 3 year old is obsessed with Paw Patrol. I have not been able to buy him tickets and know he would love to see the show.

  233. My 3 year old has been paw patrol obsessed for over a year now! His younger brother is beginning to follow in his footsteps now too! We would love to take our boys to see the show! Thanks for giving us a chance to enter to win this great prize.

  234. My 4yo son LOVES Paw Patrol so much so I had to buy the Paw Patrol game for his LeapPad & movies for his iPad! Now everywhere we go he watches / plays it!!! He’s even got my 1yo loving it!!! Seeing the show would be the ultimate experience for him!!

  235. My grandson has being bugging me to take him to the show! As soon as he heard it was ‘coming to town’!! Every time he visits, Paw Patrol has to be played! I’d love to be able to take him & make his day / year!!!

  236. My 3yo dsughter would love this and would love to take her best friend Jay with us. She is obsessed with paw patrol and live shows at the moment. I recently became unemployed so would love to win this

  237. My second child LOVES paw patrol! Being a second child, he always seems to miss out on things because we are always going to events for his big sister! This will be a great opportunity to do something just for him!

  238. I would love to take my daughter on an outing, since I’ve had my (now four month old) son she seems to hate me!! This would be a great step in the right direction! And who doesn’t love paw patrol?!

  239. This would be a perfect prize to win! Just in time for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She is in love with Skye and Everest. No job is too big, no pup is too small! What a fabulous family outing

  240. Kirby Olsen Reply

    My son is the biggest paw patrol fan in Perth he has to be the first one to buy the new dvds, posters and toys. It would be a dream come true to take him to a live show so that he can meet his heroes.

  241. Breeashlea Reply

    I’ve recently returned to work and time together as a family are at an all time low, this would be wonderful to take my kiddies to for some quality time 🙂

  242. Natasha Spiewak Reply

    This would be a PAW-SOME prize to win! My boys aged 2 and almost 4 are obsessed with Paw Patrol!!

  243. Clare Blain Reply

    This would be a dream come true for my kids (Jack 4 and Grace 2). Jack has been a fan of pirates and paw patrol for several years now and to have them BOTH in the one show – watch out! I think he would loose his little mind! Grace is equally a fan of paw patrol but I would say she is WAY more into playing pirates with her brother!

  244. My 3 year old is obsessed with paw patrol she’d love to see her favourite Rubble in action

  245. Tracy weeden Reply

    My 3 kids LOVE paw patrol always choose to watch it over anything else. My middle child walks around the house saying chase is in the case very cute.

  246. Paw patrol, paw patrol be there on the double!!
    I know every episode off by heart as my 4 year old LOVES paw patrol.
    I’m on maternity leave at the moment so can’t afford to take him, but would love to be able to go.!!

  247. Maybe seeing Paw Patrol LIVE would give me a night off from reading the books I now know word for word!

  248. Debbie McDonald Reply

    My grandson loves paw patrol soo much, it is something he can see with his cousin and family

  249. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    My children love paw patrol and never been to a show. Great for their first. Cheers.

  250. My son’s (and my) favourite pup is Chase,
    They both love exploring and are always on the case.
    He’s loved him for as long as I can remember,
    Because he said he’s funny, brave and loyal – and going to see him live would be a memory he’d always treasure!

  251. Hayley Webb Reply

    My boys love the adventures the pups go on and that they include everyone in their games and missions.

  252. My 2 kids are obsessed with paw patrol and would love to see a live show!

  253. Every boy loves Paw Patrol. Will be so much fun for the kids. A great family day out – Good luck everyone!

  254. Michelle Ward Reply

    My 6 year old daughter is a bit Skye fan and she takes her Paw Patrol suitcase with her at any opportunity. I’d love to pop a family pass in it as a surprise for her.

  255. Linda Pepper Reply

    The Peppers love Paw Patrol performing pirate plays.
    Michael (Pepper) CHASEs Hayley (Pepper) up the ROCKY mount EVEREST towards the SKYE, when she finds ZUMA in the RUBBLE, looking for CAPTAIN TURBOT’S lost treasure. Michael MARSHALLs ROBO DOG to use his HUMDINGER nose to smell for the lost treasure. RYDER is working with FARMER YUMI to see if WALLY can help them on their adventure to find the lost treasure.

  256. My son watches YouTube clips of the show and says how much he wants to go. Watches it every day on TV to. I’d love to take him but can’t afford to at the moment do this would be a great chance to.

  257. My 2 1/2 year old boy is completely obsessed with Paw Patrol (h calls it Go Go ) It was would be an amazing experience for him and for me to see his joy! We would most definitely travel the 800kms to see this!!

  258. Anastasia Spiers Reply

    Attending this show would be a great treat for my 5&2yo. They have recently become a big siblings to their new baby sister so we have been homebound as a result. We love to watch Ryder and his team of pups save the day.

  259. I would love to win to take my great nephews when they visit me soon.

  260. We all love Paw Patrol, have managed to get out of many sticky situations with the help of a Paw Patrol DVD, and has helped me keep my sanity!!

  261. Kristy White Reply

    My boys LOVE paw patrol!!! My 3year old loves to dress up as Chase and pretend to be part of the paw patrol team!!!

  262. Kathryn Ware Reply

    I would love to take my 3 year old and her best friend- both are paw patrol obsessed and run around saying “rubble on the double” and “chase is on the case!”

  263. We love paw patrol and have a number of merchandise items that get well used in our house by miss 3 (Skye) and master 5 (Chase). Kids would love this show! Squeals of delight would be heard from way out here! We could make a special trip of it!

  264. Samantha bradley Reply

    My daughter is paw patrol mad!!! Currently sitting here with her watching it haha, she even wears her skye slippers as shoes she’s so obsessed, this would be an absolutely dream for her to win!!

  265. My daughter comes back asking for “Paw Patrol” YouTube, and i said, “What?” (trying to figure out what she meant)
    Would love to spend time with her, through this, to to grow our interests.

  266. Marilyn Long Reply

    The last time i bought tickets to Paw Patrol we couldn’t go as I double booked, so my kids missed out! I would really love to take them along with my husband to see our favourite pups! We just adore Paw Patrol.

  267. Indrani Sinha Reply

    My 4 year old would love to watch Paw Patrol LIVE, specially Marshall as he comes to the rescue….

  268. roshini veerabangsa Reply

    My active 3-year-old Aidan would adore seeing this show with his siblings in kindy and year 3. Aidan goes to daycare 2 days and the rest of the week he is with me while I work from home. I have to really put aside the time to take him out. If I don’t, he ends up all day on the computer like me! I would love this prize to stimulate him and to spend quality time with his siblings.

  269. We would be all paws on deck for this paw-tastic adventure. Would love to say Ahoy to our pup-maties on their Pirate adventure.

  270. Jessica de feudis Reply

    Mr 4, miss 3 and Mr 1 adore playing the characters in paw patrol picking who they want to be that day. Favourites being rubble and skye

  271. My children are paw patrol obsessed, they would think it was puptastic to see live!

  272. I have two paw patrol obsessed girls. They love to act out every roll but especially Skye and Everest. They love that the girls are and equally important part of the team.

  273. Sarah Crozier Reply

    Live theatre is such a privilege! I’d like to take my two little boys. Not a screen in sight!

  274. Helen Schulz Reply

    I’d take my three little grandchildren and give their mum a break. She has a new baby.

  275. Joanne Jackson Reply

    I would love to take my 2 granddaughters they are cousins and live 3 1/2 hours apart from each other, it would be great to get them together for this wonderful show.

  276. Andreea Lungu Reply

    Because Paw patrol is my son ‘s life, everything has to be paw patrol related, from fav song to food is all good as long as it is served on paw patrol plates.

  277. Alison Humble Reply

    Mr 2 is hooked! I love Paw Patrol too because I get some housework done!

  278. My son looooves Paw Patrol, and he loves playing pirate as well! This would be a brilliant first live show for him to experience!!!!

  279. Christine R Reply

    My son’s best friend is going to miss his birthday party as she has to go for an operation. It would be great to take them to see their favourite crew Paw Patrol live on stage when she gets better.

  280. My two daughters (16mths and 3yrs) love paw patrol and in their pretend play they are “Skye and Everest – Paw sisters!”

  281. My son would love to go to Paw Patrol Live cause he absolutely loves Paw Patrol and so do I!

  282. Kara fluterby Fletcher Reply

    Omg paw patrol or in this house “pup chows” my little man has just turned 5 this week I’d love to surprise him with paw patrol

  283. Cathy-Lee Chopping Reply

    I would love to win a family pass to PAW Patrol Live! ‘The Great Pirate Adventure’ for my son who is obsessed with Paw Patrol and nephew who is autistic and classed as non verbal but can recite many episodes by heart.

  284. Danielle Shambrook Reply

    My whole family loves paw patrol!! This would be amazing to see after watching every available episode more than once!

  285. My son absolutely loves Paw Patrol, this would be an awesome early birthday present for him & thank you for being a fabulous new big brother

  286. We would love to win the tickets and go see this as a family. We saw the last production in Brisbane and she loved ot. My daughter is 8 years old and is special needs. She loves her paw patrol! Her favourite is Marshall. Thanks for the opportunity.

  287. Kerry Gilmore Reply

    My daughter and nephew love Paw Patrol!!! They would love to go to the live show together!!!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to surprise them with this treat!!!

  288. Master 3 has never been to a live show so I really should take him to one before he starts school next year. If it’s going to be anything, it really should be his favorite show..Paw Patrol!

  289. Elizabeth Crosby Reply

    Some days it’s like “Elizabeth you’re in control today, you don’t HAVE to watch paw patrol. Just tell her no. She cannot have it today.”

    Guess what we watch!

    Paw Patrol.

    Over and over and over and over and over again.

  290. tracy wedding Reply

    my 2 grand kids are Paw Patrol Mad they watch it everyday and when they visit me they beg for me to play it too

  291. Fiona mazzei Reply

    Ryder help! My nephew Leo is lonely at home and needs to be rescued. Please send Marshall’s fire engine take him to the PAW PATROL show! no job is too big, no pup is too small. Whoof! Whoof!

  292. Julie Parsons Reply

    Our 5 year old son absolutely loves Paw Patrol. I’m in a wheelchair and unable to take him but his Dad would love to be able to take him for a well deserved treat.

  293. My 5 years old daughter is a big fan of Skye. It’d be great if the whole family can watch this together.

  294. Take my Mum status to FUNcentral by winning this awesome prize for my tribe! This is the Paw-fect surprise birthday outing for my littliest paw patroller who is turning 3 the same day as the show in Melbourne (June 11th)

  295. Emma Myers Reply

    My 2 (nearly 3) year old loves Paw Patrol. His name is Jayce and with his speech Chase and Jayce get mixed up. So he thinks he and Chase are the same. He plays with his paw patroller and pups and vehicles all the time. His control tower gets used too. My 6 year old tells me he’s not into paw patrol anymore however he’s still playing with his brother and still demands that thy are his toys.

  296. My boys just love Paw Patrol, infact when it wasn’t popular here years ago I had to order merchandise from the US for them!

  297. Elle Halliday Reply

    My little boy absolutely loves Paw Patrol so much so his birthday request (which was yesterday) was to get a Tracker soft toy to snuggle with and Trackers truck as well. I had to order these from the US and it cost a fortune, but I have one happy little boy. Tickets would just make his birthday amazing!

  298. My little monkey would LOVE to see Marshall. She is obsessed with dalmatians and fire trucks thanks to Paw Patrol 🙂

  299. My 2 yr old son would love to see this show watches paw patrol everyday . He would be so happy if we got a chance to see this show

  300. My daughter would love to be there on the double to see those wonderfully smart and helpful pups that make up Paw Patrol.

  301. Jiana Sumner Reply

    My daughter would love to see paw patrol live as she has only ever seen the tv show

  302. I would love to win because both my kids are big fans of Paw Patrol and watching it live on stage would be a dream come true for them.

  303. My kids would love to watch this show live on stage so this would be an amazing surprise.

  304. My 4 and 2 year olds would love to see paw patrol live. They loved the movie and meeting Chase at a local event last year.

  305. My son doesn’t say much yet, but knows the name of all the Paw Patrols Would be the only show he’d be able to attend and interact with.

  306. Kelly Lucas Reply

    We are in the process of moving and this is causing issues with my 2 kids. We love to put paw patrol on the tv and have some timeout from packing and watch their adventures. Nothing would be better than having an afternoon away from the house and packing and seeing paw patrol in person on stage.

  307. Stephanie Clayden Reply

    My kids love paw patrol and would love the opportunity to attend this show!

  308. angelawaters Reply

    We loove Skye and Chase in our house! Plus mister 4 loves to be Ryder to call the pups!

  309. Sarah Marsh Reply

    My son would be over the moon to win this prize. Paw Patrol is his favourite x

  310. My baby loooooooves Paw Patrol. He carries his Marshall snuggle pup everywhere 🙂

  311. An outing the whole family will enjoy and watching 3 year olds having fun is a joy.

  312. Because our family would be the paw patrol on a roll., My daughter loves Everest and Skye!

  313. I know two little ones who are the world’s biggest Paw Patrol fans. Wouldn’t this just make their day, week, month, year!

  314. skye is my girls fave!!! would love these tickets as early birthday pressie!!

  315. Yes please these would be amazing! Hes never been and im sure he would absolutely love them 🙂

  316. My twinnies have loved Paw Patrol since they could watch TV. They would lose it if they saw them live.

  317. Olivia vdh Reply

    Paw Patrol they are the best,
    for my three year old does not rest,
    Untill he has played with all his crew, Marshall, Chase and Zuma too.
    Skye, Rocky, Everest and Rubble,
    will be there on the double!
    That is why I would love to see,
    Paw Patrol Live with my family.

  318. Maggie Karner Reply

    Adventurous, Bounding Characters Doing Excellent Footwork;
    Giving Happiness Immensely whilst Joyfully Kindling Love by the Millions.
    Never Oppressing PawPatrolers Quests in their
    Rigourous Searches for Treasure to Unearth Valuable Wealth.
    Xanadu for Youthful Zealous pups.

  319. Alexa smith Reply

    My son was really looking forward to seeing this but we had to give our tickets away due to a family event the day we had tickets for on the Sunday! I would still love to see the look on his face when chase is on the case!

  320. Like so many, my little boy has been a big fan of Paw Patrol for years. We’ve got all the toys, merchandise, clothes, dvds, you name it! But he’s never seen them live and that would be something he would never forget!

  321. My 4yr old son Callum has been madly in love with Paw Patrol since he was only 1. When he started watching them, was after we had just returned from a trip to the USA and they were big over there at that stage but not here yet.

  322. This would be an Amazing surprise gift for Daddy to be able to take them to see their favourite pups!!

  323. My son is obsessed with Paw Patrol, especially Marshall as he is red like his favourite colour. He would be so excited if we could take him to see them live. He loves them so much we bought his first learn to read books & they are all about Paw Patrol.

  324. Diana midd Reply

    Would love to win tickets for the family to see the Paw Patrol show. My two young boys are both in love with paw patrol, Particularly my 3 yr old. He just adores Paw patrol or ‘pawpa’ as he refers to it as he loves to Nik name everything. As we do not live near a city it would be great to win tickets to make it more affordable to make the trip to Sydney to be able to attend,

  325. Emma Heath Reply

    My son loves all the characters. He makes up great stories with his little figurines.

  326. My kid is paw patrol crazy and should love to share this with his friends.

  327. Nikki Bretag Reply

    My crazy kids spend most of their spare time pretending they are paw patrol puppies in the backyard – they would he absolutely beside themselves to be able to see their idols live!

  328. vonnie1964 Reply

    I have 2 adorable little grandchildren Charlie and Franklin that absolutely love Paw Patrol, l have watched it with them so many times and can see how much they get exited by it. I would love to take them to see Paw Patrol live it really would be exiting for them and me.

  329. Kylie Servante Reply

    My little man is paws obsessed and loves everything pirate so this would be the perfect day out for us as a family xx

  330. My 3 year old step daughter is obsessed with paw patrol. Can watch the same episodes over and over given the chance and knows her favourite episodes word for word. It would be nice to take her and her eldest sister on a family outing to see paw patrol live. She would be over the moon

  331. I have two good pups who will be there on the double to see their favourite show.

  332. PAUL MCCALLUM Reply

    My little one would be over the moon if I took her to this -thanks for the opportunity!

  333. My little girl would absolutely love to go to paw patrol live

  334. Asha Stanley Reply

    Mumma got a baby bump and moves very slow
    Toddler needs some entertainment like tickets to this show!
    Paw Patrol makes us smile every single day, if only I could call them here to help me in every way!

  335. My 3yr old daughter is in love with Skye and Everest, it would absolutely make her day to be able to see the paw patrol in the ‘flesh’

    To be honest, I’m also a big fan!

  336. Sarah Fairley Reply

    Paw Patrol is my nephew’s current obsession……(my fault)…….this would be a fantastic day out for us

  337. margaret Barber Reply

    This would be the icing on the cake for my grand children, thank you for the opportunity.

  338. Amanda Coughran Reply

    My two young boys would LOVE to see the Paw Patrol gang roll to rescue live on stage!!

  339. my kids are Paw Patrol Crazy, they have never been to a live show and this really would be an amazing experience for them .Thanks for the opportunity

  340. Elizabeth Mazeva Reply

    I would love to win this for my future husbands niece & nephew, we are building a wonderful relationship and to see their little faces when I tell them I won it for them would be so wonderful

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